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Outsourced Help Desk

Outsourced Help Desk


The help desk is where the majority of day-to-day interactions with I.T. take place for your employees, so it makes a big difference when those interactions are positive. To learn more about how outsourcing your I.T. help desk can increase productivity and decrease headaches, contact JMARK today.

Outsourced Help Desk


Outsourced Help Desk

Fun fact: In 1936, Vladimir Lukyanov built the Water Integrator in the Soviet Union. This was an analog computer that used the water level in various chambers to represent stored numbers. Mathematical operations were completed based on the rate of flow between chambers.

Outsourced Help Desk


When many organizations prioritize I.T. needs, a readily available help desk is rarely near the top of the list. After all, it’s easy to undervalue the solution to problems you don’t yet have. And when things are running smoothly, help desk staffing can remain the furthest thing from your mind. Why worry about rain in the middle of a bright, sunshiny day?

Well, because unlike storm clouds that slowly gather, giving enough advance warning for you to break out the umbrella or seek shelter, I.T. troubles and issues often appear seemingly right out of the blue. One minute everything is humming along, and the next systems are down, essential software has a bug, or you can’t get the updated presentation to sync to your sales team’s laptops.

When a moment like that occurs, during the calm that you feel just before panic sets in, you suddenly see with complete clarity why a first rate help desk is essential. Every time the help desk solves a problem, they don’t just save that day, they contribute to the future health of your company by minimizing downtime, keeping small problems from expanding, stopping trouble before it affects your clientele, and assuring that things run smoothly even in a world that is constantly trying to break you down.


Even when you recognize the benefits that a great help desk can provide, you may still find it a huge struggle to fill the chair that sits behind that desk. Not only is the I.T. job market more competitive than ever—with the gap between available jobs and qualified candidates increasing at an alarming rate—employing talented, full time personnel is becoming more expensive every year. This makes it difficult to find high-quality technical staff that will stick around. None of this is to even mention the burden of trying to evaluate talent, or trusting an outside recruiter to do that for you.

But you can rise above the staffing struggle by outsourcing your I.T. support to JMARK. We have already done the work of seeking out and hiring world-class talent. We employ the best, brightest, most experienced help desk professionals in the industry, and with outsourced help desk support from JMARK, these superstars become a part of your team.

This means that when you have trouble, you’ll get the best person to solve the exact, specific problem you are currently facing. Rather than relying on a single help desk employee to have knowledge of a wide array of possible I.T. troubles, you’ll have access to JMARK’s full team of pros, each with deep skill sets and certifications that allow them to solve problems thoroughly and efficiently.

And even if you already have a great I.T. team, outsourcing your help desk with JMARK can augment your lineup, filling in gaps in coverage and knowledge. So you’ll always have the help you need, when you need it.

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Responses are always prompt. JMARK people are always polite, thorough, and helpful. I don’t know anything about computers, and they’re always very understanding of that.

Kristen, healthcare client in Springfield, Missouri

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Outsourced Help Desk

“I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that.” – HAL 9000, Heuristically Programmed Algorithmic Computer

Outsourced Help Desk


Here’s the nightmare scenario: you are coming into the home stretch of a vital project when suddenly your system shuts down. You scramble for a solution… but your I.T. guy is on vacation. What do you do? How will you make your deadline?

You are not alone. Small businesses are often beset by troubles due to unavailable I.T. staff and incomprehensible help desk solutions. Your business can be especially vulnerable if the one person who understands your network takes an overseas vacation at an inopportune time—or suddenly leaves the company before you can find a replacement.

So then… what do you do to solve this problem? The short answer is outsourcing. The best answer is outsourcing with JMARK!

Break out of the mold of relying on a single source to solve your I.T. needs. We employ the top minds in the field to give you the best outsourced help desk experience possible. Put the burden of help desk coverage on our shoulders. With 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring and response management, the solution to your I.T. trouble is always only a phone call away.

Quick, responsive, and personable help desk support can have a huge impact on keeping your business running smoothly. Contact JMARK to get the best help desk in the business!

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Here’s a question: Can your help desk provide services without making employees feel like they are asking a dumb question or are an inconvenience?

The personality of your help desk staff may seem unimportant in light of other qualifications, but in fact their ability to interact with their coworkers and solve problems in a personable manner can be vital to the success of every endeavor that has an I.T. component. If your employees hesitate to call the help desk when a problem is small, or won’t listen to or can’t understand the instructions they receive from the technician, then I.T. issues are liable to grow in frequency or severity.

At JMARK, our corporate culture is designed to encourage honesty, passion, excellence, and accountability—all while having fun. These things are essential to teamwork and success. Your employees will enjoy working with dedicated professionals who handle each support interaction with care and personality.

Not only do we employ the most talented tech support engineers in the field—subject to extensive background checks and professional conduct standards—we also keep them engaged, excited, and tuned in to our clients’ businesses with a unique professional and technical development program that creates the ideal help desk support staff—everything you’ve always wanted but didn’t know you could get! There’s a reason that JMARK retains employees and clients at one of the highest rates in the industry.

The best way to get help with your help desk is to call JMARK. Our team of I.T. superstars will get to know your system and your company. When troubles arise, they will have the answers and expertise to get you back on track and keep your system running smoothly.

Outsourced Help Desk

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