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In his tenure as President of Missouri State University, Clif Smart has faced countless challenges and overcome them with humility and tenacity. Hear from this veteran of academia as he discusses his role in the public eye, the student debt crisis, government involvement, and partnering with the business community in this episode.

Episode Index

1:35 – Transitioning from Business to Academia

4:14 - Creating A Great Team with Humility

5:52 - The Impact of A Job in the Public Eye

8:00 – Student Recruitment

15:44 - The ROI of A College Degree

20:17 - Student Debt & the Business Community

28:42 - Talent, Attraction, & Retention

32:26 - Navigating the Recession & Pandemic

36:40 - Working with the State & Federal Governments

41:45 - Do Everything to the Best of Your Ability