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Our Process

  1. Audit

    In our experience, tech issues are rarely solved with any “quick fixes,” which is why a full checkup of your network is the beginning of our trusted process. In addition to evaluating your existing network, our team of experts will assess your needs, wants, and goals to craft a unique plan for your team.

  2. Rebuild

    After getting to know your network and needs, it’s time to put a plan together, marrying the latest tech with in-depth strategy to keep your company as up-to-date as possible.

  3. Maintain

    Our ongoing network management and 24/7 support means stopping tech issues before they arise.

  4. Optimize

    Our clients trust us to be their partner, not just in IT, but in fine-tuning processes for the future.

People First, Technology Second

We love technology. As IT solutions providers, that much is probably clear; but our reasoning goes a little deeper. We love technology because of its ability to facilitate growth, spur innovation, and create opportunities for the people who use it. Everything we do and every service we offer reflects putting people over technology, with solutions designed to empower your teams and enhance their day-to-day work.

A man working at a standing desk in information technology in banking

Certified Engineers

From HIPAA to FDIC, our team of over 80 engineers has the certification and experience to address the individual interests of each industry we serve. We know the importance of staying on the cutting edge of IT solutions, but we also go a step further, staying up-to-date on your industry’s trends, working proactively to keep your business on its A-game.

JMARK Partnerships

Ground-Up Solutions

The best frameworks start with a healthy foundation. Time and time again, we’ve seen the detriment caused when “band-aid” solutions are thrown over IT issues. Our secret sauce is in our Proven Process, a 6-step plan structured to streamline your entire network, preventing technology problems before they have a chance to begin.

JMARK Technical Expertise

Strategic Partners

JMARK is more than an IT service; we’re a strategic partner with the ultimate goals to mitigate risks, increase profits, and innovate to help you outmaneuver the competition. Once we’ve designed and implemented a plan to refine your network, the real fun begins. When we build from a solid groundwork, optimization becomes attainable.

Everybody Wins When Your Technology Rocks!

Tech is meant to make our lives easier. Sometimes that seems hard to believe, especially for those who have been burned with inefficient and messy networks in the past. We aim to change that. At JMARK, our solutions are designed to create:

  1. Higher Efficiency

    On top of unavoidable downtime, when your employees use outdated or poorly designed technology, their effectiveness is automatically depleted. We believe your tools should work for you, not the other way around.

  2. Healthier Culture

    Happy employees are the foundation of an enjoyable workplace. With our People First philosophy, we aim for employees to spend time brainstorming and innovating rather than grumbling about their network connectivity problems.

  3. Tighter Security

    Unmanaged networks and unreliable support leave the door wide open for vulnerabilities in your system. Our ’round-the-clock support and commitment to long term network upkeep mean JMARK clients are protected by the highest standards of digital security.

  4. A Better Life

    We believe life happens outside of the office—in mid-week family game nights, Friday night football, Sunday brunch, and everything in between. Our solutions are designed to give you back time for life.