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Revolutionizing Digital Hospitality with Managed IT Services

We all live online, and the hospitality industry has helped lead the way in utilizing technology to evolve guest services and business operations.

Whether you are looking to integrate AI or are trying to simplify the network environment with your various locations, JMARK can help you with the right technologies to drive stability and safety while empowering your innovation.

How We Help with Managed IT

With our team of specialists managing your technology—and your technology enhancing your operations—you’ll ultimately be able to spend more time serving your guests and growing your business.

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Speed & Reliability

While an unreliable network can slow down the pace of work you are doing, bottlenecked connections and aging servers can also frustrate guests who expect the same reliable connections and speed they get in the office and at home. Even prospective guests can be hindered by a troublesome network.

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Predictability & Planning

Since managed services are billed monthly, rather than as needed, they are entirely predictable. This distributes your spending throughout the year, and gives you the chance to plan for the future—making it easier to decide when to upgrade equipment and invest in services to grow operations.

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Staff & Resources

As a trusted IT partner, we work to remove hassle and reduce risk, so you and your team can focus on the guest experience. We hire experts with deep knowledge in specific areas, where one-off technicians may have a wide but perhaps shallow knowledge base.

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