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...And Close the Case on Bad I.T. Forever!

Information technology is changing the way law firms do business. Lawyers are more likely than ever to handle record-keeping, billing, research, and client interactions using their computers, apps, and cellphones.

But it’s all too common for legal businesses to trust their I.T. services to a someone without the skills, qualifications, or track record to support their claims of being a great I.T. provider.

Their I.T. becomes more of a nuisance than a help, and the I.T. people they hire don’t have the knowledge or the resources to help them get the most out of technology.

Is this your law firm?

Is everyone in your firm frustrated by bad I.T.? Are you tired of spending money on fancy technology that only makes the work harder and more inaccurate? 

Are you beginning to worry that things will never get any better? Are you ready to get I.T. services that streamline your processes, increase your profits, and help you build a more prosperous business?

Get I.T. That Empowers Success!

Every lawyer imagines a world where their I.T. runs smoothly and seamlessly. A world where YOU can focus on YOUR wORK and forget about bad I.T. A place where success comes easily.

Congratulations! You’ve found that place!

Welcome To


JMARK is the home of legal firms ready to...
  • End I.T. frustrations.
  • Quit buying bad technology.
  • Cut downtime.
  • Avoid unexpected I.T. costs.
  • Eliminate slow technology.
  • ​Plug data leaks.
  • Stop losing critical data.
  • End staff complaints about bad I.T.
  • Reduce costs.
  • ​Avoid compliance failures.


This is where you’ll find the I.T. solutions you need most!

With JMARK, you can...

  • Streamline office procedures.
  • Improve accuracy.
  • ​Mitigate risks.
  • Enable research.
  • Simplify time-tracking and billing.
  • ​Increase mobility.
  • Improve employee retention.
  • Get help with technology planning and strategy.
  • Find new clients and opportunities.
  • ​Increase profits.
  • Keep up with the changing landscape of your industry.
  • Build a stronger legal business.

Are you ready to say goodbye to the nuisance and threat of bad I.T.? 
Is it about time to say hello to I.T. that propels your legal business to greater success? 
Then now’s the perfect time to start!

I.T. Is Transforming
Law Firms of Every Size...

With the best I.T. you can … 

  • Save research time with automated discovery software.
  • Increase efficiency and simplify case management with automation.
  • Protect confidential information when storing and transmitting data.
  • communicate through videoconferencing.
  • collaborate via the latest software and apps.
  • Use the Internet safely.
  • Use analytics to reduce the cost and time spent on contract reviews.
  • Access your firm’s data remotely without fear of data leaks.
  • Use industry-specific software for things like time-tracking, billing, and document management.
  • Set your legal business up for long-term success.


But with bad I.T., you’re stuck in the past.

Inferior information technology makes every task slower and more tedious.

It frustrates everyone in your firm, as well as your clients.

It costs you money without providing any benefits.
And, it keeps you from getting ahead in the legal profession.

You try to make the most of your Technology, but it never seems to live up to your expectations.

What’s the Problem?

Isn’t Technology Supposed to Fix Everything?

Ever wonder why technology is often so disappointing? 

That can happen for a lot of reasons.

First, it’s easy to get sidetracked by flashy technology that looks great but delivers very little. 

Also, understanding how to use your technology securely can be a real challenge.

But worst of all, if your business technology isn't set up with your needs and workflows in mind, it will never deliver the promised benefits.

So, Whose Fault Is It?

The responsibility for law firms’ biggest problems with information technology falls on the shoulders of the person or company taking care of their I.T.

Some small law firms rely on an individual they know who seems to have some technical knowledge. But just because your wife’s friend’s brother talks a good game, it doesn’t mean he knows how to manage your I.T. properly.

Other firms choose an I.T. company without doing their due diligence to find out if they really have the reputation, knowledge, and credentials to be trusted with their I.T. and all their data.

One problem with many I.T. providers, whether they’re individuals or unproven companies, is that they don’t have the resources they need to provide the best I.T. resources-- vital things like monitoring tools, virus prevention software, and redundancy in backups and service (to name a few). In short, they don’t have what it takes to really do the job right.

