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Andy Whaley - Chief Growth Officer

Andy Whaley

Chief Growth Officer

In his 25 years of marketing and sales, Andy Whaley has crafted marketing strategies and sales enablement programs for several brands including Tyson Foods, M&M/Mars, J.M. Smucker, Bass Pro Shops, and AGFinancial. While managing the Brand Marketing team at Bass Pro Shops, sales and awareness metrics increased through his leadership in new brand partnerships, strategic marketing campaigns, and the creation of what has been Bass Pro’s #1 growth brand, ASCEND.

Andy appreciates JMARK’s core values, naturally embedded in conversations and interactions.

He says, “It’s honesty and transparency in conversations, teamwork in crushing company goals together, excellence in how we approach our work, passion in genuinely celebrating each other and supporting our clients, accountability in our weekly reports, and the fun of laughing and lifting celebratory cheers in our Friday company rallies. The core values are a natural part of our culture. It’s who we are. And I love that about JMARK.”