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Mobile Is The New Normal: Find Reliable Computer Solutions In Fayetteville, AR

More Devices Than People

Computer solutions in Fayetteville, AR are quickly advancing. Previously, MSPs primarily managed on-site data centers and networks, were unique to a company. Gradually, through innovations, mergers, and leaps in technological development, those networks gave way to the cloud. Simultaneously, cellular technology began expanding service until the smartphone revolution fundamentally transformed the way we process and use information giving way to the Internet of Things, or IoT. This refers to the ever-expanding network of devices connected to the internet and are manipulable remotely.

There are now over 8 billion IoT devices (including smartphones), and it is expected to increase to 25 billion by 2025. Currently, there are a little over 7.5 billion people living in the world meaning that the IoT covers more devices than people, and that is going to increase even if it doesn’t hit the 25 billion forecast. If you’re not using IoT, you’re going to need to. And when you do, you’ll need I.T. assistance. Here are three prime considerations you should use to inform your forward development strategy:

  • Cybercrime: A Public Safety Concern
  • Competitive Edge Facilitation
  • Operational Cost Reduction


Computer solutions in Fayetteville, AR are familiar with cybercrime, and continually work to defray it. But as smartphones and IoT devices compound at the nigh-exponential rate at which they are currently compounding, vulnerabilities develop. It becomes increasingly possible for hackers to exploit new vulnerabilities. Almost as soon as they are discovered, these holes in the network quilt of innovative web expansion are patched. However, new holes develop as new innovations continue to revitalize the market.

Unfortunately, the convenience and cost-effectiveness of IoT is sometimes putting the public at risk when it is employed without requisite support. Systems like traffic lights running from the Internet of Things are vulnerable to attack. Hackers regularly target public institutions; in the last part of 2016, they shut down a public transit circuit in San Francisco. Later that same year there was a DDoS attack on several major corporations along the east coast. Forbes forecasts a $2 trillion loss from cybercrime in 2019. Your business would do well to invest in protection.

Competetive Edge Facilitation

The IoT market is set to triple within eight years. If you get involved with it now, you’ll have a competitive edge over peers who aren’t so quick to. There are bugs in IoT which are quickly becoming resolved, and again the guidance of a professional MSP is to be recommended here. In business, you need any edge you can get–and there are benefits in terms of operational optimization.

Operational Cost Reduction

The more information you can get regarding operations, the more redundancies you can excise, and the more streamlined your business’s infrastructure becomes. IoT is revolutionary precisely because it provides such information.

Optimization, Protection, And Competitive Edge

Computer solutions in Fayetteville, AR offered by JMARK Business Solutions, Inc. can help protect you against increasing cybercrime that will utilize mobile vulnerabilities left without fortification. Additionally, we can help you apply cost-reductive IoT solutions that will maximize your competitiveness in the marketplace while simultaneously helping you reduce what it costs to run your business. Contact us to expand your profitability.