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Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management


To learn more about JMARK’s mobile device management options, call us today. From any phone. Seriously. Even that payphone in front of the convenience store with the ratty, waterlogged phone book will do. We’ll still take your call. Then we’ll help you bring your mobile system into the 21st century.

Mobile Device Management


Mobile Device Management

Nomophobia is the fear of being without a mobile phone.

Mobile Device Management


30 years ago, a cellphone was a status symbol. 20 years ago, a laptop was a luxury. 10 years ago… the smartphone started a revolution that is still sending shockwaves through the modern workforce. Suddenly every employee had a powerful computer in their pocket—not just the PDA junkies. Email on the go was an immediate capability, but other applications soon followed. And every year of the past decade has seen new iterations of mobile devices with ever-greater computing and communication capabilities.

As tablets and smartphones have become increasingly more powerful and ubiquitous, people do more work than ever from mobile devices. This is a trend that shows no signs of slowing down.

The challenge for every organization, then, is to manage the devices their employees use to do their work when they are not in the office on a secure network. Whether those devices are supplied by the company, or the employee is using their own personal device, the goal is the same: mobile capabilities that give employees a convenient, reliable way to do their work while still providing impeccable security for business-related information and communication.

At JMARK, we pride ourselves on mobile device expertise. We have devised tried-and-true practices to ensure that your mobile devices are a benefit, and not a source of trouble. Mobile Device Management (MDM) from JMARK allows your employees to work how, when, and where they want while giving you the peace of mind of an organized, secure, dependable system.


With the advent of personnel using mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other forms of on-the-go internet access, the challenge of managing both devices and access has ramped up exponentially. For most businesses, mobile device management is a troublesome frustration. But at JMARK, we’ve mastered the technique.

Mobile device management is a way to ensure that employees stay productive without the risk of a breach of corporate security. Many organizations control the activities of their employees using MDM products and services. Mobile device management implementations may be either on-premises or cloud-based and help you control such issues as:

  • Corporate data segregation
  • Securing emails
  • Securing corporate documents on devices
  • Enforcing corporate policies
  • Complying with government regulations
  • Integrating and managing personal mobile devices

Whether employees use their own phones and tablets, or you provide these tools, JMARK can help you put together a thorough mobile device management plan and ensure that all devices are compliant. Whether your employees are free to use their devices to tweet, snap, and post; or you have strict control measures with only a handful of approved apps, we can devise a plan that works for you. Whether all you need is to be sure that important email attachments get backed up to the cloud, or you are planning to use your tablets as part of your presentation to a must-win account, we will make sure that your devices are ready for all your needs.

JMARK Mobile Device Management plans are designed with security and simplicity in mind. We’ll help you with a system that reflects the way your company works, and helps you stay on the move in a mobile world.

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Mobile Device Management

Fun fact: The average person unlocks their smartphone 110 times each day.

Mobile Device Management


When a new employee comes on board, there is always a lot to do. Paperwork, training, compliance, congratulatory lunches… it seems the list will never end—and they may never have a chance to begin the actual work you’ve hired them to do!

We understand that downtime is wasted time and could mean lost opportunities. We understand how important it is that your employees be ready and available for any work that comes their way. That’s why we make it a priority to enroll your employees’ devices quickly and painlessly. We also ensure that they meet compliance and security requirements—all while helping you maintain proper expense control. The same goes for new and upgraded devices belonging to long-term employees. We work hard to keep your team and their devices in the game.

We live in a mobile world, and managing the devices your employees use to access company and client data is extremely important. Give JMARK a call, or use this form to learn more.

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As with every technology, with new opportunities come new challenges. In the realm of mobile device management, preserving the sanctity of your data and systems is paramount. Security breaches, like those that can occur when a device carrying sensitive corporate data is stolen or lost, have generated a new level of concern for managers of corporate data security.

And with a multitude of devices constantly at hand and being used for so many different functions, even the most attentive employee can fall out of compliance with security best practices. In fact, the omnipresence of mobile devices in our lives makes it easier than ever to take their presence for granted. Devices get dropped, misplaced, left-behind, neglected, and confused for another with unfortunate regularity.

So, how do you manage your company’s mobile device network? How do you keep your data safe when you never know where it is and who might have access to it?

The key to proper mobile device management is to centralize your mobile infrastructure. Regardless of the device, you need to know that your company data is safe. Mobile device management from JMARK can give you that peace of mind. We can help you set up initial security controls and safeguards, as well as policies and practices for reporting lost or stolen items, followed up with procedures for deleting and resetting any devices that may have been compromised.

From monitoring and reporting to compliance and security, JMARK is the answer to all your MDM needs. Are you ready to get a move on?

Mobile Device Management

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