IT Support in Tulsa: Why a Hybrid Cloud Solution Could Be Your Best Option

Businesses today are fortunate to have some great options and flexibility when it comes to how they manage and set up their IT networks. There are pros and cons of using a private server and of using a public cloud. Businesses need to carefully evaluate their IT budget, business needs, and stage of growth to determine which option makes more sense at a particular time. With IT support in Tulsa, you can find a way to balance the benefits of both sides using a hybrid cloud solution.

Pros and Cons of a Private Server

Private servers have long been used by large businesses. They allow the business to have complete control over the maintenance and management of its IT systems. It is also easier to monitor and secure your business data. The disadvantage of having just a private server is that the costs of the infrastructure, IT personnel, and maintenance needed to run it make it a very costly endeavor, often unattainable for smaller businesses. Business disaster recovery and business continuity may also pose a challenge if the data is not backed up off-site.

Pros and Cons of the Public Cloud

The cloud has opened up great opportunities for small businesses to get services they may not have access to before. Public clouds are set up, managed, and maintained by the third-party providers, making it a hassle-free and much more economical choice for a business that is not ready to set up its own server. The company providing you with IT support in Tulsa can also help you with automated updates and backup, advanced security measures, and other innovative services over the cloud. Migrating fully to the cloud does mean that your business must relinquish some of the control of its systems.

Finding the Right Balance

The hybrid cloud might be a great option for your business. You can maintain your onsite services and also use the cloud for offsite backups and to enable remote work. You have the flexibility to determine how you combine the two in a way that best promotes productivity. You can have an IT team working on your IT systems during working hours and complement that with offsite 24-hour support.

If you need help deploying and managing your business IT network, JMARK Business Solutions, Inc. offers great IT support in Tulsa. We offer a variety of IT services to businesses, including cloud computing, backup management, and security management. Contact us to learn more about our services.

Benefits of 24/7 Help Desk IT Support in Tulsa

It is becoming more and more important for businesses to go beyond traditional 8-5 pm hours when it comes to IT support in Tulsa. Customers who need such support may need it during the night, and remote employees may operate on a different schedule. A lack of support may lead to delays, downtime, loss of business, and additional expenses as a result. Here are some of the key benefits of having 24/7 help desk support services:

Increased Support Around-The-Clock

With 24/7 help desk support services, your clients and employees can get the help they need at any time. If your business has to wait until 8 am for IT issues that occur at night to be resolved, this can lead to excessive delays and downtime. With around-the-clock support, IT issues can be resolved in a timely manner. Your business becomes more efficient and more effective.

Cost Savings

Hiring additional IT staff is both costly and impractical for a small or medium-sized business. With outsourced 24/7 helpdesk support services, you can get this support for a fraction of the cost of having full-time staff. You also make additional savings by minimizing downtime and giving clients the support they need instead of risking losing their business.

Access to Additional Skills and Experience

If you have just a few IT personnel on staff, it may not be practical to offer 24/7 support. When you outsource this out to a company that offers IT support in Tulsa, you get access to additional skillsets and experience. You are guaranteed that the support technicians at the help desk know what they are doing and can deliver quality assistance to your clients and employees.

After having considered the benefits of 24/7 help desk support services, you may be still on the fence about whether your business should offer these. It should be a serious consideration for you if your business has remote workers who work around-the-clock, if you have clients or workers who are international and in different time zones, and if your work is time-sensitive.

You can increase the productivity of your business with outsourced 24/7 help desk support services. At JMARK Business Solutions, Inc., we have a team of professional IT technicians who can augment the work done by your own team. They can give you weekend and vacation days’ coverage or complete 24/7 support. We have experience offering IT support in Tulsa to businesses in a variety of industries. If you’re ready to increase your help desk coverage, contact us now for more information.

Protect Your SMB Against Mobile Hacks with IT Support in Tulsa

Cyber thieves are now targeting small and medium-sized businesses. Part of the reason for this shift away from larger targets is the fact that plenty of employers are allowing employees to bring their own devices to work. Such devices tend to be susceptible to mobile hacks. Though business owners and managers are becoming more knowledgeable about network security as time progresses, most underestimate their vulnerability. In particular, our IT support team in Tulsa is concerned with emerging threats tied to mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

The Potential Ramifications of a Mobile Hack

A data breach has the potential to put a small to medium size company out of business. In some cases, there is no going back from a hack in which client data was breached. Such a breach will harm the relationship with the customer, spur litigation costs, and damage the business’ reputation.

