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From conversations with investors to becoming one himself, Augi Lye has seen every angle of the start-up process. Hear from one of the most intelligent minds in the gaming world as he shares his story of pivoting, team-building, and growing into the role of CEO. Tune in now!


0:28 - Getting Into the Start-Up World

2:27 - The Heart of the Entrepreneur & Deciding What Opportunities to Take

4:55 - Assembling the Right Team

8:29 - The Art of Pivoting

11:48 - Creating Thriving Environments for Different Personality Types

15:16 - Communication Between Investors & Entrepreneurs

20:08 - Lessons in Business from A Musician

23:20 - Being the CEO when You Don't Want to Be

26:47 - Failing Fast

28:23 - The Future of Gaming & Business