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I.T. Services Springfield MO: 5 Questions Finance Executives Should Ask Cloud Providers

Those who work in finance often wonder if the benefits of the cloud are worth the supposed trade-off with security. The cloud is stereotyped as insecure. In reality, the cloud is quite safe and becoming safer by the day. Finance executives and managers should key in on some important questions as outlined below by I.T. services experts in Springfield, MO:

1. How Will Our Data be Distinguished from That of Other Clients?

The cloud functions with shared resources for the utmost efficiency. You deserve to know how your data is separated from that of other clients. Your cloud provider will explain how you will benefit from shared resources along with the security provided by separation from other client data.

2. What Compliance Certifications Do You Meet or Surpass?

Compliance certifications guarantee protocols are in place to secure the privacy of those whose data is placed on networks, be it in the cloud or off the cloud. Compliance programs differ by industry. Examples include HIPAA and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). Finance executives should request proof of such certifications to verify vendors adhere to compliance requirements.

3. What Sort of Security Measures Do You Have in Place?

Security breaches are becoming more common with each passing day. Bring up this subject with your prospective cloud provider. Find out the types of security measures they have in place to prevent data theft, improper access, data loss, etc. Inquire as to how an activity is tracked with log files. Furthermore, you should find out if you have access to such log files. Inquire about data segmentation, encryption, and additional security measures.

4. How Does Your Group’s Data Encryption Function?

Find out how each candidate’s encryption works. Determine what types of procedures and policies are in place. Data is transmitted between the cloud service and stakeholders over the web, so it has to be well-encrypted. If the data is not adequately protected, it makes your organization susceptible to data breaches as well as compliance violations. Such violations are costly and can carry penalties aside from fines. If you have any questions or concerns about encryption, an I.T. services provider in Springfield, MO can help.

5. What Kind of Disaster Recovery Plan is in Place?

Security breaches can occur to clients who use the cloud as well as those who do not. Finance companies handle especially sensitive information. If the cloud provider does not have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place, the redundancies and backups necessary to keep operations going will not be available at this critical time of need. The best cloud providers have disaster recovery plans in place from day one. Furthermore, cloud provider representatives should be able to explain the nuances of their disaster recovery plan.

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