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Accounting has changed dramatically over the years. Gone are the paper ledgers and tedious calculations! Over are the days of working seemingly endless hours to get the work done!
  • With today’s advanced systems and apps, there’s never been a better time to take full advantage of technology in your accounting business.
  • Yet too many accounting firms trust their information technology to inexperienced, ill-informed I.T. providers. They fall behind other firms, leave client data vulnerable, and limit the number of clients they can serve because of slow, inadequate I.T.
  • Are you feeling the pain of bad I.T.? Does every entry, calculation, or report feel like a dreary chore?

Are you having trouble making the right I.T. decisions for your firm? Are you
 wishing for I.T. solutions that help you serve clients better, make your work 
easier, and increase your profits?

Every accountant wishes for I.T. solutions that bring the most value to their firm and the clients they serve. You need I.T. services that protect all the data you collect. And you need I.T. that makes your work both easier and more profitable.

Congratulations! You’ve found the home of JMARK, one of 
the world’s leading I.T. providers! 
we’re here to help you fulfill your I.T. wishes!

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  • Stop struggling with slow I.T.
  • End the confusion over which accounting apps to use.
  • ​Avoid losing data due to employee mistakes.
  • Keep hackers from getting access to your system and data.
  • Prevent identity thieves from stealing your clients’ information.
  • End the uncertainty of an unpredictable I.T. budget.
  • Stop falling behind accounting firms  with better I.T.
Get Ready to Learn How the Best I.T. Transforms Accounting Businesses Like Yours!

This Is I.T. That Goes Beyond the Basic

With JMARK, you get I.T. that...

  • Protects your systems and all the data you keep. 
  • Streamlines your daily operations.
  • Helps you make the most of every workday.
  • Frees up time for more advanced services.
  • Reduces risks.
  • Improves compliance.
  • Gives you better insight into your business.
  • Increases your bottom line.

But where there are challenges, there are opportunities...

The advancement of technology has elevated the role of accountants from "number crunchers" to professional advisors who help other businesses and individuals reach new heights of prosperity.


The future is here, but you can only fully join it if you have the best I.T. to make it all possible.

And that’s where JMARK comes in. With over 30 years of providing managed I.T. services to businesses like yours, and with our dedicated team of accounting I.T. experts, we can help you on both counts.

We have the experience and industry knowledge to drive your success now, and in the months and years ahead.

Getting the Best I.T. Services from an Experienced I.T. 
Provider Is Essential to Your Success!

You face many challenges in your industry...

JMARK can help you face down the
 challenges and emerge victorious.

It all starts with
 understanding the threats to 
your business success.

What our Clients think

Here’s a look at some of the difficulties you may encounter...

1. Cybercriminals that want your data or your money (or both)

You may think you’re safe from cyberattacks because you aren’t the biggest accounting firm in the book. Unfortunately, hackers don’t see it that way. They see you as an easy target that probably doesn’t have the top-level security of a big corporation or the resources to fight back.

According to Verizon's 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report, 43% of cyberattacks happened to small businesses!

But with JMARK handling your cybersecurity, you can beat these attacks. Although hackers are constantly cooking up new ways to steal data and  money, we work hard to stay ahead of them. In fact, we have an entire team dedicated only to cybersecurity.

And, if the worst possible scenario should occur, we manage the incident immediately to protect your systems and your business.

2. Clients who don’t have time to meet for consultations

It’s a busy world, especially for business leaders trying to run a business while serving clients. Often, your clients may lack time to see you during regular working hours.

That’s why mobile devices have become so indispensable. When you must connect with clients whenever and wherever possible, mobile becomes the name of the game.
But there’s one problem to watch out for: SECURITY.

Whether you use a tablet, a smartphone, or a laptop away from your business, it’s more vulnerable to cyberattack than your main system. 
That is, it’s more vulnerable if you don’t put protections in place to maintain security. 

We can keep the mobile devices your employees use for business safe from cybercrime-- whether those devices are company-assigned or employee owned. 

We can even clear your company data off the device if it is ever lost or stolen!

here's what OUR CLIENTS have to say...

3. Heavy workloads, especially during tax season


This means that to have the amount of computing power you need for the busy times of the year, you typically end up with more than you need in the lighter months. 

