IT Support in Tulsa: Benefits of Help Desk Support

A help desk is an essential resource created for those in need of assistance with IT or a tech problem of another variety. A help desk provides a multi-tiered approach to troubleshooting IT issues. An IT support provider in Tulsa has this kind of help desk support. If you are wondering what good help desk support can give to your business, consider these:

Help Desk Support Solves an Array of Problems

The beauty of help desk support is there are no limitations to certain problems or challenges that the tech assistance team can handle. This group of professionals has extensive credentials, considerable experience and the training necessary to remedy all sorts of system errors.

Rapid Responses

Ask anyone who has tried a help desk support system about their experience, and they will likely report the assistance is provided faster than anticipated. Help desks are staffed with tech-savvy IT aficionados who can resolve support tickets quickly. The best part is you do not have to interact with an automated system. You can speak to an actual human being. In most instances, the issue will be resolved that day or within a few days at a maximum.

Help Desk Support Makes Your Workplace More Enjoyable

The importance of being able to interact with a certified technical support specialist cannot be overstated. Interacting with such a tech guru makes it that much quicker and easier to solve IT problems. This is the assistance your team needs to make the most of the time they spend at work. Once their tech issues are resolved, they will feel quite the powerful sense of relief. The end result of an alliance with an IT support team in Tulsa is a more peaceful and engaged workplace.

Around-the-Clock Support

Help desk support is provided around the clock. This is the 24/7 tech support line your group needs to work in the most efficient manner. Employees are quickly connected to a tech guru who can help resolve your IT challenge(s) in a timely manner.

A Proactive Approach to IT

When assisting those who have IT issues, help desk engineers typically perform incident management. This term refers to an approach that helps them identify IT issues before they actually arise. Pinpointing the root cause of incidents that occur in a repeated fashion is essential to comprehensive tech support that addresses the true cause(s) of the problem.

Help Desk Support Will Save Your Organization Money

If you have an IT staff, relieve them of the burden of attempting to solve every IT challenge and other tech issues by incorporating the assistance of help desk support. This way, your team can focus on other IT projects that are more pressing or better suited to your employees’ skills and knowledge base. Help desk support will also save your organization money in the sense that it solves tech issues that would otherwise prevent employees from working in an efficient manner.

An IT support provider in Tulsa, such as JMARK Business Solutions, provides help desk support along with an array of additional services. If you need data backup management, data analytics, network security, server management or assistance with anything IT/tech-related, contact us now.

Reasons Your IT Support in Tulsa Should Include Good Patch Management

If you are a business owner, manager, or executive, you probably understand the importance of having good IT support in Tulsa. However, what you might not realize is that your current level of support might not be enough.

One of the areas where many IT companies are lacking is in patch management. Part of the reason for this is because most of the major operating systems out there have done a very good job at patching their products, but third parties don’t. This means that your IT support isn’t totally doing what it should.

There are new threats to your company’s data, software, and hardware each day. This makes it very difficult to keep up with patching, which, in turn, means that your company’s network remains vulnerable. However, a good patch management system can help. Here are some reasons why:

It Helps You Remain Compliant

It doesn’t matter if you are dealing with your company’s internal policies or with requirements that come from an external source, you have to remain compliant and patch management can help. This ensures that all your systems are always up to date.

It Helps with Reporting

When you utilize a good patch management application, it helps with reporting. This allows you to know at any point where your security stands. It also allows you to help with understanding the state of all your IT systems.

You Get More Supportability

If you don’t make sure that you are installing things like service packs and patches, you will soon find that your network is no longer able to be supported. You don’t run Windows XP, for instance, and if you did, you would not be able to support it because it simply is too old.

This is no different than any type of modern software you have. If you don’t keep it patched, it will soon fall the way of Windows XP, which really puts your company in a good position for an IT disaster. You have to keep patches and service packs updated if you want to ensure safety.

