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Clif Smart Missouri State University

The ROI of A College Degree & Navigating The Academic World with Clif Smart

In his tenure as President of Missouri State University, Clif Smart has faced countless challenges and overcome them with humility and tenacity. Hear from this veteran of academia as he discusses his role in the public eye, the student debt crisis, government involvement, and partnering with the business community in this episode.

Matt Miller, Miller Commerce

Working with the Right Partners and Establishing Life Balance with Matt Miller

We sat down with Matt Miller of Miller Commerce. As a successful real estate developer, Matt has learned how to get the perspective of your audience and find the right partners to facilitate your vision. Matt knows where he excels and knows how to find the right team to fill in where he doesn't. Learn Matt's philosophy of focus, meaning, planning, and doing in this episode!

Dan Reiter, Springfield Cardinals

Building A Culture That Spans Generations with Dan Reiter

When Dan Reiter took over management of the Springfield Cardinals, he was met with an organization that had both a lasting legacy and the need for innovation. Through collaboration and prioritization of people, Dan has changed the face of minor league baseball in the Springfield community. Learn how he navigated imposter syndrome, learning to listen, and working with the MLB to reach new audiences and new levels of growth.

Paul Dippell, Service Leadership, INC.

Benchmarking and Becoming Best in Class with Paul Dippell

Expert business and IT consultant, Paul Dippell, joins us today to discuss foundational elements to success. From benchmarking to value creation to identifying the strategic buyer, Paul's experience in helping companies reach new levels of operational maturity transcends the confines of the IT industry. Tune in for his take on these instrumental aspects of achieving business growth.

Augi Lye, Chromatic Games

Navigating the Start-Up World with Augi Lye

From conversations with investors to becoming one himself, Augi Lye has seen every angle of the start-up process. Hear from one of the most intelligent minds in the gaming world as he shares his story of pivoting, team-building, and growing into the role of CEO. Tune in now!

John Everett, Legacy Bank $ Trust

The Business of Banking & the Art of Saying No with John Everett

With over 25 years in the banking industry, John has learned a thing or two about what it takes to equip a business with a successful financial structure. In this episode, he dives deep into niche markets, differentiation, cash flow, and facilitating a banking relationship as a business owner. Tune in to hear from John not just as a banker, but as a thoughtful people-focused leader.

Freddie Wehbe, WEHBE Marketing

The Ups and Downs of the Restaurant Industry & Marketing Fundamentals with Freddie Wehbe

Freddie Wehbe says it best: "Business is all about Anticipation, Preparation, and Execution." Whether he is operating the best Dominos franchise in the world, creating a world-class celebrity restaurant concept, or consulting with companies on various marketing efforts, Freddie Wehbe puts his heart and soul into every endeavor. Listen to this episode to learn about his experience in franchising, employee fraud, podcasting, and more!

Sherry Houston, Ronald McDonald House Charities

Embodying Your Organization & Living Your Mission in the Non-Profit World with Sherry Houston

The non-profit business world can be daunting. Philanthropy veteran Sherry Houston shares how she navigates the ins and outs of fundraising, team building, and making the tough decisions she faces every day in her work at the Ronald McDonald House. Learn how to live your mission and get your community involved with your organization in this energy-giving conversation.

John Spence, John Spence LLC.

Executive Strategy & What Makes a Great Leader with John Spence

Sometimes the most complex business problems have incredibly simple solutions. Finding these solutions is John Spence's specialty and he brings this expertise to this episode of Own the Journey. John and Tom tackle topics from psychological safety and mental health to strategic meetings and company cadence. With his concept of the Adaptability Quotient (AQ), John identifies what great leaders can be defined by and how great leaders also make great companies. Tune in!

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