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96% Perfect Satisfaction Score

Managed IT for Banks

After 35+ years working with banks and other financial institutions, we know the importance of security, stability, and compliance. We work with our clients to create:

  • Reliable networks and servers to manage customer data
  • Cloud platforms that allow for agile responses to customer needs, letting customers access your services from virtually anywhere
  • Solid backup systems to supply peace of mind

Let JMARK focus on IT issues so you can focus on running your bank.

How We Help

With our team of specialists managing your technology—and your technology enhancing your operations—you’ll ultimately be able to spend more time serving your customers and growing your business.

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We have a dedicated team that focuses only on our clients in banking, so you’ll get the time and attention that your institution needs.

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We understand the challenges that banks face, and how to maintain continuity in the midst of continual changes in technology, regulations, and expectations—and we work to bring that expertise to you.

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Managed IT services are entirely predictable, allowing you to plan future spending, making it easier to decide how and when to upgrade equipment and invest in services to help your institution grow.

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Dedicated Assistance

A dedicated Client Relationship Manager will understand the industry and learn the ins and outs of your business, bringing proactive solutions for your unique needs.

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Dedicated Compliance Services

Audit & Exam Support

We know that the audit and exam process for banks can be a headache, especially when it comes to strict security and process regulations. That's why we provide our banking clients with a dedicated and experienced Audit & Exam support team to help you navigate compliance with federal and state regulatory requirements. We provide monthly documentation that fulfills reporting requirements based on Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) guidelines as well as help you address and remediate recommendations post-audit.

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Technology has become increasingly complex, making it difficult and cost-prohibitive for many financial organizations to manage and maintain their IT infrastructure. JMARK's NetCare offering addresses this challenge through a comprehensive suite of IT services delivered by our highly skilled experts.

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NetCare for Banks

In today’s world, a bank is also a technology company. But not every bank has the time and resources to manage IT without help.