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Productivity & Efficiency

As an attorney, you know that time is money. Our solutions set your office up for success by optimizing your network and helping you run as efficiently as possible so you can serve your clients. We'll keep your technology headache-free so you can come to the office and simply work, without dealing with the hassle of a slow server.

How We Help

With our team of trusted, expert engineers, your partners will be able to spend their time focusing on your clients and their cases.

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With consistent, reliable backups, your contracts, documentation, and client data will stay safely secured so you never miss a beat.

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Your dedicated service team is on deck 24/7/365 to address your needs. We have specific SLAs in place based on the priority of your ticket that will ensure a timely response and resolution.

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Building and maintaining a team of talented and dedicated employees is the cornerstone of any successful organization. At JMARK, we take immense pride in being named a “Best Place to Work” for two consecutive years.


The Top 5 Places Where Business Leaders Are Overspending

In today's competitive business landscape, optimizing costs and maximizing efficiency are essential for sustained success. While focusing on revenue growth is crucial, it is equally important to identify areas where businesses may be overspending unnecessarily.

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The New Era of Security

In today's world, threats are around every corner and cybercriminals aren't picky. No matter your size or industry, the bad guys are on the hunt for your data. JMARK's end-to-end security solution combines tools and products from 8 of the world's leading technology companies to give you a comprehensive suite of optimized defense measures that work together simultaneously to ensure you stay protected 24/7.

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Immutable Backups

Ransomware is a huge threat to businesses of all industries and sizes. 60% of companies that lose their data will go out of business within six months of the disaster. One crucial way to beat the bad guys at their game is by having an immutable backup. This means there is a backup that cannot be modified stored at a physically secure location. In a threat landscape that gets worse by the day, immutable backups are a necessity in every security plan. Take the next step to protect your business and put your mind at ease by contacting a JMARK representative today!

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Workplace from Meta - Brought to you by JMARK

“People First, Technology Second” is not just a catchphrase at JMARK; it is fundamental to our culture and illuminates the value we deliver to every client’s business every day. That’s why we are excited to partner with Facebook to bring you Workplace—an essential tool that empowers the people at the heart of your workflows. With dynamic features that bring people together and facilitate teamwork, Workplace from Facebook will enable your organization to thrive no matter where, or how, your people work.

picture of the Optimized microphones for the engage system

Engage Product Video

Engage is a fully curated system designed specifically to overcome the challenges and frustrations of blended in-person/remote meetings. With a complete bundle of all the hardware you’ll need to create the ideal meeting environment—along with expert installation—Connexus is designed to bring your people together, even when you’re apart. Better yet, there are multiple configuration options, so no matter the size of your conference room, Engage has you covered.

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Where have you been all of my life?

In over 30 years of providing IT solutions to leading businesses, we hear the same questions a lot. But there’s one question that stands out above all the others—that we never tire of hearing… “Where have you been my whole life?” Because once a business is welcomed into the JMARK fold, they realize what they have been missing. We’re not just here to fix computers, but to be full partners dedicated to making your work easier, and your lives less stressful. And you’re not just a customer, but a member of a family with an entire crew watching your back and supporting your success. So where have we been your whole life? The same place we are this moment. Right next to the phone, waiting for your call!

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Focusing On Helping Each Other

With everything happening in the world, we wanted to double down on our guiding principle: People First, Technology Second. Focusing on helping each other is how we'll all get through this to a better tomorrow.