Walk the Walk

It is not enough to talk the talk when it comes to digital security. If you do not have a mobility policy in place, the time to add one is now. Furthermore, it will help to actually enforce that policy in a uniform and consistent manner. Do not forget to include protocols for devices employees lose. Policy details should cover everything from personal device use in the workplace to data storage/transmission and public Wi-Fi accessibility. Our IT support team in Tulsa can help you create a sound mobility policy to prevent the majority of cybercrimes that affect small and medium-sized businesses.

Mobility Policies Should Center on Acceptable and Unacceptable Behaviors

The first draft of your mobility policy does not have to cover every last detail. Leave room for amendments to allow for gradual policy evolution over time. Begin by setting ground rules, establishing protocols for passwords, defining devices that are acceptable, creating rules for downloading data from third parties, etc. The policy should explain exactly which data belongs to the business and how it is to be modified, shared, and saved. Enforcement of the policy should be applied in a fair and consistent manner. There should be legitimate repercussions for those who violate the policy. Otherwise, employees won’t have the motivation necessary to abide by the rules.

Mobile Device Management Services Features

MDM services assist IT managers pinpoint and monitor mobile devices on the network. Such centralized management facilitates the configuration of devices for employees to access, share and update content with ease. MDM services secure such mobile devices through enforcing encryption settings, establishing a password policy, removing corporate data from the system while leaving personal data in place, identifying tampered devices and remotely locating, locking and erasing data from stolen or lost devices.

You deserve top-notch IT support in Tulsa. At JMARK Business Solutions, we provide everything from network management and support to digital security, outsourced IT, data backup management, mobile device management, and more. Reach out to us today to schedule an initial consultation.

Managing Your Business with IT Support in Tulsa

More and more businesses are relying on their IT systems to conduct core business functions. These include accounts management, inventory management, and online shopping platforms. When it comes to your business, you must make sure you know how to manage the IT support in Tulsa that you receive. This is vital to your business’s commitment to delivering quality services on time and gives it the necessary support to grow. The following are some of the major points to consider:

Know What is Being Offered

Whether you have your own IT department, augment this with an external provider or have outsourced altogether, it’s vital that you know what’s on the table. What IT products and services is your business most in need of? Only once you have a thorough understanding of your business’s IT requirements can you identify the right IT partners. Determine if their expertise and experience match what you are looking for to avoid unmet expectations in the future.

Document Your IT Plans

In order to have a fully functional system in place, you need to make use of various types of documentation. The services contract agreement that you draw up with your provider for IT support in Tulsa must clearly outline the products and services you have agreed upon and over what timeline. This is a great reference point to provide clarity of understanding.

Other forms of documentation to consider include an operational manual for your onsite staff, a disaster recovery plan to be used in the event of any disasters, and a system flowchart, outlining the operations of your IT systems. These documents must be clear, readily available to the necessary parties, and updated regularly as changes are introduced. Everyone who holds any responsibility in your IT systems must be aware of this. Training must be conducted as needed to get everyone on the same page.

Watch Your Budget

Your IT systems can take up a lot of your operational budget if not kept in check. Make sure you are only paying for services that your business needs. Discontinue any redundant or outdated services. Make sure you monitor your current spending and plan for any future system upgrades ahead of time. Be proactive about listening to your employees and gathering feedback about what needs to be changed and improved regarding your IT system.

If your business is an SMB, consider outsourcing your IT needs instead of having your own team. You can greatly reduce your spending from covering full-time salaries to paying a reasonable fixed monthly charge according to your service contract. You also benefit from having a team of experts at your disposal with a variety of skill sets to offer.

JMARK Business Solutions, Inc. offers comprehensive solutions to provide you with the best IT support in Tulsa. We work with businesses in a wide range of industries to make sure their IT systems are able to support their business growth. Contact us now if you are interested in learning about our services.

I.T. Support in Tulsa: In Demand Cyber Security Skills for 2018

Cybersecurity skills are in demand. However, simply majoring in something like human-computer interaction, web design or graphic design will not suffice. Employers are looking for specific cybersecurity skills obtained in professional work environments. Furthermore, in demand cybersecurity skills change every couple of years. Here’s a look from I.T. support experts in Tulsa at the current cybersecurity employment market and the niche’s most coveted skills in 2018:

Cyber Security Hiring in 2018

Cisco reports there are about a million open cybersecurity positions across the globe. It is clear that there is an unfulfilled demand in this growing line of work. There is an abundance of digital security projects waiting to be worked on and a shortage of skilled employees. Cybersecurity workers are not receiving the proper training required to reduce risk, fully comprehend current and emerging digital threats and respond to incidents in a timely manner. The cybersecurity skills shortage leaves organizations vulnerable and possibly non-compliance with government and industry regulations.