The bottom line is, without the right I.T. services, designed with your needs and goals in mind, you can’t get the benefits of technology, no matter how much you spend or how hard you try. When you’re stuck with bad I.T., it can be pretty distressing.

Are You Suffering from the Bad I.T. Blues?

Managed I.T. Services from JMARK to the Rescue! 

What Our Clients think...

modern Information technology has the kind of complexity that untrained, inexperienced I.T. “helpers” or understaffed I.T. companies can’t adequately handle.

Simply retaining someone to come in and fix computer problems when they happen just isn’t good enough anymore. You need a team of I.T. experts working proactively to prevent problems, deal with any issues that arise, and help you strategize your technology to position your firm for stability and accelerated growth. 

you need A managed services provider who will manage your entire i.t. system as a complete whole.

one that will go beyond "today’s crisis" to anticipate and prevent future problems.

one that will help you create a long-term strategy to improve your I.T. situation, maximize your use of technology, and keep everything secure along the way.

You need an I.T. partner that not only has the skills to solve problems when they arise, but also the the experience and resources to enable your technology to deliver on the promise that it will boost your capabilities, streamline workflows, reduce your stress, and harness the full potential of your firm.

Connect with the Best I.T. Provider

JMARK Stands Out Among Managed Services Providers

I.T. is Who We Are. I.T. is What We Do.

and i.T. managed the jmark way will be a driving force to Help take Your Legal Business to the next level.

Ready for an I.T. Provider That Has the Right Stuff?

With JMARK, you get a true I.T. partner committed to your success.

A team of I.T. experts providing the services you need to keep your technology running smoothly.

An MSP with real, comprehensive, long-term solutions to your I.T. dilemmas.

An I.T. company with an eye on the future of legal I.T. 

Insight into the opportunities that arise when you use technology with a strategic eye on the future.

Isn’t it time to get some of that?

If you don’t, you could face some serious problems.


  • Systems that have to be fixed daily.
  • The unpleasant surprise of failing hardware.
  • Data breaches.
  • Financial losses.
  • Damage to your reputation.
  • Missed opportunities.

Struggling with Inadequate I.T.?

The Right I.T. Services from an experienced provider Make All the Difference!

When you’re working to build a legal practice, you need an I.T. partner dedicated to helping you succeed. This is what JMARK provides: true partnership, and I.T. services built to help law firms like yours make the leap to the next level.

Here are the main services we provide:

  • We keep your infrastructure in peak condition and running smoothly with constant monitoring and regular maintenance. It’s all in our I.T. management and support services.
  • Your servers do a lot for you. Without them, you couldn’t use your technology for day-to-day operations, communications, and data. Our server management and support services keep them perfectly calibrated for all your needs.
  • To keep your networks secure, fine-tuned, and operating at peak performance, we provide network management and support. 
  • With our comprehensive security management and support, we keep hackers out of your system and protect all your proprietary data. This service includes monitoring your network, protecting your email, and securing all systems. We detect and prevent intrusions and manage any incidents that happen.
  • Everyone’s going mobile these days, and lawyers are no different. Yet, without mobile device management, you could be putting your legal business at risk. This service protects both company devices and personal devices used for the practice’s work.
  • Staying compliant with regulations and reducing risk helps you avoid fines, lawsuits, and reputation damage. It’s also a great way to reduce security vulnerabilities. We can help you with that through our policy and compliance management services.
  • We help you reap the benefits of all the data you collect as well as observations of your workflows and technology usage. With this service, you can do research, find new clients, and discover new opportunities.
  • What do you do if you’re dealing with a software bug, a possible security threat, or any other technology related question? With our outsourced helpdesk support, we’re available 24/7/365 to listen and provide the answers and solutions.
  • If you haven’t moved to the cloud, you may not know that cloud computing can enhance collaboration, increase mobility by giving you anywhere-access to your infrastructure, and make work so much more efficient. This service includes planning and implementation of complete cloud solutions including secure backup.
  • We provide redundant, multi-tiered backup solutions for all the data you collect, transmit, and keep with our backup management and support services.
  • Every law firm relies on phone and internet to conduct business and interact with clients and partners. Our telecommunications experts can help you find the best provider and hardware to save you money and speed up your telecom systems.
  • Disasters happen-- often without warning. It’s a part of life. If you’re caught off-guard by a storm, flood, or fire, our business continuity and disaster recovery services are designed to get you quickly back to "business as usual."

