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Heather West

Heather West

Client Relationship Manager I

Heather was born and raised in Springfield, MO; as a graduate of Kickapoo High School and Missouri State University and coming from an entire family who exclusively lives in southwest Missouri, she knew that her post-grad life was going to include finding a working home within her hometown.

After graduating from Missouri State University in 2021, with a degree in Professional Writing, Heather wasn’t sure what the future was going to hold. When she found JMARK on the “Best Places to Work in the 417” list, and eventually met her team for the first time, she had a feeling she’d found what she was looking for. The weekend before her first day, Heather attended the JMARK Christmas Party, an event where she didn’t know a single soul (#bold). After being publicly called out (twice) for attending the party prior to her first day, she was thrilled to begin her JMARK journey.

As a Client Relationship Manager, she works to ensure that clients and her coworkers have everything they need to succeed and thrive!