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MSPs’ Role in Providing I.T. Support in Tulsa Redefined

Over the last two decades, many enterprises have been hiring MSPs’ services for I.T. support in Tulsa. Initially, MSPs were playing a single role of hosting websites for their clients on the Internet. This changed towards the late 90s when they started playing the role of “rented” I.T. admin. Their job was simply to maintain hardware and software for their clients’ computers.

Fast forward to the “cloud computing era” and MSPs had their roles completely redefined. Their job became more sensitive and diversified. In the recent past, these roles have constantly been evolving to the benefit of business owners. As a businessperson, you understand that holding onto yesterday’s business methods may probably work for you today but will work against you tomorrow. If you rely on MSPs for I.T. support, it’s important that you keep up to speed with the changing I.T. landscape.

Here are some of the services that your MSP should be offering you today:

1. Data Security

Statistics indicate that cybercrimes are on the rise. This implies three things:

  • The risk of losing your business data is higher than before
  • Cyber criminals can steal sensitive customer information
  • When confidential information is stolen, your business’ reputation is under threat

Data stands out as the most valuable asset to any business and must be protected at all cost. With that in mind, you need to come up with a solid security plan for your business data. On the grounds of infrastructure and experience, your MSP is best placed to protect your data— the provider has all the technology and workforce to keep the criminals at bay.

2. Value Addition

Value addition is, to a larger extent, the major component of managed I.T. services. Traditionally, a provider would only offer services as specified by clients and under specified conditions. This has changed over time, with customers leaving a flexible room for their MSPs to innovate. By so doing, you concentrate only on running the business and leave all matters about I.T. for the provider to manage. In the end, your MSP will not only offer I.T. services but will also add value to your business through innovating better and more efficient technology.

3. Data Management

As your business grows, so does its data. Handling this data and keeping it safe at the same time could give you a headache. Today, this can be done by your MSP. The provider helps you to move the data to the cloud. With the data in a safe data center in the cloud, you can easily and conveniently access it. Besides moving data to the cloud, your I.T. support provider in Tulsa has an improved data storage and back up capacity and technology.

At JMARK Business Solutions, we specialize in providing businesses with the most innovative I.T. support in Tulsa. As your trusted I.T. partner, we will work with you towards success in every aspect of your business. To learn more, contact us today.