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In this episode of Own the Journey, we sit down at the beautiful restaurant, Progress, with owner and head chef Daniel Ernce. Chef Daniel’s experiences apply to every industry as he has overcome challenges that include personnel, brand reputation, failure, and executing innovative changes. With his diverse career background and passion for fine dining, the Chef’s unique insights on legacy and mentorship are sure to give you a new perspective on both life and career. Tune in now!

Episode Index:

0:30 - The Story of Progress

3:34 - The Transition from Concept to Taking the Leap

6:10 - What Drives You Each Day in this Industry?

8:25 - People Challenges & Successes

12:45 - Navigating the Challenges of a Small Business

13:08 - The Importance of Grit & The Inevitability of Failure

14:28 - Unifying Your Culture

15:53 - Navigating Difficult Times & Turnover

19:08 - Talent Development

27:20 - Developing a Killer Brand & Reputation

30:53 - How Do You Innovate?

39:53 - Mentorship

45:01 - Legacy