Want to Know More about Our Services...

Along with all our core services,
we provide related services like...

  • Consultations and Quarterly business reviews.
  • Software and hardware recommendations and special pricing.
  • system monitoring and analysis.
  • Proactive maintenance.
  • Short-term and long-term technology planning.
  • vendor management.
  • Easy-to-budget planned monthly pricing.

Without the best I.T. services, you could find yourself in a dire situation. 
What could happen?

Hackers could launch a cyberattack to steal critical data.

Cybercriminals could use ransomware to paralyze your legal firm until you pay up.

You could lose data that isn’t backed up safely.

Partners and staff could spend hours in downtime while a solution to a tech issue is implemented.

Efficient communications could become next to impossible.

Infrastructure, servers, and networks could fall into a state of disrepair, causing you I.T. headaches and unpredictable expenses.

Unsecure mobile devices could cause data leaks and vulnerabilities.

You could lose potential clients, partners, employees.

You could miss opportunities, fall short of goals, and never reach your full potential.

to be the best law firm, you need the best I.T. services. 
If you’re ready to accelerate the speed of your success, we’re ready to help!

Need Expert Proof?

We’ve Got It!
Relying on an inexperienced, ill-equipped I.T. technician won’t help you get THE BEST I.T. SERVICES for your firm.

When you don’t have proof of their expertise, you have no idea if you’re dealing with someone who can actually deliver on the promises they make.

On the other hand, if you have evidence that a managed I.T. services provider is among the best in the business, you know you can TRUST THEM WITH YOUR SYSTEM AND YOUR FUTURE.

We say we’re one of the best, but how can you be sure?

WE HAVE THE EVIDENCE in the form of numerous awards we have received across the I.T. industry over the years. 

We’ve been recognized as...

A World Leader in I.T. Services

When you team up with JMARK as your I.T. provider, you’re working with one of the best I.T. providers in the world. 

We’ve been named multiple times on several lists as one of the leading MSPs in the nation, and in the world.

  • CRN: Solution Provider 500
  • MSPmentor: 501

 An I.T. Team with Exceptional Competence

Being an outstanding I.T. provider requires an ability to work with the biggest names in the industry. 

We’ve proven our competency with numerous technicians who hold the highest-level certifications from technology leaders like Google, Cisco, Dell, IBM, and VMware. 
And Microsoft recognized us as one of their top 1% of network partners due to our 9 areas of competency and our leadership in the industry.
  • CRN: Tech Elite 250
  • Microsoft Partner Network – Top 1%

One of the Most Proficient I.T. Security Providers

Due to the sensitive nature of the data in your files, law firms make attractive targets for hackers. You need a security partner with a strong track record to keep you safe.

In addition to being a top I.T. provider, we’re also among the best at providing innovative, effective I.T. security solutions.
  • MSSP Alert: Top 100 Managed Security Services Providers
  • CIO Review: 20 Most-Promising Cybersecurity  Solutions

One of the Fastest-Growing I.T. Providers

Experiencing growing pains? 

As an I.T. company that has been placed on the list of fastest-growing private companies as well as fastest-growing MSPs, we have abundant experience and first-hand knowledge that can help you grow successfully.
  • Inc. 5000: America’s Fastest-Growing Private  Companies – Top 500
  • CRN: Fast Growth 150

Outstanding in Vertical Markets

When you’re dealing with an I.T. generalist, you don’t get the same level of service as you get from a team that’s dedicated to your specific industry. 

We have industry specialists for 8 specific industries, and legal is one of them. And, we’ve been recognized multiple times for outstanding services in these vertical markets.
  • ChannelE2E: Vertical Market MSP 100

An MSP on the Cutting Edge

As YOur firm moves more deeply into the digital age, you need an I.T. provider that keeps you in tune with the times. 

We’ve been recognized as one of the world’s best MSPs for staying ahead of I.T. developments and monitoring trends so you know which ones are passing fads and which new technologies to adopt.

