Time to Get Your I.T. to Do What It Should

In today’s technologically advanced world, staying ahead of the competition requires you to have an efficient and effective I.T. system for your business. Whether you have a small business or a large one, falling behind on technology will hurt your business in numerous ways. To ensure the presence of a high performing technology infrastructure, it is recommended that you outsource I.T. services rather than spend high maintenance and installation costs for in-house services. But having these services outsourced will not necessarily give you the results that you need. You may find that you are paying for mediocre I.T. services that are not giving you any significant strategic advantage.

This article will address how your business should be benefiting by outsourcing all of its I.T. needs and will help you reconsider whether or not you are getting the value you need from your I.T provider.

It Should Serve YOU!

To see the results you want, you need to make sure your I.T. provider is on the same page as you. Communicate your company’s needs and wants and expect the I.T. provider to present ways in which you can streamline your operations and identify the loopholes present in your current mechanism. Remember that the right provider will not limit their services to revamping your technology, but will do what is best for your business. If you find your provider lacks the ability to customize their services according to your needs, it might be time to look for other firms.

Ensure Data Protection

Once you have outsourced your I.T. needs to the right company, you should no longer feel the need to worry about data management and protection. Find out how often your I.T. provider carries out backup checks to see how well managed and reliably protected your data is. Ensure that your vital data is being backed up to secure offsite facilities, with redundancies in place to assure complete safekeeping. Require that your provider carry out routine backup and restoration drills to demonstrate that your emergency processes are working as planned and that your downtime in the case of a disaster will be minimal.

Make Use of Greater Access

Making technology-related decisions should no longer be an overwhelming process once you have found the right I.T. service vendor. Your provider will be providing you with access to all kinds of highly effective technology that can help you achieve your business development goals. Use this access to make decisions that will allow technology to facilitate the growth of your business. Furthermore, with the help of the provider, you should also be looking for the presence of bottlenecks in your current operations and find out ways to avoid and resolve them. Your I.T. provider should not simply be a technology supplier and repair service but should be an indispensable ally in strategic planning and execution.

Carry Out Regular Reporting

A good I.T. provider will not keep you in the dark regarding the updates that take place within the operations of your business. If your existing provider is not in the habit of providing regular reports or updates, it might be time to introduce change. You should also ensure that the invoices being sent are detailed and carry all the necessary information about any updates or services that were provided. Carrying out regular reporting is essential to getting the most from your outsourced services. The more data you have about every aspect of your operations, the more effective decisions you can make.

Business Development Services

An efficient managed service provider will be able to help you acquire customers as well as retain them. Discussing your digital marketing plan with the provider will help you improve your online efforts to capture the attention of your target market. In addition to that, the right provider will guide you towards calculating the return on investment for each technological investment that you make and will minimize your costs as much as possible. Not only this, but you should also be able to explore and reach new avenues with the help of the greater access to technology. Explore how your I.T. provider can help you collect, access, and analyze data that will help you make smarter, more strategic moves in your quest to achieve your business goals.

Additional Questions to Consider

Is your I.T. provider…

  • Holding ongoing strategic meetings to help you be more competitive and efficient?
  • Assessing your company’s needs before recommending solutions?
  • Seeking to understand your goals, and recommending solutions to help you achieve them?
  • Helping you determine the changes necessary to achieve your goals—and then helping you map out the steps to making those changes?
  • Helping you identify loopholes that technology could improve?
  • Helping you to do your work more efficiently?
  • Performing regular maintenance to improve system reliability and efficiency?
  • Monitoring your network and servers for problems and carrying out proactive solutions?
  • Performing regular (monthly) restoration of backups to ensure backup systems are working correctly?

Having the right I.T. provider is vital to your success, which is why you should never compromise when it comes to the technology needs of your business. If you are looking for a reliable solution to your I.T. related issues and want an I.T. provider that listens to your needs and works to help you achieve your goals, contact us today. We would love to talk and discuss your needs. Let us show you how JMARK’s “People First, Technology Second” approach can enhance the way I.T. works for your business.