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In this episode of Own the Journey, Tom Douglas visits with CEO, sales guru, and JMARK board member Amanda Holmes from Chet Holmes International. In this engaging conversation, Amanda shares the wisdom and lessons she's learned by running one of the largest sales consulting firms in the world. From tackling discrimination, modernizing sales strategies, and identifying target clients, the insights in this episode are diverse and endless.

Episode Index:

1:14 - Taking Over A Family Business & Making It Your Own

9:17 - Generational Changes & How They Affect the Sales Cycle

11:41 - Building Credibility & The Dream Buyer Strategy

16:26 - Leading Through Educating

19:08 - The Core Story

23:30 - Modernizing The Ultimate Sales Machine Tactics

27:32 - Identifying Your Target Clients

33:20 - Creating Top of Mind Awareness with Leads