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I.T. Support in Tulsa: In Demand Cyber Security Skills for 2018

Cybersecurity skills are in demand. However, simply majoring in something like human-computer interaction, web design or graphic design will not suffice. Employers are looking for specific cybersecurity skills obtained in professional work environments. Furthermore, in demand cybersecurity skills change every couple of years. Here’s a look from I.T. support experts in Tulsa at the current cybersecurity employment market and the niche’s most coveted skills in 2018:

Cyber Security Hiring in 2018

Cisco reports there are about a million open cybersecurity positions across the globe. It is clear that there is an unfulfilled demand in this growing line of work. There is an abundance of digital security projects waiting to be worked on and a shortage of skilled employees. Cybersecurity workers are not receiving the proper training required to reduce risk, fully comprehend current and emerging digital threats and respond to incidents in a timely manner. The cybersecurity skills shortage leaves organizations vulnerable and possibly non-compliance with government and industry regulations.

Cyber Security Openings by the Numbers

In total, about 285,000 cybersecurity jobs are available. The supply to demand ratio for these highly skilled employees is 2 to 6. Alternatively, the supply and demand ratio for all jobs across the country is 5 to 6. In terms of certification demands, the highest is CISM. This is an acronym that stands for Certified Information Security Manager. CISM professionals typically make about $120,000 per year or more. CISSPs are also in-demand. This acronym stands for Certified Information Systems Security Professional. CISSPs usually make an annual salary comparable to that of CISMs.

Cyber Security Skills Employers Desire

Some cybersecurity skills are in higher demand than others. Workers who possess such skills can help organizations stop data breaches that lead to data exposure and significant financial loss. Those who have cloud security skills know how to configure and manage firewalls/antivirus safeguards, prevent data loss and generally understand the optimal practices for data security will find employment quite easily. Furthermore, those who understand vendor risk management, network monitoring and network access management are also in-demand. Even skills like cybersecurity risk analysis, IoT, analytics, data management, general security analysis, and security investigation are desired by employers.

How to Solve the Cyber Security Skills Gap

Organizations are in a tough spot as they need cybersecurity experts, yet few are available. The best solution is to lean on I.T. support experts in Tulsa. Nearly every organization that outsources some or all of its I.T. operations to a managed services provider (MSP) either meets or surpass expectations for cost savings. Take this route, and you won’t have to worry about hiring and retaining cybersecurity talent. You will just pay a flat rate and always have access to cybersecurity experts.

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