Cyber Security Openings by the Numbers

In total, about 285,000 cybersecurity jobs are available. The supply to demand ratio for these highly skilled employees is 2 to 6. Alternatively, the supply and demand ratio for all jobs across the country is 5 to 6. In terms of certification demands, the highest is CISM. This is an acronym that stands for Certified Information Security Manager. CISM professionals typically make about $120,000 per year or more. CISSPs are also in-demand. This acronym stands for Certified Information Systems Security Professional. CISSPs usually make an annual salary comparable to that of CISMs.

Cyber Security Skills Employers Desire

Some cybersecurity skills are in higher demand than others. Workers who possess such skills can help organizations stop data breaches that lead to data exposure and significant financial loss. Those who have cloud security skills know how to configure and manage firewalls/antivirus safeguards, prevent data loss and generally understand the optimal practices for data security will find employment quite easily. Furthermore, those who understand vendor risk management, network monitoring and network access management are also in-demand. Even skills like cybersecurity risk analysis, IoT, analytics, data management, general security analysis, and security investigation are desired by employers.

How to Solve the Cyber Security Skills Gap

Organizations are in a tough spot as they need cybersecurity experts, yet few are available. The best solution is to lean on I.T. support experts in Tulsa. Nearly every organization that outsources some or all of its I.T. operations to a managed services provider (MSP) either meets or surpass expectations for cost savings. Take this route, and you won’t have to worry about hiring and retaining cybersecurity talent. You will just pay a flat rate and always have access to cybersecurity experts.

An I.T. support provider in Tulsa is what you need when it comes to cybersecurity. At JMARK Business Solutions, we provide I.T. services, cloud computing assistance, outsourced help desk, mobile device management, data backup management, business continuity, disaster recovery services and more. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.

I.T. Support in Tulsa: The Need for Disaster Recovery Plan

If your business is like many others today, you rely on computers, networks, and the internet for basic business functions. These include the storage of company and client files and communicating with your employees and clients through email and social media. Unless your business specializes in I.T., you might find yourself unprepared for eventualities that affect your I.T. systems. This could have ramifications for your business operations and your ability to deliver timely services to your customers. By partnering with an I.T. support provider in Tulsa, you can stay prepared for whatever may come.

The Nature of Disasters

Disasters are occurrences that affect your business’s operations. They vary in magnitude, nature, and impact. Natural disasters such as storms, floods, and hurricanes can have a major impact such as shutting down regular communication channels. While these cannot be prevented, it is crucial that your business has a way to navigate these kinds of events.

There are also man-made disasters and a particular subset of these that are unique to businesses that depend heavily on I.T. networks. Some of these disasters include being hacked, computer viruses, and computer systems failure. These types of situations can have varying consequences such as shutting down operations, loss of important electronic documents, and the leaking and compromising of proprietary or sensitive information.

How would your business deal with these types of unexpected occurrences? That’s where a disaster recovery plan comes in.

Developing Your Disaster Recovery Plan

A disaster recovery plan is a strategy addressing how your business plans to maintain critical I.T. system functions and recover in the event of a disaster. When disasters happen, it is important to have a tested plan of action in place. Your business’s income and ability to serve customers are impacted when you are unable to stay afloat as you deal with the disaster.

A disaster recovery plan must be developed prior to incidents occurring. It is an important task that must be assigned to knowledgeable and capable people. It must be thorough and cover all bases, such as an assessment of potential risks, data storage and regular backing up measures, key responsibility assignments, contacts of people or partners, and prioritization of procedures. As much as your business operations depend on you being able to weather the storms that may come, your disaster recovery plan must be kept current, relevant, and easily accessible. If developing this plan seems like a mammoth task, reach out to I.T. support experts in Tulsa.

Outsourcing Your I.T. Needs

An I.T. support company can help you with all your networking and business I.T. needs. They specialize in providing these services, so you can relax knowing that you have experts on board. They are able to help you develop and implement a disaster recovery plan so that you are always ready.

If you need I.T. support in Tulsa, look no further than JMARK Business Solutions, Inc. We specialize in providing innovative I.T. solutions to clients in a wide array of different industries. Our experts work closely with you to understand your business and provide unique solutions. Contact us now for more information.

