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JMARK offers a full suite of services customized for the legal sector, including Outsourced Help Desks; I.T. Management; Networks and Servers built for stability, processing power, and increased connectivity, and more, Contact JMARK today and let us show you what our I.T. services can do for your practice.

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Fun fact: On an average workday, the fingers travel around 12.6 miles while typing.



Historically, lawyers haven’t necessarily needed to worry too much about business technology. Seeing that all the answers they needed were readily catalogued and available in print, and actual paperwork has always been a necessary component of the trade, I.T. has usually been a secondary consideration in the legal industry.

Yet as technology has become increasingly intertwined with every aspect of life in the 21st century, lawyers are finding the information half of “I.T.” to be extremely relevant to their business.

It’s no surprise then, that the software and application revolutions of the new millennium have had a huge impact on the legal industry. Leading firms are embracing digital transformation, using technology to keep records, perform research, access web- and cloud-based software, and find new clients and opportunities.

Leading firms have also found that robust technology is helping them keep in stride with a clientele that has embraced technology. Software has made timekeeping and billing more accurate and agile. Meanwhile, enhanced telecommunications, mobile device management, email security, and video conferencing are all essential to maintaining ongoing communications with clients and partners.


Of course, the legal firms making the greatest strides are those with a strong I.T. infrastructure supporting their work.

This technology foundation can include reliable networks and servers to facilitate research, record-keeping, and software; cloud platforms to give you agility and access to your work from anywhere, and solid backup and disaster recovery systems to supply peace of mind.

Since you handle information (data) that is sensitive and proprietary, I.T. security is a big concern. You need to be able to rest assured that the information your clients have trusted you with is safe, whether it is simply being stored on your servers, or is being transferred over any network and worked on from a remote location. Matters of security affect not only your networks, servers, and cloud systems, but also the work you do on the go. An increasing proportion of work is taking place on mobile devices, and it is imperative that the phones, tablets, and laptops of everyone in your firm be secure and safe, regardless of whether they are working from the office, the airport, or anywhere in between.

In recent years, an increasing number of regulations have popped up, meaning that you must have policies and procedures in place to maintain—and show—compliance. Of course, the smartest firms are using compliance as a catalyst to shore up weaknesses in their security and increase the trust of their clients.

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The team at JMARK is always helpful and knowledgeable with all my problems. Even when they are faced with a difficult problem, they stay at it until it is resolved and they always make sure I am satisfied with my service and the resolution of my problem.

Tiffany, satisfied JMARK client in Georgia

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“Data is the new oil.” – Bert Kaminski, Chief Commercial Counsel, GE Digital



In a time when technology can play a part in every aspect of the work you do, from communication to customer service to charting the past and planning for the future, it makes sense to ensure that your I.T. is up to the challenge.

While it seems obvious that an unreliable network can slow down the pace of the work you are doing, bottlenecked connections and aging servers can also frustrate clients who are anxious for resolutions to the work you’re doing. At the same time, the sheer amount of information and data in your care (a.k.a. “big data”) means that rock solid backup and disaster recovery plans are absolutely vital.

Of course, the speed at which technology changes can make small and mid-sized law firms hesitant—or flat out unable—to invest in information technology. It can be cost prohibitive to keep your infrastructure up to date while also trying to plan for unexpected breakages and fluctuations in the amount of I.T. services you’ll need at any given time. When you’re simply trying to maintain in the present, it can feel impossible to find a way to plan out the future.

This is where managed I.T. services can be helpful. Since managed services are planned out and billed monthly, rather than as needed, they are entirely predictable. Not only will this level out your monthly expenditure by spreading it throughout the year, it will also give you the chance to plan future spending, making it easier to decide how and when to upgrade equipment and invest in new services to help your practice grow.

Managed services also save you money compared to trying to maintain an in-house I.T. staff. An I.T. company has the freedom to hire experts with deep knowledge in specific areas rather than focusing on technicians with a wide but perhaps shallow knowledge base. Likewise, your MSP will almost certainly be able to provide you with access to better hardware and enterprise software for a lower price than you could get on your own.

The bottom line is that whether you need the full package of managed services, or are simply looking to augment your in-house crew, you need an I.T. provider whose services and support can be customized to meet the specific needs of your firm, a provider whose mission is to help you surround yourself with the software, hardware, processes, and solutions that will serve to enhance your efforts and simplify your path to success—and thoughtful human support to go along with all that tech.

The right I.T. partner can help your law practice save money, increase profits, and be more successful. Contact JMARK today to see what we can help you achieve!

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For three decades, JMARK has been providing innovative I.T. solutions to law firms of all sizes. With all that experience comes extensive expertise. Our lineup includes experts not only in every facet of Information Technology, but also in the application of I.T. solutions to the very specific needs of lawyers. In fact, we have a dedicated team that focuses on our clients in this sector. We understand the challenges that lawyers face in the modern era and know how to maintain continuity in the midst of the continual changes that occur in technology, regulations, and expectations—and we work diligently to bring that expertise to you.

We’ve made it our paramount priority to help you make the most of technology. To that end, we have assembled a roster of the best, most experienced engineers and technicians in the industry. With our team of specialists managing your technology—and your technology enhancing your operations—you’ll ultimately be able to deploy more resources toward serving your clients and growing your practice.

The JMARK team is here to serve you by:

  • Eliminating the need to deal with day-to-day technology issues.
  • Proactively preventing I.T. troubles before they occur.
  • Consistently communicating even the most technical processes in an understandable, relatable manner.
  • Listening to the challenges you face and developing a technology strategy that addresses those challenges.
  • Providing solutions that enhance operations at every level of your organization.
  • Giving you the peace of mind to know that your networks and data are secure.
  • Focusing on I.T. issues so you can focus on running your practice.

Most importantly, at JMARK we put people before technology. Everything we do, every service we offer, is a reflection of our People First, Technology Second philosophy. Because while we love technology, we also understand that I.T. is only useful inasmuch as it serves to empower people and enhance the work they do; work that, in turn, should facilitate growth, spur innovation, increase opportunity, and open up new paths to success.


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