JMARK can help 
you cut out that extra cost by helping
 you move to cloud computing.
In the cloud, you can always have exactly the amount of computing power and storage that you need, no matter what the season.

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4. Keeping compliant with regulations

Regulatory compliance can seem like a real drag. If you don’t comply with regulations, you could face fines, legal troubles, and damage to your reputation. 

and now a word from OUR CLIENTS...

5. Staying in business even when
 there’s a flood, fire, storm, or other disaster

Disasters happen everywhere –- not only tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods, but also power outages, fires, and other catastrophic events.


We help you create a business continuity and disaster recovery plan so your business can keep going, and you can keep working and continue to thrive even when the worst happens.

6. Beating the competition to 
come out on top

Competition is intense in the accounting business. It takes a savvy, motivated team to stay on top.

If you want to beat your competitors, you need an I.T. team that’s as committed to your success as you are.

With cutting edge I.T. solutions for your accounting firm, we can help you surpass average firms and reach for a higher level of success.

Our Managed I.T. Services Put Your Accounting Firm on the Fast-Track to Success!

Our dedicated team of I.T. professionals for the accounting industry provide I.T. solutions customized to your business. SOLUTIONS TAILORED TO YOUR NEEDS. Services such as...

Outsourced I.T. Management and Support

You rely on your I.T. infrastructure to work perfectly every day. When it doesn’t, you can’t focus on your clients or the work you do for them. You can’t communicate and collaborate, interact with clients and partners, create reports, or access the data you need for consultations.
JMARK takes care of your hardware, your networks, and your entire system so you can do it all. 

Server Management and Support

With your servers, you can process all the data you deal with, print forms and reports, run all the accounting software you use, and more. But when your servers aren’t functioning perfectly, you’re faced with downtime, angry clients, and financial losses. That’s why we take special care to monitor your servers 24/7/365 to keep them secure and running smoothly. 

Network Management and Support

We monitor and maintain all the components and pieces that give your network the power to increase your productivity, communications, and profits. We take care of your core network, monitoring it constantly to discover problems and risks that break-fix I.T. companies don't even look for. We ensure your network is stable and your routers, switches, and firewalls are functioning perfectly at all times.

Security Management and Support

Our security management and support services keep hackers out of your system. We stay alert so we can detect and prevent intrusions. We protect your system from virus and phishing attacks. We harden your servers, routers, firewalls, and switches to stop cybercriminals at the gate. With our data encryption and 2-factor authentication, your data is safe.

Outsourced HelpDesk Support

With our outsourced helpdesk support, you have a friendly, knowledgeable I.T. expert on call every moment of every day. What’s more, we treat you with the respect you deserve as an accounting professional. 

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing makes you more efficient, gives you as much secure storage as you need, and makes it simple for you to collaborate and work from wherever you are. 
You can also scale your use of the cloud easily to meet the demands of your busiest months and expand your business when you add new clients. You’ll get reliable, secure, compliant, and scalable cloud computing capabilities, along with our expert recommendations on how to use the cloud to its maximum advantage.

client Feedback!

Mobile Device Management

Doing accounting and communicating with clients on the go has never been easier. But mobile devices present serious security issues. Our mobile device management services ensure that every device used by you and your employees is protected with the best I.T. security features and practices. Whether your employee is using a company cellphone or their own tablet or laptop, you can rest assured that it’s secure. Even if the device is lost or stolen, your system, data, and company information is safe.

Backup Management

Accounting is a uniquely data-intensive business. In fact, your entire business model revolves around collecting, processing, analyzing, and interpreting data for the clients you serve. Backing up all that data safely is critical, not only to keep doing your work, but also to protect your business and your clients.
JMARK takes your data as seriously as you do. With our backup management services, we help you create and implement the best backup plan for your business. From storing data in primary and secondary repositories to having systems in place to restore your data and get you back to business, we manage your data from end-to-end.


Our telecommunications services can vastly improve your ability to interact with associates, clients, or anyone you need to talk to inside or outside your accounting business. 
We do all the work to help you seek out and switch to the right phone and internet service to enhance communications, increase efficiency, and make communications much easier. On top of all that, we may also be able to help lower your monthly telecom bills! 

Policy and Compliance Management

When it comes to setting and implementing the best security and compliance policies, JMARK has you covered. We not only help you create the right policies, but we provide training so everyone in your firm understands and follows them. 