You Keep Up with Security Updates

Likely the most important reason to choose IT support in Tulsa that includes patch management is that you can keep up with security updates. Ensuring proper patch management means that you can constantly scan for any vulnerabilities, and when one is found, it is reported. This makes it very easy for administrators to check out the issue, and most importantly, fix it.

You Keep Up with Third Party App Patches

Finally, when you implement good patch management as part of your IT services, you can keep up with those third-party patches, too. You probably know that operating systems are very easy to patch, but third-party apps are not as easy to do. With good patch management, however, you can do this without a second thought.

If you don’t have good patch management as part of your IT support package, we want to help. At JMARK Business Solutions, Inc., we offer patch management as part of our offerings. To learn more about how we can offer better IT support in Tulsa for your business, contact us today.

Advantages of the Cloud from IT SUpport in Tulsa

Organizations of all types and sizes are tapping into the power of the cloud. The cloud ramps up efficiency, heightens security, and ultimately adds to the bottom line. If you’re still hesitant to hop on board with the cloud, consider the following thoughts of an IT support provider in Tulsa at the advantages of this technology:

Security Fears

Organizations are now comfortable handing off their sensitive data to the cloud. It took a while, yet the business world is now fully on board with the cloud because of its considerable level of security. it is needful for you to partner with a proper cloud computing company and you won’t have any concerns regarding data safety. Cloud providers can handle security matters in an economical and efficient manner. There is no sense for a business to pay the full brunt of digital security costs when cloud providers can contribute. Cloud companies shift the burden of top-notch digital security systems across an entire client base, making it that much more affordable for clients.

The Cloud Paves a Path for Compliance

Part of the appeal of sharing the challenge of IT security with a cloud company is that it hastens the push toward compliance with industry regulations. Don’t let the seemingly outrageous expenses and time commitments associated with compliance intimidate your team. Lean on a cloud provider equipped with the necessary tools, procedures, and processes to facilitate compliance with all regulatory requirements. This is the direct and fast path to compliance that your company can actually afford.

The Cloud Enhances Coverage and Visibility

The cloud infrastructure is quite mature at this point in time. Resources are provisioned through API calls. This means there are full coverage and visibility of security settings, assets, policies etc.


Imagine an instance in which the business cloud infrastructure expands. The security infrastructure within the cloud should scale in sync or at least prove capable of scaling without failing. An IT support team in Tulsa can help you with that and you will find flexibility as one of the cloud’s greatest merits.

Global Reach

A large part of the reason why the cloud is skyrocketing in popularity is its global nature. Anyone with the proper credentials can hop on the web, access data on the cloud, make contributions, save progress and continue to collaborate through the cloud as time progresses. This easy and immediate access allows employees to work with the utmost efficiency, enjoy improved teamwork, and add to the bottom line.

Cut Costs With the Cloud

More and more organizations are moving away from purchasing and running data centers. It costs less to rely on cloud providers to handle this work with superior speed, capacity, locations etc. There is no sense paying for and maintaining all of the hardware required for a full data center when a cloud provider can bear those burdens. This way, you can focus on doing what you do best while the cloud provider handles data storage and security.

If you are looking for IT support in Tulsa, contact us at JMARK Business Solution, Inc.. We are an IT support provider. Our tech services catalyze revenue and reduce costs. Whether you are looking for server management, network management, digital security or outsourced help desk assistance, we’ve got you covered.

Working Together with IT Support Experts in Tulsa

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s the holidays, that special time that brings friends and family together. Daughters and sons board homeward-bound planes, aunts and uncles drive hundreds of miles, maybe grandparents just walk down the street to be with their loved ones. No matter what your situation is, the season is about togetherness, support, and the spirit of giving. You should look for similar traits when shopping around for IT support in Tulsa. Though the bonds aren’t exactly the same, you undoubtedly need a similar level of community and collaboration when making large-scale changes to your IT networks.


As any holiday shopper knows, you want to get the most for your money. Saving money on your IT support shouldn’t be any different. Partnering with professionals when overhauling your business’ technologies can help you save money.

