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When Dan Reiter took over management of the Springfield Cardinals, he was met with an organization that had both a lasting legacy and the need for innovation. Through collaboration and prioritization of people, Dan has changed the face of minor league baseball in the Springfield community. Learn how he navigated imposter syndrome, learning to listen, and working with the MLB to reach new audiences and new levels of growth.

Episode Index:

2:32- Transitioning into a Supervisor Role

6:32 - Accountability and Manager Involvement

8:24 - Employment Challenges and Putting People First

9:28 - Operating a Seasonal Business

11:07 - Business Atmosphere & Creating a Core Message

13:35 - Leading in the Company and the Community

19:12 - Imposter Syndrome

22:24 - Knowing Your Role & Collaborating with Others

27:27 - Wisdom Within Generations & Bringing in Young People

31:50 - Having a Truth Teller

33:43 - Lessons from Little League & the Power of Listening

38:22 – Managing Stadium Operations

42:22 – You Can't Please Everyone