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Virtually Effortless: Virtualization and Managed Services in Tulsa

Business expenses are on the rise. As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, I.T. spending continues to grow alongside it. Your company needs trusted managed services in Tulsa. A great way to keep your costs down and your business thriving is through the use of virtualization. Virtualized computing services give your company the flexibility it needs to grow into the 21st century.

What is Virtualized Computing?

Virtualization is the term for software that has a direct effect on hardware. It allows you to run multiple applications or even multiple operating systems on the same server at the same time. It separates the software of your computing from the hardware. Though often mistaken for cloud computing by those not in I.T., they are different. Cloud computing itself is just an application. The process of virtualization is far more adaptable than mere data storage.

What Can You Convert with Virtualization?

Nearly all of your vital computing systems can undergo serious overhauls with virtualization. Desktops, applications, and servers transition well to a virtualized state.

Take a look at desktops. For years, your employees sat tethered to their computers in a cubicle. Using skeletal computing systems, employees can access their files and even computing power from anywhere. Virtualization allows them to store files and data on a network. These networks are self contained, not attached to a third-party cloud storage service.

Working with your managed services in Tulsa, you can create virtual servers, as well. These servers pair well when you’ve decided to virtualize your desktops and applications. You can configure servers to backup data and restore functionality in the event of an I.T. problem.

What Advantages Does a Virtualized Environment Have?

Companies across the globe have implemented virtualized computing solutions. They offer a number of appealing benefits. You maximize your resources when you choose to shift your I.T.. All the physical systems you use require too much power and provide more than your business probably needs. Traditional solutions work for traditional businesses. Virtual environments make the most of whatever resources your company has.

Virtualization works also for the budget-conscious business owner. You don’t need powerful PCs or servers when you switch. No longer do you have to invest money in expensive, bulky computing. Your capital can be better spent developing relationships and improving your services.

Updating your servers now provides advantages that traditional servers just don’t have. Modern platforms allow virtual machines to continue running smoothly. Migrating data from server to server in the event of an extended outage ensures your business thrives even when physical technology fails. This is especially effective in the event of a disaster. You won’t have to worry about your technology and can instead focus on what’s important.

Are you looking to make a change in your I.T. solutions? When you need managed services in Tulsa, we at JMARK Business Solutions, Inc. can help. Whether you want to make the jump into virtualization or just want to explore your other options, our experts can provide the quality help you need. contact us. JMARK offers unique, innovative, and reliable solutions no matter what computing challenges you face.