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Expert business and IT consultant, Paul Dippell, joins us today to discuss foundational elements to success. From benchmarking to value creation to identifying the strategic buyer, Paul's experience in helping companies reach new levels of operational maturity transcends the confines of the IT industry. Tune in for his take on these instrumental aspects of achieving business growth.

Episode Index:

0:47 - An Introduction to Service Leadership

3:40 - Value Creation Strategy

10:25 - Why Benchmarking?

11:38 - Transparency with Management

13:28 - Characteristics to Look for in a Benchmarking Company

15:50 - How to Learn & Understand Best Practices

20:03 - The Definition of Best in Class

21:00 - Operational Maturity Level (OML)

26:00 - The Strategic Buyer

34:11 - CEO-to-CEO Sales

38:37 - Peer Groups

43:26 - Outsourced vs. In-House IT

50:25 - Private Equity