  • Channel Futures: MSP 501

A Locally-Valued I.T. Company

We’re honored to be so well-recognized in America and among our worldwide peers. 

But the awards we’ve received from the Springfield, Missouri business community are perhaps even more meaningful to us. They show that we’ve earned respect on a local level for contributions to the communities where we make our homes.
  • Springfield Business Journal: Dynamic Dozen
  • Springfield’s Economic Impact Awards
  • SBJ: Business Class Award

And now, a word from OUR CLIENTS...

Take Advantage of Our Experience for the Benefit of Yours!

Proof of Legal Industry Expertise?

Just Check Out Our Experience!

Becoming a true I.T. expert takes a lot of time, training, experience, exposure, and research into to trends and best practices in I.T. and cybersecurity. 

Meanwhile, running a successful law firm requires a full-time focus on serving your clients, marketing your services, winning cases, and building up your business.

But wouldn’t it be nice to have an I.T. TEAM THAT TRULY UNDERSTANDS THE CHALLENGES YOU FACE and the opportunities available to you in the legal profession? Someone who knows the best ways to manage I.T. for a legal firm?
IN JMARK, YOU JUST FOUND THAT TEAM. We have a dedicated staff of I.T. experts who specialize in I.T. services for law firms like yours. 

Through years of working with lawyers, we have built a strong foundation of knowledge about how to help you make the most of all the technology you can use in your unique practice.

It’s hard to find an I.T. provider that can offer you not only evidence of their abilities through awards but also a solid track record of helping members of your own profession

CONTACT US TODAY to find out more about what we can do for you!

Click Here for I.T. That Will Change Your Business 

Best Services. Best I.T. Provider.
But What About Client Satisfaction?

We know. It’s great to hear about an outstanding MSP that offers the services you need. But that doesn’t tell the whole story. You also want to know what our clients have to say about us. Here’s a little taste of their feedback and how we help them improve their I.T. situations.

Our clients love our commitment to always...

  • Putting people first, technology second.
  • Treating you with the utmost respect and dignity.
  • Listening carefully to your concerns.
  • ​Remaining mindful of your goals.
  • ​Giving you honest assessments of your current I.T.
  • ​Explaining I.T. issues and opportunities clearly and concisely.

our clients describe the JMARK Experience...


Keep your infrastructure in peak condition.

Monitor your system constantly to prevent I.T. failures.

Are on call 24/7/365 to address I.T. problems and resolve I.T. issues.

Respond immediately whenever you have an urgent I.T. need.

Our legal industry clients say we’re the best because we...

Guard your reputation with the latest security solutions and compliance policies.
Advise you when any part of your system is growing long in the tooth so you can plan your budget appropriately.
Keep your software up-to-date, manage patches, and monitor system health. 
Conduct quarterly business reviews to make sure your technology is fully supporting your business strategies and operations.
Get you better prices on hardware and software.

Furthermore, our clients have told us they appreciate the way we...

Stay on top of the latest cyberthreats and keep you safe from them.
Help you get ahead of I.T. trends in the legal profession.
Work with you to create strategies for adding the right new technologies at the right times.
Recommend the best workflow solutions for your unique firm.

wish you could be a part of the JMARK family? 
ready for a technology partner dedicated to your success? 
Just click below to get started.

Connect with the Best I.T. Partner

When you join forces with JMARK as your managed I.T. services provider, you’re working with a team that...

  • Puts your needs first you when you need help with technology-- whether it's a quick solution, or long-term strategic planning.
  • Has an outstanding reputation with their clients, in their business community, and with the larger technology industry.
  • Is always friendly, helpful, and responsive to your            concerns.
  • ​Has special expertise we're ready to put to use for your law firm.

With JMARK, you not only have the right provider, but you also have technology that...

  • Won't need continual stopgap repairs.
  • Helps you be more efficient.
  • Improves communications.
  • Enhances workflows and decreases downtime.
  • Lowers operational costs.
  • Reduces risk.
  • Increases profits.

You may be saying to yourself, “I want what they have!” That’s an easy desire to fulfill. 
Simply click below to start on the path to better I.T. that will help your business level-up.

Get the I.T. Every Lawyer Wants!