4 Benefits of Cloud Computing Provided by an I.T. Support Provider in Tulsa

You surely face challenges that require you to make decisions that affect your entire company from the bottom to the top. Some of your most important goals are to solve problems efficiently while also staying on a budget. Cloud computing brings a number of benefits that that can help you be more effective and cost-efficient. It allows people to run applications and other programs from downloaded software on a computer or server in the building. In recent years, the usage of the cloud is the norm for good reason. Here are four benefits of cloud computing provided by an I.T. support provider in Tulsa:

1. Disaster Recovery

Every type of business, whether big or small, must be investing in a strong disaster recovery plan. Unfortunately, for smaller businesses, they are not as well-equipped or as well-funded as bigger companies, but they still face the same risks. Cloud computing helps by adding a layer of security with cloud-based backup. Your I.T. infrastructure can be monitored 24/7 so you can be sure your security is safe. Using cloud computing means worrying less about your security so you can focus on other matters that can help your business thrive.

2. Increase Competition and Collaboration

The cloud gives you access to high-class technology that keeps you competitive with any other company. If you have a small or medium-sized business, with the cloud, your business can act as fast and as efficient as other competitors, which increases the confidence and capabilities of your business. This can lead to more innovation since your employees can work quicker together and share all types of documents from anywhere. The competition can drive your employees, knowing the use of cloud business applications and pay-as-you-go services help them compete and stand in the same ring as bigger companies.

3. Better for the Environment

Using cloud computing helps reduce your carbon footprint. Hosting and running through a data system exposes you to the latest and best energy-efficient technologies. For example, your cloud resources may need to fluctuate, your server capacity scales up and down as well, so you are only using the energy that you need.

4. Cost Efficiency

Cloud computing reduces the cost of maintaining your I.T. infrastructure. Instead of buying expensive systems, you can lessen the costs by hiring an I.T. support provider in Tulsa to provide cloud services to you. Factors such as the cost of upgrades, energy consumption, the number of time delays, and wage for staff all get changed when cloud computing comes into use.

Cloud computing has a large number of advantages that can help your company. Its benefits can help your company in more than one type of department, therefore your entire business can be upgraded. Using cloud computing is a must for every business. So, it is best to keep up, or else, you risk being faded out. If you want to learn more about cloud computing from an I.T. support provider in Tulsa, contact us at JMARK Business Solutions.

I.T. Support in Tulsa: Benefits of Help Desk Support

A help desk is an essential resource created for those in need of assistance with I.T. or a tech problem of another variety. A help desk provides a multi-tiered approach to troubleshooting I.T. issues. An I.T. support provider in Tulsa has this kind of help desk support. If you are wondering what good help desk support can give to your business, consider these:

Help Desk Support Solves an Array of Problems

The beauty of help desk support is there are no limitations to certain problems or challenges that the tech assistance team can handle. This group of professionals has extensive credentials, considerable experience and the training necessary to remedy all sorts of system errors.

Rapid Responses

Ask anyone who has tried a help desk support system about their experience, and they will likely report the assistance is provided faster than anticipated. Help desks are staffed with tech-savvy I.T. aficionados who can resolve support tickets quickly. The best part is you do not have to interact with an automated system. You can speak to an actual human being. In most instances, the issue will be resolved that day or within a few days at a maximum.

Help Desk Support Makes Your Workplace More Enjoyable

The importance of being able to interact with a certified technical support specialist cannot be overstated. Interacting with such a tech guru makes it that much quicker and easier to solve I.T. problems. This is the assistance your team needs to make the most of the time they spend at work. Once their tech issues are resolved, they will feel quite the powerful sense of relief. The end result of an alliance with an I.T. support team in Tulsa is a more peaceful and engaged workplace.

Around-the-Clock Support

Help desk support is provided around the clock. This is the 24/7 tech support line your group needs to work in the most efficient manner. Employees are quickly connected to a tech guru who can help resolve your I.T. challenge(s) in a timely manner.

A Proactive Approach to I.T.

When assisting those who have I.T. issues, help desk engineers typically perform incident management. This term refers to an approach that helps them identify I.T. issues before they actually arise. Pinpointing the root cause of incidents that occur in a repeated fashion is essential to comprehensive tech support that addresses the true cause(s) of the problem.

Help Desk Support Will Save Your Organization Money

If you have an I.T. staff, relieve them of the burden of attempting to solve every I.T. challenge and other tech issues by incorporating the assistance of help desk support. This way, your team can focus on other I.T. projects that are more pressing or better suited to your employees’ skills and knowledge base. Help desk support will also save your organization money in the sense that it solves tech issues that would otherwise prevent employees from working in an efficient manner.

An I.T. support provider in Tulsa, such as JMARK Business Solutions, provides help desk support along with an array of additional services. If you need data backup management, data analytics, network security, server management or assistance with anything I.T./tech-related, contact us now.

Reasons Your I.T. Support in Tulsa Should Include Good Patch Management

If you are a business owner, manager, or executive, you probably understand the importance of having good I.T. support in Tulsa. However, what you might not realize is that your current level of support might not be enough.

