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Policy & Compliance

Policy & Compliance Management


A comprehensive policy and compliance management program lays the foundation for all your other security and I.T. efforts. And though putting together such an extensive plan may seem like an insurmountable task, with JMARK as your ally, you’ll soon be ready for anything that comes your way. Give us a call, and learn how we can help you plan for, achieve, and maintain compliance.

Policy and Compliance Management


Policy & Compliance

“Treat your password like your toothbrush. Don’t let anybody else use it, and get a new one every six months.” – Clifford Stoll, Astronomer & Author

Policy & Compliance


It’s probably not an exaggeration to say that most business leaders would prefer getting a root canal to writing and managing I.T. policies. Good policy management is the kind of strategy that often gets overlooked and ignored—or procrastinated into oblivion—when it comes to information technology and security. Compared to other projects and tasks, policy management can seem dull and utilitarian—flat out unsexy. Who wants to spend time writing policies when there are shiny new technologies to play with?

But well-established policies and compliance strategies are essential. They not only keep your business running smoothly, they also justify the trust your clients have placed in you. Furthermore, from a regulatory perspective, policy and compliance management is fundamental to keeping your business out of trouble.

JMARK can help you put together enhanced systems and practices that will give your clients peace of mind. We specialize in helping you maintain the integrity of your network while implementing best practices and procedures.

We also provide comprehensive policy management tools to help you comply with governmental and/or industry regulations. As your organization continues to grow, expand, and face ever-increasing external compliance requirements, it is imperative that you have a properly defined policy management plan in place. JMARK will help you assemble a complete, comprehensive plan that covers all aspects of your business.

Strong security controls that are coupled with well-crafted policies provide tangible results that are definitely sexy and very desirable. Including:

  • Increased regulatory compliance. The act of writing the policy helps to identify weaknesses in operational controls that can be corrected to improve compliance.
  • Reduced risk mitigation and legal expenditures. A strong policy management program reduces legal costs, as well as the time it takes to resolve regulatory queries.
  • Improved employee knowledge and performance. Policy training, and compliance reporting, improves accountability throughout the organization, as well as cause an increase in the implementation of best practices.
  • Consistency throughout the organization. Rather than disparate, confusing, possibly conflicting policies followed by multiple departments, a centralized system will augment operational controls, increase understanding of policies and procedures, and reduce risk.

Policy management is a critical and necessary component of a solid operational foundation. JMARK can help you build that foundation in order to meet increasing demands for security and compliance.


The world is always changing, and you must change with it. Keeping up with the latest regulatory laws not only helps you avoid detrimental fines, but also shows your clients that they can trust you with sensitive information.

JMARK sees this need, and with our experience in policy and procedure creation and management, we are able to offer a complete end-to-end policy and compliance solution to make sure your organization is informed and prepared for every change in regulation and oversight.

Industry standards and regulatory laws are constantly in transition. JMARK’s expert policy and compliance management support will help you stay on top of every change.

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Policy & Compliance

In June 2011, the United Nations declared internet access a basic human right.

Policy & Compliance


Developing policies is merely the first step. Your employees will need to be trained to understand and follow the system you have put in place. You may also need to adjust active procedures in order to execute new practices.

At JMARK, we have seen many organizations struggle to implement a policy management program. We want our clients to succeed where others have failed, which is why we developed our own method for implementing changes. The wide variety of approaches and pitfalls we have watched our clients tackle has been translated into valuable expertise that we’re anxious to share.

First, we audit your compliance needs. We look not only at your industry, but also at your specific business model and systems. Our experts then go to work to find the ideal solution. Next, we streamline your workflow. Once we know how you operate, we can put you in the best situation to achieve and maintain compliance.

The JMARK solution offers expertise in policy writing, a library of security policies to utilize, and powerful yet simple online software to manage policies and ensure that those policies are reviewed by employees according to required timelines—and in accordance with your own requirements or industry regulations. This solution helps relieve the burden of policy management so that your organization can focus on important strategic priorities.

Policy and compliance do not have to be topics you dread. We’ll help you make compliance a part of your success strategy! Contact us to learn how!

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I’d love help with policy & compliance! Contact Us!


Once you’ve written and implemented a bulletproof policy for every facet of your business, and then secured your I.T. infrastructure against all threats, your work is done, right? Not necessarily… Organizations in many industries must not only achieve compliance, but must demonstrate it during an audit, via in-depth reporting and analysis. Strong I.T. security controls may not be enough. Regulators are now requiring organizations to prove they have procedures in place for security, privacy, and the use of data.

JMARK can help you be ready for exam day. Our preparation program involves:

  1. Dry runs through the same assessment tools that will be used to test your security.
  2. Performing vulnerability scans at least once per quarter.
  3. Keeping all software and hardware products up to date.
  4. Applying Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) software that analyzes usage and activity to provide early warning of risks.
  5. Regular reviews and updates of policies and controls.
  6. Ongoing I.T. security training to avoid complacency and carelessness.

Simply due to the level of what is at stake, an audit will always be a daunting procedure. But it doesn’t have to be a stressful occurrence. Being proactive can help reduce major headaches and decrease failed audits. So if you need help “getting your act together,” give us a call.

Policy & Compliance

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