When you stick with an in-house IT department, you could overspend on solutions that might not even be right for your company. Not only that, but you also have to pay a dedicated staff to investigate, install, and maintain a variety of complex systems. IT support experts in Tulsa provide a rigorous analysis to figure out exactly what you need. As a result, you get only the ideal hardware and software. Through maintenance, experts are able to keep tabs on what processes work for your company and which need updating as your business grows.

Budget-conscious businesses worry about overspending, but failing to invest enough money in IT can cause damage enough in its own right. Small-to-medium-sized businesses always look for the cost-effective, often cheapest, approaches to their IT. Unfortunately, this means that they don’t always invest in those solutions prepared to grow their business. Specialized IT services keep you from spending too little and prepare your company for the future.

Knowledge Base

Do you remember the first time you tried to cook a cherished family recipe for yourself? You wanted to surprise your family and show off that you could hold your own against your grandmother’s pumpkin pie. It might have turned out fine but it just didn’t have that certain something that only comes with years of experience in the kitchen. Hiring professional IT services, while less delicious, is much the same.

Managed service providers (MSPs) draw upon a tested talent pool of experience developed over years. You might think that you can scrape by with the expertise you have on premises. You know the basic ingredients for IT. You’ve seen it work for other companies so you decide to make a go of it yourself. Like your grandmother’s beloved dessert, you might develop something resembling standard computing processes; however, those processes rarely end up as efficient or productive as those developed in partnership with professionals.

Are you ready to find tested, supportive IT services this holiday season? Contact the experts at JMARK Business Solutions, Inc. when looking for IT support in Tulsa. Our dynamic approach to business technology ensures that you get the best service for your new IT network implementation. Regardless of what challenges you face this Thanksgiving, call or email our friendly staff. Happy holidays!

Signs You Have Outgrown Your Current IT Support Provider in Tulsa

A growing business will eventually reach the point where it becomes too large for its current IT support provider in Tulsa. However, it often takes too long for business owners and managers to realize that their business requires a new IT support team. Let’s take a look at some indications that you may have outgrown your current IT provider:

Your Competitors Have Superior Technology

If you can’t provide your clients with the most efficient solutions, they will flock to your competitors in due time. You have to keep pace with the competition’s tech additions and upgrades; otherwise, your business will be at a considerable competitive disadvantage. If your IT support provider hasn’t upgraded your tools in years and if there is nothing in the pipeline, it is cause for concern.

Slow Response from Your IT Support Provider

If it takes a while for you IT vendor to respond to your inquiries or if you receive no response at all, it is time to move on to a new provider. There is nothing wrong with posing questions and raising concerns regarding IT matters on a regular basis. You should receive timely responses that address your concerns. Anything less is grounds to move on to a new IT support provider in Tulsa.

Your Email is Down or Malfunctions on a Regular Basis

Consistent email outages and/or frequent visits from technicians to reboot the server is a sign you need to find a new provider. Taking the system offline for upgrades or repairs should not happen with any sort of regularity. If you have outgrown your email operations model, your current IT support provider might not let you know due to a fear you will find a new vendor. Transition to a provider that can support the demands of your company and you will enjoy email from the cloud that does not require monthly backups and pesky upgrades.

Your Vendor Frowns on Cloud Solutions

There is no longer a good reason to be concerned about using the cloud in the context of business. The problems that once existed with the cloud have been resolved. In fact, a decent cloud vendor probably has superior security than the majority of in-house vendors or small IT vendors. There should be no resistance to taking advantage of cloud solutions.

You are Still Operating Outdated Software or Hardware

If your server or desktop is out of date and your IT vendor is not pushing for upgrades/replacements, it is a red flag. An operating system from 2003 or older is outdated. You will eventually need new software even if your IT vendor isn’t pushing for it. Keep in mind an outdated system is a prime target for hacks that have the potential to bring your business to a grinding halt, expose sensitive data, and alienate your clients.

At JMARK Business Solutions, our IT support team in Tulsa has your IT needs covered. If you do not currently have an IT provider or have outgrown your provider, look no further than our group of tech experts. Whether you are looking for digital security solutions, server management and support, network support, assistance with cloud computing or backup management, we are your one-stop source for assistance. Contact us to learn more!

