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Do You Have a Disaster Recovery Plan as Part of Your Managed I.T. Services in Springfield MO?

If you are a leader in your business, you probably want to make sure that you have a disaster recovery plan as part of your managed I.T. services in Springfield, MO.

Known as a business continuity and disaster recovery plan, or BCDR, you should definitely give this part of your managed services a close look. Here are four reasons that you should start caring about a BDCR:

Any Downtime is Very Expensive

Think about what would happen if your customers or employees lose access to your company’s data or applications. Of course, this has a direct impact on your staff’s productivity and the money your business is bringing in.

So, it is important that you talk to your MSP about choosing a BCDR solution that can help you to continue your company’s operations, at least at some level, while the help desk focuses on fixing issues.

Your Backup is Not Enough

Another reason you should start thinking about a BCDR is that your backup, which you probably have, is not enough in a disaster. Your backup is essential, of course, but what happens if there is a fire and it wipes out all your servers?

With modern BCDR products as part of your managed I.T. services in Springfield, MO, however, you can actually run your company’s applications and store data in virtual servers and clouds. Known as a cloud DR or DRaaS (disaster recovery as a service), this is really a very important part of the disaster recovery industry. So, this means that the technology you are used to, i.e. your backup, has totally changed these days, and it’s definitely not enough in the event of a disaster.

Disasters Actually Happen

When most people think of a disaster in terms of business, they think of events like fires or floods. Those things happen, of course, but most of the downtime your business will experience in its history is because of common actions such as deleting data, poor security, or even accidental hardware damage. For instance, if you allow your sales staff to log into public Wi-Fi to send and receive company data when out in the field, your company is at great risk of a disaster.

Something quite simple, such as a computer virus, can cause just as much damage to your technical infrastructure as a fire or flood.

Downtime Affects Everyone

Finally, the best reason to implement a BCDR is because downtime negatively affects everyone, including your customers. Customers are finicky, and all it takes is one instance of downtime for some of them to immediately take their business to your competitors. In fact, that’s the norm. If you provide a service your customers need that they can’t get for two days because of downtime, you can bet that they will start looking at your competitors.

Taking a look at BCDR is just a good business practice. At JMARK Business Solutions, Inc., we understand that our clients need services like BCDR. We will start the process by conducting a risk assessment of your company and then come up with a plan to improve your disaster recovery plan. You can learn more about our managed I.T. services in Springfield, MO by contacting us here.