Data Analysis

The most successful accounting firms use data analysis to help their clients gain greater insight into their businesses. By analyzing all the past data from a client’s business, you can understand them better, project their needs, and advise them competently.
Not only that, but you can use data analysis to improve your own business. Find potential clients and new opportunities, or take advantage of new trends in the industry. The right data can also help you identify weaknesses within your firm. At JMARK, we help you with all that. We provide outstanding data analytics that include every phase of analysis, from collecting the data to using what you learn from it.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

There’s a lot you can control in your accounting business. What you can’t control is unexpected disasters. That’s why you need to have a business continuity and disaster recovery plan JUST IN CASE YOU’RE HIT WITH A STORM, FIRE, FLOOD, POWER OUTAGE, OR CYBERATTACK.
We not only help you devise the best plan, but we’re by your side if the worst ever happens, helping you deal with the crisis and get back to business as quickly as possible.

And There’s More...

  • Short-Term and Long-Term Technology Planning.
  • Application Recommendations and Support.
  • Technology Vendor Management and Coordination.
  • Plan-Ahead Monthly pricing.

We Tailor Our Services to You

We adapt each of our I.T. services to your particular business needs so you get the most out of all the information technology you use.
We’re happy to supply all your outsourced I.T. services needs in one complete package. Or, if you prefer, you can use our subject matter experts to complement your in-house I.T. staff. Whatever works for you works for us!

Balance Your I.T. Spreadsheet With the Right Services + Qualified Experts. We Have It All!

If you’re looking for a new I.T. provider, it just makes sense to get the very best MSP you can find.
Unfortunately, too many accounting firms focus on cheap services from an inexperienced, incompetent I.T. company. Instead of demanding proof of their abilities, they just go with the first MSP to meet an arbitrary budget number.
And, that’s too bad. Their systems won’t be secure, they’ll have to struggle with I.T. that doesn’t work, and they’ll never get the full benefit of technology.

BUT WHEN YOU ASK FOR EVIDENCE, YOU GET INSIGHT INTO THE FUTURE. You find out if this I.T. services provider can really improve your technology situation.
So... What does jmark have to say for ourselves? 

Our Awards Prove We’re...

A World-Class I.T. Provider

When only the best will do, JMARK is the natural choice.

We’ve been ranked as a leading managed services provider (MSP), both in America and in the world. We’ve made the CRN Solution Provider 500 list five times; and in 2019, we made the top 100. And our leadership team earned a spot on the MSPmentor 501, comprised of the top MSP executives in the world.

  • CRN Solution Provider 500
  • MSPmentor 501

A Leading Cybersecurity Provider

Need the best security? We’ve got that too!

Ready for better I.T. security? You’ve got it! We’ve been recognized as one of the top 20 cybersecurity providers in the U.S., and listed among the top 100 in the world
  • 2018 Top 100 MSSPs
  • CIO Review: 20 Most Promising Cyber Security Solutions

A Team with the Best Industry-Specific Services

Want an I.T. team that specializes in your industry? Again, it’s JMARK!

At JMARK, we go beyond the ordinary, generic I.T. services. We have teams of industry-specific I.T. experts for 8 separate industries. And one of them is accounting! We’ve provided the best I.T. solutions for several vertical markets numerous times. 
Plus, we are one of the few MSPs to pass the rigorous, yearly SOC II audit from the American Institute of CPAs, which measures our success at processes and practices that reduce both our own, and our clients' risk.
  • ChannelE2E: Vertical Market MSP 100

One of the Fastest-Growing Firms in the Country

Do you want to get more clients and expand your accounting firm? Talk to an I.T. provider who’s done it!

Inc. has recognized JMARK nine times as one of the fastest-growing businesses in America. That’s a feat that only 1% on the list have ever accomplished! In addition, we’ve made CRN’s Fast Growth 150 twice.
  • Inc. 5000
  • The Channel Co.: CRN Fast Growth 150

“With JMARK, we get a dedicated team of professionals who proactively manage our I.T. needs both present and future. Our partnership with JMARK alleviates the worry around I.T. management which gives me the time and energy I need as a business manager to focus on our people and operations within our firm.”


Certified Supremely Qualified

Now let’s drill down to the fine details. JMARK is recognized as an I.T. team with the best credentials by the leading tech companies in the world.

