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  1. Date October 12
  2. Location Oklahoma City
  3. Website

Oklahoma Oil and Gas Expo

This year, you can expect to meet some of the finest oilfield cookers in the back by popular demand, Oklahoma Oil & Natural Gas Expo BBQ Competition. Prepare your tastebuds for some of the best BBQ in the state! All sectors of Oklahoma’s oil and natural gas industry are invited to take part in Expo 2023 as we celebrate 26 years of learning, networking, and innovating. Contact us today about how we can partner or reserve your booth space.

The Oklahoma Oil and Gas EXPO is hosted by the Oklahoma Energy Resources Board’s Committee for Sustaining Oklahoma’s Energy Resources. The OERB works on behalf of the people of Oklahoma Oil & Natural Gas – who are made up of more than 2,500 producers and thousands of royalty owners. We are committed to voluntarily restoring land and making huge investments in education across our state.