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When you're ready for JMARK’s first-rate telecommunications service and support, get ahold of us any way you can. Call us on your current, subpar system. Drop us an email or use the contact page on this website. You can even just stand outside our building and yell, “Hey!” until someone answers back if you want. However you reach us, we’ll make sure that you get the perfect telecom system for your needs.




Fun fact: In the early days of telecommunications, wires were ranked for use based on how “tasty” they were to mice. The more likely to be eaten, the less often that type of wire was used.



Good communication. That’s what so much of the success in this world really comes down to. Between partners, coworkers, current clients, potential clients… basically between every last one of us. Communication matters. It can mean the difference between a unified team collaborating in harmony, or unhappy associates grudgingly working in the same room at the same time. Good communication can turn acquaintance into partnership. Bad communication can turn your oldest clients into your latest loss. Yes, communication matters; and your method of communication plays a large role in the quality of that communication.

We live in a huge world. Even that which is near is sometimes far away. So human beings have always sought a way to close those gaps through more effective long distance communication. From the use of smoke signals and drums by our earliest ancestors all the way down through Samuel Morse and the telegraph to Alexander Graham Bell’s demand for Watson to “Come here,” much of mankind’s ingenuity has been tapped to increase the speed and facility with which we communicate.

Which brings us to today. Even with cell phones in our pockets that offer a multitude of communication options, a large proportion of our business communications are still conducted via the phones hardwired into our offices. It seems you can’t always beat the classics.


But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for improvement on our old school technology. Outside of making simple calls, legacy phone systems are no longer viable in keeping up with the productivity, convenience needs, and cost goals of modern corporations. Enter Voice over Internet Protocol.

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is a technology that allows voice calls to be made using a broadband internet connection instead of a regular analog phone line. This alleviates many of the problems caused by aging wires and crowded transition hubs. Clearer calls can be placed more quickly, with less interference than ever before.

Unfortunately, modern VoIP systems can be overwhelming to set up, migrate, manage, and support internally. To bring your company up to speed in phone systems and reap the maximum benefits, some additional guidance might help. This is where a reliable telecommunications service provider comes in handy.

JMARK Business Solutions has decades of experience helping organizations of all sizes get the most out of cutting edge technologies built to enhance business communications. We know how to simplify the hard stuff, and uncomplicate the overwhelming.

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The JMARK team gives exceptional service all the time with that customer service smile that I always feel through the phone. Thanks JMARK!

Sheresse, perceptive JMARK client

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“Technology gives us the facilities that lessen the barriers of time and distance—the telegraph and cable, the telephone, radio, and the rest.” – Emily Greene Balch, Economist & Nobel Laureate



Many organizations know that their current communications package is no longer effective for their needs. Yet a good number of those organizations stick with a less-than-ideal system simply out of inertia. Searching for the right phone carrier is the bane of many business leaders. It’s a task no one wants to do; so no one ever undertakes to get it done.

Truth be told, it’s not hard to see why organizations hesitate to act on their telecom needs. Packages and pricing can be complex. It’s easy to be oversold on services you don’t need, or overpay for products that under deliver. A lot of time put into research, analysis, and interminable meetings with overeager sales reps, and in the end, you’re back at square one, stuck with yet another ineffective phone system, searching for yet another new carrier.

It’s time to make a different call.

If you are finding it difficult to find the time (and energy) to do the research necessary to find the best service for your company, JMARK can help. Our telecommunications service is all encompassing, giving you the best bang for your buck. And our representatives and service leaders are dedicated to providing you with the exact right system for your organization. No superfluous bells and whistles (or rings, as the case may be), no insistence on bundles featuring services you don’t need, no fly-by-night providers looking to capitalize on a consolidated market. Simply straightforward telecom service that makes running your business easier than ever.

At JMARK, our service leaders and technicians are experts at helping organizations assess their telecommunication needs, assemble a cost-effective plan, set up an innovative system, and then maintain that system with ongoing support. Our mission, with every service we provide, is to use our experience and expertise to help our clients succeed. We want to be your partner, taking technology worries off your mind so that you can concentrate on achieving your goals, making the most of every opportunity, and increasing your success.

Good connections make all the difference in today’s world. Optimized telecom services are still a vital business foundation. Give JMARK a call, or use this form to learn more.

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And, of course, with JMARK telecommunications services, you’ll have us at your side, taking care of every step of arranging your system. We do everything so you don’t have to. We will gather quotes, order hardware, and handle the installation. We’ll even pre-program your phones with the number for our favorite local take-out joints if you’d like.

Our managed service telecommunications packages lift all the old hassles of phone service off your shoulders. We handle distribution of numbers, migration from legacy systems, device provisioning, maintaining a centralized phone book, integration, training users on internal systems, and continuous support. On top of that, we can help you leverage your corporate phone systems at remote locations and integrate with mobile devices, a process which can lead to significant cost savings.

From assessing your needs, to planning a perfect system, to handing installation, to 24/7 support, JMARK has your telecommunications under control. To fix your phone service, give us a call.


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