When we made the CRN Tech Elite 250 multiple times, it had a lot to do with having a large number of technicians holding the highest competencies in a wide range of technology subjects. Our techs have a long list of certifications from Intel, IBM, Cisco, Dell, Google, HPE, Amazon, Salesforce, VMware, and Verizon, among many others. And Microsoft puts us in the top 1% of partners in the Microsoft Partner Network due to our 9 areas of competency and our leadership in technology success.
  • The Channel Co.: CRN Tech Elite 250
  • Microsoft: Microsoft Partner Network – Top 1%

Ahead of the Curve

Ready for the future of accounting I.T.? 
we can help you prepare!

Channel Futures recognized us as one of the leading MSPs in getting ahead of technology changes, which means that our clients are prepared for what's coming, ready to ride the wave to success, or skip the trends that won't last.
  • Channel Futures MSP 501

Outstanding on a Local Level 

Among all of the honors jmark has received, the ones we might be the most proud of Are those that we've receive from pundits and business groups in our hometown of springfield, missouri.

We’ve been recognized for our local leadership, fast growth, and economic contributions in the Ozark region where our headquarters are located.
  • Springfield Business Journal: Dynamic Dozen
  • ​SBJ: Economic Impact Award

As you can see, we’ve made a big splash in the I.T. industry. Our awards come from local, national, and even global organizations. The evidence of our abilities and outstanding services is clear.

Yet, with all our recognition, we’re still committed to each individual business we serve. Whether your business is small or mid-sized, we value you and your company. If we can impress you with our service, that recognition is as important to us as the highest awards.

Friendly, customized service is always our goal. In fact, it’s in our motto: People First, Technology Second!

If you want to work with an I.T. provider that’s among the very best, JMARK is the MSP for you!

jmaRk CLIENTS say...

How about Our Clients’ Rave Reviews? 

Awards give us many opportunities to work with outstanding businesses like yours. Yet, it’s the client feedback that tells a much richer story about our helpfulness, professionalism, and outstanding performance as an I.T. provider.
Here’s what it’s like to be a JMARK client...

Our clients commend us for our high level of service.

They appreciate our helpful, friendly attitude. In every interaction, we treat you with respect.

We listen, pay attention to your questions, and provide the answers you need to make informed I.T. decisions.

We’re always ready to help you resolve I.T. problems, starting from our very first contact.

We’re proactive, always keeping an eye on your entire system to act preemptively before breakdowns happen.

“We have been very pleased with JMARK. They are responsive to our requests, but more importantly are proactive in their approach to improve our processes within our business. Just within the past year they have provided us with a redundant backup off-site, improved our speed over the internet tenfold, and are able to anticipate our computer hardware breaking down before it actually happens. We view Tom and his staff as trusted advisors and it’s a pleasure to work with a company that’s proactive.”  
Whenever a server goes down, a software glitch makes work impossible, or an I.T. question makes your staff hesitate, we’re on the spot to resolve the issue immediately.
If you’re hit by a natural disaster, we help you get your system back online and functioning so you can get back to work and stay in business.
When you’re targeted by a hacker, we expose the threat and prevent intrusion into your system.
We help you avoid everyday I.T. hassles by keeping your systems maintained and running smoothly.
Our helpdesk is on call for you 24/7/365, whether you’re working in the office or anywhere else.
We don’t put you off when you have an I.T. issue that needs to be resolved now. Our team members respond quickly to take care of the problem immediately.

But it’s more than a feeling. Our clients also point to the ways we help them with their I.T. infrastructure.

  • Our clients love the way we help them plan for the future.
  •  You have advance warning when a system component is wearing out and will need to be replace. That way, you can plan and budget for it to avoid an irritating surprise expense.
  • We assist you as you plan for expansion by helping you make the move to the cloud or choose the best I.T. infrastructure for your location.
  • We keep you abreast of changes in the technology being used in the accounting industry.
  • We not only inform you of new advances, but we make reliable recommendations for new systems and software that’s ideal for your unique accounting firm.
We’ve satisfied our clients over and over with our exceptional knowledge of information technology.
Whenever you need to make a change or an improvement, we have the I.T. know-how to make it happen for you.
Our expertise shows in the way your system performs day after day.
Increasing your profits becomes easier when we help you harness the power of today’s I.T.
Anytime you have a question about your current I.T. or new possibilities, we provide the answers.
We’ve satisfied our clients over and over with our exceptional knowledge of information technology.
Whenever you need to make a change or an improvement, we have the I.T. know-how to make it happen for you.
Our expertise shows in the way your system performs day after day.
Increasing your profits becomes easier when we help you harness the power of today’s I.T.
Any time you have a question about your current I.T. or new possibilities, we provide the answers and consult with you to define the best strategic approach.