Benefits of Online Backup Explained by The IT Support Experts in Tulsa

Imagine a scenario in which you spend hours creating an elaborate report. You are just about ready to save and print the file when the power re-sets. Your work disappears. In some instances, it is the power malfunctioning. In others, it is a water leak or a crisis of another sort that makes your files and programs inaccessible. We’ve all been there. Though it is sometimes possible for a professional to extract some data, there is a better way. Online backup is a solution worth considering. Our IT support team in Tulsa can help you implement online backup to perfection. Let’s take a look at the benefits of online backup.

Secure Data Storage

The prospect of losing an important file or enduring a full hard drive wipe-out is quite intimidating. Such a disaster has the potential to make hours of hard work completely fruitless. The solution to these problems might be storing your data online. Don’t immediately shoot down this idea. It is safer than it seems. Backup up online provides your organization with the opportunity to use a minimum of two remote servers that backup copies of your information. There is little chance your computer and the remote servers will malfunction at the same time. In fact, such an event has never happened.

Rely on online data storage and you won’t have to fret over hackers or others accessing your private data and pilfering your programs. The groups that provide online backup services understand potential threats. They ensure your data is stored in a secure manner. Encryption adds that extra layer of security to drastically minimize risk. The IT support experts in Tulsa agree online backup is safer than saving to a hard drive.

Automatic Save

Take advantage of online backup and you can set it up so your computer saves data to your online backup account in an automatic manner. This is as efficient and secure as it gets. You won’t have to spend a second worrying about whether your data was backed up at the appropriate time or in full. It is all done on your behalf so you can access copies of your data whenever you desire.

Multiple Copies of Data at Secure Remote Locations

Backing up online essentially means using the web to save information to a remote server database. The data is uploaded online so a copy can be stored with a professional storage service outside of your office. This way, there are multiple copies of your files available regardless of what sorts of crises arise at your office.

There are no Size Limitations

One of the key advantages to online backup is data storage does not have limitations. The is ample space for your organization’s data. It is nearly guaranteed that you can back up your full hard drive including all files, programs and even photos without limitations.

If you have any concern about your online backup, server management, network issues, digital security or general IT, don’t wait until disaster strikes. At JMARK Business Solutions, Our IT support group in Tulsa is here to make your organization that much more efficient and secure. contact us for your tech challenges and you will find your business operates much more efficiently.

How IT Support Providers in Tulsa Use Storage to Offer High Availability Services

Providers of IT support in Tulsa are citing availability as one of their biggest selling points. For companies that are yet to transition to outsourced services, the big question is: why is availability so important?

In today’s highly connected world, most companies conduct business online as well as offline. In fact, some conduct business only online. This is a convenient arrangement for both customers and companies. Customers can get what they need whenever they need it, while companies can earn revenue around the clock.

All is well as long as everything is up and running. But emergencies happen unexpectedly, such as server crashes, network failovers, and cyberattacks, resulting in downtime. In terms of earnings, downtime means financial losses, especially for companies with high-traffic websites. Thus, high availability is a critical component of a company’s success.

Currently, third-party providers guarantee availability by leveraging storage. Cloud computing platforms like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud deliver virtually limitless storage, making it possible for providers to offer reliable backups.

