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In this episode of Own the Journey, Thomas Douglas sits down with business and strategy legend, Jack Stack, the founder of SRC Holdings, Inc. and author of The Great Game of Business. Throughout their conversation, they discuss market trends, establishing trust with employees, building safety in the business, and so many other topics, all through the lens of The Great Game of Business model. Learn the secrets of business from the "smartest strategist in America", according to Inc. Magazine!

Episode Index -

1:40 - Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

3:35 - Transforming Businesses through Educating People

10:19 - Getting Buy In from People

13:30 - Concern with Sharing Financials

15:05 - Favorite Stories of Playing the Great Game of Business

21:26 - Trusting Employees

23:00 - The $100 Million Dollar Plan

29:35 - Creating Safety in the Business

32:48 - Employee Stock Ownership Programs & Active Involvement

40:39 - Where Companies Get Strategy Wrong