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Today we're joined by nautical expert and videographer, David Ulloa. With his past in the Navy, expert diving skills, and work with the Discovery Channel recovering sunken ships, David's career is full of engaging stories. The lessons he's learned through these unique experiences can teach business leaders about the power of video storytelling and communication. Dive into this conversation and learn how to showcase your passion, navigate rejection, and reach your audience.

Episode Index:

0:40 - Doing What You Love

2:22 - Navigating Complex Barriers to Entry

5:09 - Being Prepared for the Worst

9:23 - Storytelling Through Video

11:29 - Becoming Comfortable in Front of a Camera

13:09 - Recovering Shipwrecks & Learning from History

19:40 - Working with the Discovery Channel & other large corporations

24:10 - Rejection, Passion, & Audience

27:18 - Shark Whispering & Lessons in Communication