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Server Management

Server Management & Support


Think of JMARK’s management and support services as the autopilot button for everything server related. Once you’ve engaged us, you won’t need to think about your servers; you can focus on the scenery (by which we mean the hundreds of other things happening in your business every day, of course). You worry about running your business. We’ll worry about keeping your servers running.

Server Management & Support


Server Management

Fun fact: In 1956, 5MB of data weighed one ton.

Server Management


Servers are an easy component of your network to take for granted. After all, when they are working without interruption and everything is running smoothly, you hardly need to think about them at all. Like the electricity that powers the office, servers are simply there in the background, unseen, waiting for you to put them to work. And you may do so dozens of times each day, never thinking about everything that is going on behind the scenes to ensure that when you give a computer a command it is carried out with speed and reliability.

But regardless of how little thought you give them, servers are an integral part of your I.T infrastructure. They are not a luxury or “convenience.” They are a necessity. Servers play a vital role in nearly every operation your business performs that includes a technological component. From backups to web hosting and applications, from networking, data processing, and printing, to communication, media facilitation, and so much more, your servers do indispensible work to keep your company running smoothly.

So when your server is vulnerable to crashes, cyber attacks, bottlenecks, and other disruptions, your entire business operation is vulnerable. And yet, a surprising number of businesses assume their servers are safe and secure… without ever taking precautions to guarantee functionality.

Given the stakes, that’s a considerable gamble. You’ve got a lot riding on your servers. Wouldn’t you like to know for certain that they are in tip-top shape?

With JMARK handling your server management and support, you can rest assured that your servers and systems truly are in the very best of shape. In fact, you can go right ahead and return to forgetting they even exist. Instead, focus on your business. JMARK is here to back you up.


If your business is like most, it relies on one or more central servers for much of its daily productivity. That means that a server crash—or any other disruption—could bring that productivity to a screeching halt. Even a minor problem with one of your servers could compromise your entire workforce’s ability to function. But you can be prepared for problems—and often avoid them altogether—with JMARK’s server management and support.

This isn’t simply a repair arrangement for when things go wrong. This is proactive service dedicated to keeping all your business functions running smoothly and helping you avoid trouble before it even begins. In other words, this is peace of mind.

JMARK’s server management and support is a sophisticated safety net for your critical servers. Our teams will monitor your servers 24/7, keeping an eye on hardware performance and health, stability of service, and software maintenance. The majority of the time, we’ll know about possible problems with enough lead time to stop them before they start.

But server management is not just about stopping problems; it’s also about preventing them. As part of our commitment to you, we maintain your hardware and software proactively, responding quickly to any potential problem with a managed action plan designed to resolve the issue fast—before it’s even an issue!

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I really enjoy working with JMARK! I appreciate how easy JMARK makes it to submit a service request and someone always responds back in a timely matter. I would highly recommend JMARK to other companies for their technical support needs!

Candace, enthusiastic JMARK client

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Server Management

Fun fact: If every webpage indexed on Google’s servers was printed out, the stack would be more than 1 kilometer high, taller than El Capitan.

Server Management


And on those rare, unforeseeable occasions when things break without warning, we will respond with lightning-quick speed. We know that downtime means missed deadlines, upset customers, lost opportunity, and shrinking revenue. So at the very moment we are aware of a problem, our teams will begin working on a fix, not letting up until all your systems are back at one hundred percent functionality.

Server management from JMARK is proactive support you can count on. Contact us today to learn how this can bring stability to your business!

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As your organization grows and the scope of your business swells, you may find yourself in need of more servers, or increased functionality. Never fear, JMARK has you covered. From analyzing your operations and forecasting future requirements, to ensuring business continuity during setup and systems migration, we will take care of each step as your infrastructure expands.

If your systems are simply getting a little long in the tooth—or you simply like to make sure that your tech is always on the leading edge of innovation—we can help you out as well. When you are ready to upgrade or replace your current rig, we can make recommendations based on our understanding of past usage and performance. You will get the exact right tools and systems to uphold and enhance your company’s operations.

As part of our support for your business at the strategic level, JMARK’s server management also allows you to get a detailed technology inventory and analysis with a simple phone call, which means you can easily verify that you are getting the best return on your technology investment. With JMARK in control, you can also plan for the future, making decisions with the confidence that your systems will keep up with your goals and growth.

Server Management

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