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When JMARK handles your server management and support, you always have a high-tech safety net. Focus on your business. We’re here to back you up.

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The backbone of your business

Your server is an integral part of your business. It is not a luxury or “convenience.” It is a necessity. When your server is vulnerable to cyber attacks, crashes, and other disruptions, your business is vulnerable.

And yet, a surprising number of businesses assume their server is safe and secure . . . without ever taking precautions to guarantee functionality. Given the stakes, that’s a considerable gamble.

You’ve got a lot riding on that server. Wouldn’t you rather know for certain that it is in tip-top shape?

Proactive protection and rapid response

JMARK’s server management and support provides valuable peace of mind.

We can monitor your server 24/7, keeping an eye on hardware performance, stability of service, and software maintenance. The majority of the time, we’ll know about possible problems with enough lead time to stop them before they start.

And on those rare, unforeseeable occasions when things break without warning, we will respond with lightning-quick speed. When you are ready to upgrade or replace your current rig, we can even make recommendations based on our understanding of past usage and performance.

Your high-tech safety net

Think of server management and support as a sophisticated safety net. It’s there to catch you should you fall.

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“With JMARK, we get a dedicated team of professionals who proactively manage our I.T. needs both present and future. Our partnership with JMARK alleviates the worry around I.T. management which gives me the time and energy I need as a business manager to focus on our people and operations within our firm.”

Rebecca A. Goff

Rodolf & Todd, PLLC

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