JMARK Floats on by The Flood

memeIt has been a pretty blessed 24 hours at JMARK. First we had this cool river suddenly appear all around the office. It was like we were in our own little island.

Then water seeped into our island, and ruined most of our furniture. Turns out it was more like a boat with a leak. But it’s like Christmas all over again, we now get new furniture.

Had a few computers get a little water damage, the employees were so sad to hear they would be getting new computers.

We decided that we should do something nice for our employees, so we let them all work from home.

There was so much excitement that we had a “party” at the office all night, the party spread to the people working from home too, how cool is that?

That wasn’t enough, so in the morning we decided to give a gift to our clients, hold time that increased by… zero percent, along with dedicated staff at their beck and call.

You want to know how we turned this lemon into lemonade? We planned for it. JMARK has developed a Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan as part of our SOC II audit, that is updated every 3 to 6 months. In that plan we detail out every scenario, configuration, procedures, people, vendors, contact information, and more… to guide us in any scenario.

Impact to the Operations

Everything is still secure, and our constant focus is still on our clients. We have to replace some equipment and furniture, but our planning and infrastructure make it easy for our employees to work from home, and of course our logging and security is still in place no matter where our employees work, so client security is always a priority.

What Controls are in Place

JMARK has a multitude of policies, processes, procedures, plans and controls in place to ensure that we maintain our business operations. Last night at 9:06 PM I sent an email out to our Executive Team, the Information Technology Steering and Security Committee, as well as a number of individuals that are dictated to be informed of the plan activation. This activation of the DR plan came after certain controls were triggered, which set in motion dozens of people working harmoniously to ensure the continuity of operations.

Anticipated Time Frame to When Normal Operations Resume

Our clients should not experience anything outside of their normal JMARK experience, other than maybe a cat or a dog in the background while on the phone with an employee working from home. I can’t lie and say everything will be perfect, but we are doing everything we can to keep it business as usual. Some clean-up work has to happen at our office and new furniture and other stuff procured. We do not know when this will all happen, but promise to continue to communicate and let everyone know how things are going. Tickets can continue to be put in the same they always have.

We are thankful that 100% of our employees are safe and accounted for. Thank you for the support, and please let us know how we can continue to server you better.

For questions related to the flood, please send an email to with the subject of “Flood.”

Todd Nielsen
Chief Strategy Officer