The Role of Backups in Availability

  • Minimizing losses – In some cases, the system doesn’t just go down— data is irretrievably erased too. Without backups, the data is gone forever. But with backups, data can be restored to an earlier state before it got corrupted.
  • Destroying infected data – Sometimes, data is not lost, but it still becomes infected so companies have no choice but to dispose of it. Fortunately, they don’t have to worry about losing that data when it can be recovered.
  • Speeding up the restoration process – Restoring data from a readily available backup is quick, so downtime is cut short. Any further loss is also nipped in the bud because the system goes back up along with the lost data.
  • Facilitating easier testing – Since production environment is hands-off for testing, a copy of it should be used. With backups, getting that copy is not a problem. Companies can play create different use cases with the data and not worry about compromising data used in production environment.
  • Maximizing available storage – Providers of IT support in Tulsa have access to plenty of storage, so companies subscribed to their services have access to it, too. It only makes sense for these companies to want to get the most out of their subscription fee.
  • Increasing data security – Backups have a retention period which companies can configure. Thus, a company handling sensitive information may want backups to be destroyed daily, while another company may hold out for a longer period (usually a week).
  • Improving backup restoration efficiency – Some instances require partial or even granular backups, and not full-system backups. When backups can be restored on an as-needed basis, only the necessary time, effort, and resources are used.

If your company is handling large amounts of data, it’s better to outsource your backup process to a provider of IT support in Tulsa. We at JMARK Business Solutions are happy to be of service. Contact us today to learn more.

6 Reasons Why Businesses Need External IT Support in Tulsa

When it comes to IT support, Tulsa businesses often wonder what to do. SMBs don’t have the resources to hire a full team of IT professionals to handle all their technology needs. But, they rely on technology for many aspects of their business. Looking outside for professional IT services is becoming the new normal to manage technology for SMBs.

An outside IT support company is committed to managing your IT needs and it has the experience to pull it off. Here are some of the reasons why these companies are more important than ever.

Deliver a Proactive Management Model

They move you from a break/fix cycle to a proactive management model of your technology. Most SMBs work in a break/fix mode where they deploy servers and hope they don’t break down. When they do break, you pay to fix it. A proactive approach involves monitoring key pieces of technology to identify problems early. Then, you deploy the right personnel to fix the issue.

Oversee Technology Assets

IT professionals manage your technology assets. Do you know how many PCs you have active on your network? Do you know where they are physically located? What are their MAC addresses?

It’s good practice for every business to have a full inventory of what assets they have. That’s something you will get with good IT support in Tulsa. They will ensure that you have the hardware you need while not paying for software licenses you no longer require. That can save you quite a bit.

Offer Up-to-Date Technology

They keep your technology up to date. Technology is constantly changing these days. To keep your company at the head of the pack, you need technology that keeps up with your business. An external IT service provider can make that happen. They can keep your servers and PCs current with software upgrades and patches. They can help you make the most of your assets at the lowest costs possible.

Increase Productivity

They keep your workers productive. When you are not managing your technology, something is going to break down. Then, you have to scramble to get it fixed. While it’s down, your employees aren’t getting their jobs done- lost productivity is an expensive way to lose money. With proactive technology management, downtime is cut dramatically. That means your employee productivity levels will go up.

Maintain Reasonable Costs

Their cost is much easier to manage. With an external IT service provider, you pay a fixed monthly fee. This tends to be much less expensive than the cost of hiring an internal IT department. As you need to add technology, the monthly price may go up, but not nearly as dramatically as it would if you had to manage things internally.

Ensure Data Confidentiality

They keep your data confidential. Cyber attacks are a rising threat to businesses of all sizes. Every attack puts your business at risk. You need security experts to help build a fortress around your internal assets. Unless you want to hire a lot of security specialists, an external provider is the answer. They have the knowledge and expertise, along with the software tools, to do just that.

Unless you are an IT company, your focus should not be on managing or supporting your technology. Bringing in an external provider for IT support in Tulsa is a solid business option. If you want to explore your options, call the experts at JMARK Business Solutions, Inc..

How Banks Can Benefit from IT Support in Tulsa

Banks are continuing to rely more on technology and the use of IT support in Tulsa can help banks in a variety of ways. The use of a managed service provider (MSP) will allow your employees to be more productive while also simplifying day-to-day operations. Using the latest technology will also help you compete against other banks and financial institutions. Here are a few more ways your bank can benefit from a partnership with an MSP:

Cost Management

Are you looking for a means to cut costs? As you know, maintaining costs is a primary goal for banks and any other organization. The use of an MSP will allow you to utilize the latest technology at a fixed monthly rate. Instead of hiring outside sources that charge by the hour, you can have your own dedicated IT team that is available 24/7. Over an extended period, you will notice that it is much more affordable to use an MSP instead of paying for costly repairs that can happen at any moment.