Bad I.T. affects Your Law Firm in a Big Way!

Can You Really Afford These Potentially Devastating Problems?

Inferior I.T. services can have a devastating effect on your law firm. 
this goes beyond the daily struggles with slow technology. Without suitable I.T., you could...

Lose out on the most lucrative contracts.

Drive away clients who feel disconnected or poorly served.

Throw billable hours down the drain because of inadequate tracking.

Waste a lot of money by buying flashy but ineffective technology.

lose the best associates and employees as they grow frustrated with i.T. that hampers their work.

Damage your reputation permanently because of a data leak.

Click Here and Say Goodbye to I.T. Headaches!

CLIENT testimonialS

Great I.T. Gives You 
long-term Benefits You’ll Love!

Meet with JMARK Today!

Resolving daily I.T. problems is wonderful. But what about the bigger picture? 
What are the most significant ways your legal business will change when you have the best I.T. solutions? 
Here’s a glimpse of that scene.

  • You find new opportunities to build your clientele.
  • Your profits increase.
  • Your reputation soars.
  • Your legal business grows and expands.

So are you ready to set yourself up for the highest levels of success? It’s easy to get started! 
Just click below.

Give Me the Perfect I.T. Picture!

Wonder What Your Life Will Be Like When You have jmark in your corner?

Working with the right I.T. partner can change your business. When you have stellar I.T. services, you can...

Look forward to workdays of enhanced focus in an office where the I.T. runs smoothly in the background.
Rest easy, knowing that your data and system are safe from intruders.
Feel confident in your team's ability to do their work more easily, accurately, and efficiently.
Enjoy the freedom of connecting safely with clients and partners from a mobile device or while working remotely.
See the appreciation of clients, partners, and office staff who have the I.T. tools that help them do their work better.
Congratulate yourself for giving your law firm the power to meet your goals and grow to the next level.

Mark Your Calendar for Success!

There’s no better time than now to schedule a consultation to find out exactly what JMARK can do for you. We’re ready to give you the time and respect you deserve. 
An initial consultation with us includes...

An introduction to JMARK and a chance to learn more about our expert services and solutions.

Time for us to listen as you tell us about how you operate, your current I.T. situation, and your business goals.

Answers to your questions about technology in the legal profession and in your own practice.

Outlining short-term and long-term technology goals.

Our recommendations for the best I.T. solutions for your unique situation and needs.

Why wait? Meet with JMARK now!

While you suffer along with inadequate I.T., things are getting worse.

Without the best I.T., you...

Are vulnerable to cyberattack every minute of every day.

Take the chance that your proprietary data will fall into the wrong hands.

Spend too much time dealing with I.T. problems and not  enough time serving clients and building your business.

Lose out to law firms that respond to their clients' needs more efficiently.

Miss out on the best new opportunities.

Fall further and further behind the I.T. curve.

Fail to maximize your firm's potential and enjoy the success you deserve.

It only takes a moment to get started on a new road to accelerated success!

Remember that savvy lawyers are using I.T. more effectively today than ever before.

Don’t forget that your information technology is only as good as the I.T. providers who manage it.

With JMARK, you get an experienced managed I.T. services provider with the best credentials and client
feedback. You can FORGET ABOUT BAD I.T. FOREVER and shift that focus back to building your legal practice.


It's time to take a stand against bad I.T. All you have to do is fill out the form below.

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Just in case you didn’t have time to read everything, here’s a quick recap...

More than ever before, lawyers are tapping into the benefits of technology to make their practices more dynamic, efficient, and profitable

Yet, if information technology isn’t managed effectively, maintained proactively, and kept secure, serious problems can threaten your legal business in critical ways. 


We provide all the best I.T. services you need to reach your goals, grow your business, and take your firm to new heights of success. 

All you have to do to start is simply fill out the form above and click through to the I.T. of your dreams!

JMARK partners with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) for our clients so they have the reliability, assurance and capabilities that the HPE Nimble Storage solution offers. It is a perfect fit for our proactive model of delivering superior managed services for our clients. Additionally, with the proven analytics provided with HPE InfoSight, JMARK is able to enhance our managed service delivery with even more effectiveness, which results in greater reliability.