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For most businesses, mobile device management is a troublesome frustration. But at JMARK, we’ve mastered the technique. Learn more about JMARK’s mobile device management options.

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Mobile device blues got you down?

Mobile device management can be very tricky. With these devices constantly at hand and being used for so many different functions, even the most attentive employee can fall out of compliance with security best practices.

Since we know that this can be a significant problem, JMARK has devised tried-and-true practices to ensure that your mobile devices are a benefit, and not a source of trouble.

Manage devices with security

So, how do you manage your company’s mobile device network?

The key to proper mobile device management is to centralize your mobile infrastructure. Regardless of the device, you need to know that your company data is safe.

From monitoring and reporting to compliance and security, JMARK is the answer to all your mobile device management needs.

Enroll new employees faster

At JMARK, we pride ourselves on mobile device expertise. We enroll your employees’ devices quickly (company supplied or BYOD), and we ensure they meet compliance and security requirements—all while helping you maintain proper expense control.

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“I am delighted and impressed with JMark’s customer service. Your technicians are up to date with the system, exhibit strong trouble-shooting skills, and are incredibly patient when explaining things to users.

To top it all off, all your staff is focused on providing pleasant and friendly service. I will certainly make it a point to refer anyone to JMark!”

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