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The non-profit business world can be daunting. Philanthropy veteran Sherry Houston shares how she navigates the ins and outs of fundraising, team building, and making the tough decisions she faces every day in her work at the Ronald McDonald House. Learn how to live your mission and get your community involved with your organization in this energy-giving conversation.


0:30 - The Importance of a Caring Community

2:13 - Navigating Competing for Donations

5:10 - Assembling a Passionate Board of Directors

6:42 - Making Tough Decisions in Support of Your Mission

8:10 - The Impact of the Mission

11:26 - Maintaining Work/Life Balance as a Non-Profit Leader

14:19 - Building a Rockstar Team & Tackling Staffing Challenges

16:24 - Biggest Challenges in the Non-Profit Sector

17:42 - Adapting During COVID-19

23:00 - Preserving Team Mental Health While Distanced

26:15 - Coordinating Fundraising Events

29:53 - Non-Profit Budgeting & Funding

30:38 - What to Know About Running a Non-Profit