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Headshot of Michelle Algya

Michelle Algya

Marketing Manager

Michelle is a creative at heart. Since a young age, she's enjoyed writing, design, and photography. She honed her skills throughout high school and began working as a freelance web designer at just 14 years old. After graduation, she made her way to Southwest Baptist University where she earned a degree in Web Systems & Design with a minor in Graphic Design.

Michelle joined the JMARK family as an intern on the marketing team in the spring of 2018. In fact, her first day was the same day as JBITS, a business technology conference that JMARK put on with over 200 attendees. She was handed an iPad at 7am and the rest is history. Since her trial by fire on that first day, Michelle has held nearly every role under JMARK's marketing umbrella, primarily focused in the digital space. From strategy development and copywriting to video production and event coordination, she always likes learning a new skill or taking on a new challenge. This combination of skills and project management prepared her to take on the role of Marketing Manager in 2023.

Her favorite thing about JMARK, along with so many others, are the people she gets to work with every day. She says, "There is truly no community like the one I have at JMARK. Every person is dedicated to the success of the company and each other. I have been given more opportunities to learn and grow in my time here than I believe I would anywhere else, and I am endlessly thankful for it."