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Data Analysis

Data Analysis


There’s a lot of data out there. It’s not enough to simply collect it. You need to know how to glean the facts and figures that are relevant to the goals and growth of your business. Data analytics services from JMARK can help you get to the information that matters. Contact us today to learn how.

Data Analytics


Data Analysis

By 2020, every second 1.7 megabytes worth of data will be generated for every human being per second.

Data Analysis


The science of data analysis is revolutionizing the way business decisions are made. Never before has there been access to such a wide, deep range of statistics and fact. Never before has it been so easy to gain such a clear picture of the actions of your clients and markets. Never before has there been such insight into industry trends and challenges. And never before has there been such a wealth of information to shed light on organizational strengths and weaknesses.

But it requires knowledge, experience, and understanding to take full advantage of the data available to business leaders and decision makers. Knowledge, experience, and understanding that JMARK has spent decades obtaining.

Partner with JMARK to discover deeper insights into every facet of your company’s operations. Which markets are you neglecting? Where are you wasting resources? Can you be more efficient in the way you operate? How can past performance help you predict future success? What are your weaknesses as an organization? How can you turn them into strengths?

These are just a few of the almost innumerable questions that data analytics can help you answer. Take a deep dive with analytics and get to know your organization more fully, inside and out. Make more informed decisions, stay ahead of the competition, and use what you’ve done to help determine what you need to do next.


It’s taken for granted that effective use of data analytics will help you make more informed business decisions. But what specifically can data do for you?

  • Find hidden profits. See the products, services, and/or markets that you’ve been neglecting.
  • Explore new markets. Find the people and places just waiting to be introduced to your products and services.
  • Get a larger return on investment. Put your money where it works the hardest and gets you closer to your goals and the growth you desire.
  • Analyze revenue streams. Know which services and products are growing, and which have stagnated. Learn exactly who and where your profits are coming from—and when.
  • More effective marketing. Understand which efforts are gaining traction and quantifiable results. Know who sees your ads, where and when they see them, how they interact with them, and what actions they take afterwards.
  • Increase customer engagement. Find out how people interact with your customer-facing offerings.
  • Increase customer satisfaction. Analyze returns and reports of dissatisfaction. Stay ahead of changing trends and avoid outdated models and modes.
  • Quality control. See exactly how customer service and manufacturing is working—and where it is not. Avoid breakdowns and bottlenecks.
  • More effective planning. Quarterly, yearly; from budgets to personnel, real estate to hardware and software—plan where you are going based on hard, objective data that outlines where you have been.
  • Plan new services and offerings. Know what your customers want before they do. Roll out new products in an effective, efficient manner.
  • Enhance current services and products. Meet customer demand; ensure that your offerings stay on top of market trends and cycles.
  • Track progress. Know exactly where you stand in relation to the goals you’ve set for the company as a whole; for divisions, teams, and brands; and for individual employees.
  • More focused meetings. Use data to hone in on exactly what needs to be done, and when it needs to be completed.
  • Increase sales productivity. Know which products to focus on in which markets.
  • Boost stakeholder satisfaction. Use data, statistics, and charts to show exactly what you’ve done, how you did it, and where you are headed next.

Save time, money, and resources. The more you understand how each of those things is spent, saved, and made by your organization, the more effective you can be in your usage of all three, which will inevitable lead back around to an increase of each.

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Data Analysis

Currently, only 0.5% of all accessible data is analyzed and used.

Data Analysis


Many businesses collect data. But data without context is virtually useless. It’s time to put your data to work. JMARK’s data analytics system empowers you to find the right data when you need it.

With consolidated reporting to a single database, accessing your data has never been quicker. And with JMARK’s expert analysts on your team, understanding your data has never been easier. We’ll help you frame every bit of information in light of your own company’s past performance, current industry trends and forecasts, and specific market growth or deterioration.

Whether you want to look at year-over-year growth in a specific market, quarterly revenue isolated by location, or usage numbers for online services overnight, we can help you get exactly what you need to comprehend where you’ve been, where you stand, and where you are headed.

Data is the new gold! With the right partner, you can collect more data, find better insights, and see how to make your business better. Contact JMARK today to put your data to work!

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JMARK has years of experience in helping our clients run better, smarter, more successful enterprises. Through every step of analysis, from gathering data to filtering, organizing, interpreting, and applying findings, JMARK provides full-service data analytics that will enhance what you know about your organization, and change how you see your business.

JMARK has decades of experience in strategic I.T. and analytics application. With skillful analysts that focus on helping businesses make the most of an ever-increasing amount of data and information, we are dedicated to empowering our clients by providing the fastest, most comprehensive business intelligence and analytics platform.

Our mission is to help executives make well-informed business decisions that maximize profits and mitigate risk. With us by your side, you can analyze your services and financials to find the best solutions for profit improvement, company growth, and operational enhancement. And you’ll know more of what you need to know.

Data Analysis

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