Our clients become long-term customers, because they’re happy with what we do for them and excited to continue working with us.

Being a JMARK customer is all about feeling safe, secure, satisfied, and positive about the future!

What do you think? Do our clients love us? Absolutely! 

you can join their ranks by setting up a consultation with us today.

here are some forward-looking,
big-picture reasons to reach for the best now...

  • Technology is providing better and better solutions for the accounting industry. 
  • Great I.T. helps you build a superlative reputation.
  • Great I.T. helps you reduce risks and operational costs.
  • Growth and success come more easily to accounting firms who make the best choice among I.T. providers.

Picture Your Life as the Best I.T. Decision-Maker

When you’ve chosen the best I.T. provider with the right services for your accounting firm, your life will change 
for the better. Imagine what things will be like when you can...

  • Enjoy the tranquility that comes with      knowing your systems are secure.
  • ​Share the appreciation of your partners and staff when your I.T. headaches are gone.
  • ​Feel the pleasure of seeing your business grow stronger every day with the help of reliable I.T.
  • ​Take a look at your bottom line and absolutely love what you see.
  • ​Relax, knowing you have the best I.T. team in your corner.

You Can Get Started on That Better Path to Success Right Now!

It’s easy to get started with JMARK. All you have to do is reach out to us. We’ll schedule a consultation at a time that works for you.

So, what’s it like to have a consultation with a world-leading I.T. provider? 
Here’s what we’ll do...

  • Ask you questions to get a feel for your I.T. situation.
  • Take time to listen and answer your questions.
  • Give you more details about our services and explain specific ways in which they can help your accounting firm.
  • ​Help you create plans for getting your current systems up to par and strategies that pave the way to future success.
Don’t Wait Another Minute for the Best I.T. Services!

Remember that unresolved security issues can take a bite out of your business at any time.

Remember that the future of your accounting business depends on taking advantage of the best I.T. tools for your firm.

What you’ll get when you choose JMARK is a team of I.T. professionals with experience in providing solutions for accounting businesses like yours. 

You’ll get a partner that’s dedicated to your financial wellbeing and success. And you’ll be working with a world-class MSP that provides all the right services for you.
We can’t wait to meet you!

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Want to Eliminate I.T. Problems for Good? 
There’s Never Been a Better Time!

First, let’s consider the urgent problems you have 
to deal with when your I.T. isn’t at its best.

Cybercriminals are greedily eyeing your money and your data.

Untrained employees can put your clients’ data in jeopardy.

Mobile devices and cloud computing are taking a larger role in business, and high-impact security is more essential than ever.

Clients have higher expectations than ever before.

Inefficiency caused by bad I.T. is erasing your profits day by day.

When your I.T. goes down, work comes to a complete stop.

When your I.T. is inferior, clients, employees, and the competition can see you're a firm that hasn’t kept up with the times.

Data loss can threaten your ability to work, grow, and prosper.

Not getting the most of today’s technology puts you at a disadvantage.

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In case you couldn’t wait and scrolled to the bottom,
here’s a recap...
You face both challenges and opportunities in the accounting business. Nearly all of them involve information technology.
To get the best I.T., you need the best managed I.T. services provider with a team that specializes in providing the best I.T. services for accounting firms.
JMARK HAS THE QUALIFICATIONS, RECOGNITION, AND CLIENT SATISFACTION that prove we’re among the very best in the I.T. field. And we have all the services you need to stay secure, operate smoothly, save money, and move confidently into a brighter future.

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JMARK partners with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) for our clients so they have the reliability, assurance and capabilities that the HPE Nimble Storage solution offers. It is a perfect fit for our proactive model of delivering superior managed services for our clients. Additionally, with the proven analytics provided with HPE InfoSight, JMARK is able to enhance our managed service delivery with even more effectiveness, which results in greater reliability.