Cyber security is the number one concern for a majority of banks and other financial institutions. Banks cannot afford to be susceptible to hackers and must use the best technology to prevent hackers or malicious software from accessing personal accounts. Cybercrime is growing in complexity and it is important to have an MSP that offers the latest support against a broad range of threats. Banks that use IT support in Tulsa will be able to take advantage of the latest antivirus software and receive regular security updates. They will also be monitored around the clock for any suspicious activity and will be notified immediately for any unusual activity.


The banking industry is always changing and the use of an MSP will allow your bank to grow and adapt to a changing environment. On the other hand, banks that do not have an MSP can quickly become outdated and can be burdened by obsolete technology in only a short amount of time. Naturally, this creates a severe competitive disadvantage which may be too great for a bank to overcome. Each bank has individual needs, fortunately MSPs have the flexibility to meet these needs.

Banks can significantly benefit from IT support in Tulsa. At JMARK Business Solutions, we enable banks to grow and adapt to the always-changing technological world. Our computer experts specialize in allowing banks to control costs, provide cyber security, and offer scalability services. Our primary goal is to help your employees use the most recent technology while also protecting your business from evolving cyber security threats. Contact us today to learn more.

IT Support in Tulsa Can Help You Be On Your Way to a Smarter Healthcare System through the Cloud

The world of healthcare has seen some dramatic shifts in recent years. Most notably, the introduction of more “smart” devices into the marketplace has brought aging hospital equipment into the 21st century. More and more healthcare devices are now being connected to either manufacturer clouds for data storage or to a hospital-wide network that makes patient files easily shareable. So what comes next according to companies offering IT support in Tulsa?

Building a Better Cloud

With the way the cloud has come to proliferation, it may seem shocking to say that it isn’t quite good enough yet to meet all of our healthcare needs. For many people, the cloud is the most useful tool we’ve ever seen for managing data. However, when it comes to healthcare, there are simply too many regulations, interested parties, and data sources for the current cloud system.

What the New Cloud Really Needs

In order for healthcare-related IoT to function the way it should, it needs to be supported by an immense investment in cloud infrastructure by an IT support provider in Tulsa. First, it needs to be able to handle incoming data from a wide range of in-house medical equipment as well as at-home monitoring equipment. Since all of this equipment is made by different manufacturers, there needs to be standardization of how that data is transmitted to a central cloud and how it is stored for later reference.

Next, there needs to be a means for controlling access to patient files via permissions and personalized portals. Patients, healthcare providers, insurance agents, regulatory boards, and researchers all have an interest in the data that is being gathered, but should not all have the same level of access to patient records.

Finally, the healthcare cloud of the future needs to be able to handle the vast sums of data that will be coming to it from every direction. From simple heart rate monitoring to sleep monitoring, medication tracking and more the current cloud is not prepared for the exponential rate at which this data will be created.

Maintaining a Cloud of This Magnitude

Currently, there are ways to connect cloud resources from far ranging geographical locations to achieve greater storage capacity and accessibility. However, for the purposes of keeping data safe and secure, especially in the event of a disaster, the data recovery mechanisms for such a cloud also need to meet higher standards than anything we have in place today. If healthcare providers are relying on fully digitized patient files to provide them with real time data, there is no room for data loss in the equation. Naturally, local and federal regulators will find this the most objectionable point when it comes to moving healthcare to the cloud anyway.

As the cloud continues to improve with time, there is plenty of room for further advancement. Currently, there are a handful of mainstream devices using the IoT philosophy to better connect patients and their doctors. In the future, we expect to see this technology to become far more prevalent in healthcare centers. What happens next will depend entirely upon the cloud systems set up by IT support providers in Tulsa. At JMARK Business Solutions, we are one such provider of IT support and solutions to businesses. To learn more about our company and cloud solutions, contact us today.