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Workplace Facebook Interface Collaboration

A Partnership for Success

“People First, Technology Second” is not just a catchphrase at JMARK; it is fundamental to our culture and illuminates the value we deliver to every client’s business every day.

That’s why we are excited to partner with Meta to bring you Workplace—an essential tool that empowers the people at the heart of your workflows. With dynamic features that bring people together and facilitate teamwork, Workplace from Meta will enable your organization to thrive no matter where, or how, your people work.

Giving a presentation around a whiteboard.
32% Increase in Product Innovation

What is Workplace?

Workplace from Meta is a communication tool that breaks down barriers and connects everyone in your organization. Workplace brings the power of Facebook to business through a familiar interface and dynamic features such as Chat, Live video broadcasting, posts, and Groups.

Workplace easily adapts to you rather than you adapting to it. Built for the fast-paced modern work environment, Workplace enhances teamwork and productivity by allowing everyone to discuss ideas, convey vital information, easily share and access company documents, and instantly communicate to drive collaboration. Reimagine how your people get things done and unleash their creativity and passion!

Two people typing at computers.
10% Increase in Employee Retention

Why Workplace?

When the definition of “office” has increasingly come to mean “wherever you are as long as there’s an internet connection,” Workplace allows for the type of ongoing collaboration that moves business forward. It capitalizes on your organization’s existing workflows, providing dynamic communications, and often replacing the cumbersome correspondence of other mediums so your entire company can move faster, together, to get things done.

A group of people using collaborative software business solutions in an office and remotely
20% Faster Decision-Making

How Does Workplace Work?

With familiar features and a recognizable layout, most users will feel right at home using Workplace, guaranteeing high adoption and usage rates at launch. With browser, desktop, and mobile applications, Workplace is always close at hand, making it simple for anyone to check in, weigh in, or pitch in, no matter where they are.

Through Multi-Company Groups, Workplace even allows for direct collaboration with 3rd-party organizations that also use the platform.

With Workplace You Can

The JMARK Difference

  1. IT Experts

    With JMARK, you can capitalize on award-winning IT expertise to ensure a smooth implementation and integration with your tools.

  2. Dedicated Team

    Enjoy a dedicated onboarding team throughout launch and afterwards as you continue to champion Workplace.

  3. Minimal Disruption

    We'll help you set up Workplace for your organization without interrupting workflows so you can continue operations while improving collaboration.

  4. Corporate Partnerships

    We've got friends in high places. Leverage our certified partnerships with leading technology providers to ensure a user-friendly experience.

  5. 24/7 Support

    Enjoy on-call support any time you need assistance with Workplace. Our communication solutions support staff is here for you!

  6. Integrations

    Take advantage of Workplace integrations with your essential apps and tools.