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Backup Management

Backup Management


Don't get caught off guard. Let the JMARK team take care of your backup management. Even if the worst happens, you’ll be online again in no time.

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Backup Management
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Fun fact: In 1980, IBM would happily sell you a 1gig hard drive… for $40,000.

Expect The Unexpected

When it comes to technology, there’s much that can go wrong. Cyber attacks, natural disasters, power outages, even simple human error, all have the potential to devastate your technology. One minute, you’re operating in high gear. The next, “Poof!” All your data is gone! This sounds dramatic, but it happens. And if you don’t have a backup plan, it’s a painful experience.

A catastrophic data loss has serious consequences to not only finances, but also to reputations, and internal operations. Making sure your data is safe and that you can get quickly back on track following a catastrophic loss is crucial.

Backing up used to be as easy as plugging a disk into a server and letting it roll. Now, however, data collection and control takes place on a much greater scale, including cloud-based services and off-site data centers. Backup management is all about the development of a data backup process, followed by the implementation and daily maintenance of that process. At JMARK, we make sure all server infrastructure, as well as all private, public, and hybrid cloud data is backed up. We also ensure that there are disaster recovery processes in place for any data loss.


Due to the sensitive nature of customer and client data, as well as the need to ensure continuous access to that information in case of data loss, a highly secure, well-planned, consistently executed backup strategy is more important than ever. JMARK will help you develop a backup plan that follows these guidelines:

  • Onsite Repository. The most simple, basic backup is still the foundation of a well-designed plan, giving you a backup of data that can be restored in a short time frame.
  • Offsite Repository. A second, offsite backup is essential, ensuring that even if data is removed locally, there remains a secure copy that can be restored. Additionally, in the case of a regionalized disaster, at least one data center location will not be affected.
  • Never Store Data Offshore. If your organization stores any consumer financial information, that data must stay within the United States.
  • Backups should occur with regularity, in a way that will provide continuity in case of data loss, and which ensures restoration of the data can be performed in a reasonably short amount of time.
  • Continuity. Simple recovery of data is not enough. It is vital to have a strategy that will reliably facilitate customer and employee access to essential services in the face of data loss.
  • Reliable, trustworthy partnerships are crucial. Every firm involved in backing up your data must have the same dedication to security and integrity as you do.

Policies. It is important to ensure that key employees understand and can be held accountable to the backup system you have put in place. Your backup plan is only ever as strong as the care with which it is implemented.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year, when called, JMARK has always come to my rescue!

Shante, relieved client in Atlanta, Georgia

1,024 Gigabytes = 1 Terabyte; 1.024 Terabytes = 1 Petabyte; 1 Petabyte can hold 13.3 years’ worth of HD video.


Timely and secure backup of your data is only part the equation when it comes to backup management. The other parts? Recovery and reinstallation of your systems and equipment, and continuity of services for clients and essential personnel.

When a disaster occurs, it is essential to have a complete strategy for getting your business up and running again in the shortest amount of time possible. Minimal downtime not only helps mitigate expenses and financial loss, but also keeps trust in your institution from eroding.

The JMARK team of experts knows how to think through every detail of the recovery process. We work with you to create a custom plan specifically for your organization. We’re even prepared to provide mobile operation centers during major disasters.

Business continuity is becoming more and more critical in today’s globalized, 24-7 marketplace. While recovery puts your systems back in place, continuity ensures that your clients and customers never lose access to services they expect to be available whenever (and wherever) they want them.

Adding complexity to the implementation of a continuity plan, if you are in a highly regulated industry, traditional backup methods (such as tape, disk, or online only) are often no longer deemed sufficient by regulators. In fact, leading edge companies are also finding these older methods unacceptable, due to their inability to recover data quickly and mitigate downtime. Technological innovations have established a comprehensive new standard: Intelligent Business Continuity (IBC). Only an IBC solution will ensure data protection, security, and instant recovery; as well as mitigate downtime and ensure continuity. JMARK has dedicated teams that specialize in Intelligent Business Continuity, ready to help you implement a plan that will ensure that your technology and services remain reliable.

The whole team at JMark is wonderful!! Our business could not function properly on a daily basis without their ongoing support and expert I.T. advice/guidance. We are incredibly thankful that they are one of our business partners.

Winn Jester, Grove Pharmacy

Backups are an easy thing to take for granted. But they should always be there when you need them. Contact us today to see how our solutions can benefit your business.

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When disaster strikes, the unprepared suffer the most. Don’t be among them. Let our professionals put together a comprehensive backup plan for your company. It is our mission to help you succeed—even when things get rough.

Accidents and catastrophic events can have a profound negative impact on business operations and continuity. Studies show that the majority of businesses who lose vital data or access to core systems file for bankruptcy in less than a year. Since data loss can result in such an adverse affect on your business, implementing a preemptive backup plan can make the difference between staying afloat or going under.

Data loss should not lead to the end of your business. With a properly implemented, proactive plan, you can quickly bounce back from any disaster. When it comes to planning for the worst, it is essential to partner with a well-established provider that has decades of backup services expertise; offers plans designed specifically for your organization; and provides on-site and off-site recovery for data, applications, and systems. JMARK will have your back.

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