One of the areas where many I.T. companies are lacking is in patch management. Part of the reason for this is because most of the major operating systems out there have done a very good job at patching their products, but third parties don’t. This means that your I.T. support isn’t totally doing what it should.

There are new threats to your company’s data, software, and hardware each day. This makes it very difficult to keep up with patching, which, in turn, means that your company’s network remains vulnerable. However, a good patch management system can help. Here are some reasons why:

It Helps You Remain Compliant

It doesn’t matter if you are dealing with your company’s internal policies or with requirements that come from an external source, you have to remain compliant and patch management can help. This ensures that all your systems are always up to date.

It Helps with Reporting

When you utilize a good patch management application, it helps with reporting. This allows you to know at any point where your security stands. It also allows you to help with understanding the state of all your I.T. systems.

You Get More Supportability

If you don’t make sure that you are installing things like service packs and patches, you will soon find that your network is no longer able to be supported. You don’t run Windows XP, for instance, and if you did, you would not be able to support it because it simply is too old.

This is no different than any type of modern software you have. If you don’t keep it patched, it will soon fall the way of Windows XP, which really puts your company in a good position for an I.T. disaster. You have to keep patches and service packs updated if you want to ensure safety.

You Keep Up with Security Updates

Likely the most important reason to choose I.T. support in Tulsa that includes patch management is that you can keep up with security updates. Ensuring proper patch management means that you can constantly scan for any vulnerabilities, and when one is found, it is reported. This makes it very easy for administrators to check out the issue, and most importantly, fix it.

You Keep Up with Third Party App Patches

Finally, when you implement good patch management as part of your I.T. services, you can keep up with those third-party patches, too. You probably know that operating systems are very easy to patch, but third-party apps are not as easy to do. With good patch management, however, you can do this without a second thought.

If you don’t have good patch management as part of your I.T. support package, we want to help. At JMARK Business Solutions, Inc., we offer patch management as part of our offerings. To learn more about how we can offer better I.T. support in Tulsa for your business, contact us today.

Advantages of the Cloud from I.T. SUpport in Tulsa

Organizations of all types and sizes are tapping into the power of the cloud. The cloud ramps up efficiency, heightens security, and ultimately adds to the bottom line. If you’re still hesitant to hop on board with the cloud, consider the following thoughts of an I.T. support provider in Tulsa at the advantages of this technology:

Security Fears

Organizations are now comfortable handing off their sensitive data to the cloud. It took a while, yet the business world is now fully on board with the cloud because of its considerable level of security. it is needful for you to partner with a proper cloud computing company and you won’t have any concerns regarding data safety. Cloud providers can handle security matters in an economical and efficient manner. There is no sense for a business to pay the full brunt of digital security costs when cloud providers can contribute. Cloud companies shift the burden of top-notch digital security systems across an entire client base, making it that much more affordable for clients.

The Cloud Paves a Path for Compliance

Part of the appeal of sharing the challenge of I.T. security with a cloud company is that it hastens the push toward compliance with industry regulations. Don’t let the seemingly outrageous expenses and time commitments associated with compliance intimidate your team. Lean on a cloud provider equipped with the necessary tools, procedures, and processes to facilitate compliance with all regulatory requirements. This is the direct and fast path to compliance that your company can actually afford.

The Cloud Enhances Coverage and Visibility

The cloud infrastructure is quite mature at this point in time. Resources are provisioned through API calls. This means there are full coverage and visibility of security settings, assets, policies etc.


Imagine an instance in which the business cloud infrastructure expands. The security infrastructure within the cloud should scale in sync or at least prove capable of scaling without failing. An I.T. support team in Tulsa can help you with that and you will find flexibility as one of the cloud’s greatest merits.

Global Reach

A large part of the reason why the cloud is skyrocketing in popularity is its global nature. Anyone with the proper credentials can hop on the web, access data on the cloud, make contributions, save progress and continue to collaborate through the cloud as time progresses. This easy and immediate access allows employees to work with the utmost efficiency, enjoy improved teamwork, and add to the bottom line.

Cut Costs With the Cloud

More and more organizations are moving away from purchasing and running data centers. It costs less to rely on cloud providers to handle this work with superior speed, capacity, locations etc. There is no sense paying for and maintaining all of the hardware required for a full data center when a cloud provider can bear those burdens. This way, you can focus on doing what you do best while the cloud provider handles data storage and security.

If you are looking for I.T. support in Tulsa, contact us at JMARK Business Solution, Inc.. We are an I.T. support provider. Our tech services catalyze revenue and reduce costs. Whether you are looking for server management, network management, digital security or outsourced help desk assistance, we’ve got you covered.