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Your Computer Solutions Provider in Fayetteville AR Explains the Advantages of Server Virtualization

Virtualization is a vogue yet many people aren’t exactly sure what it really means and whether it extends beyond the realm of I.T.. Organizations of all types and sizes invest in virtualization for its myriad benefits. From additional uptime to server provisioning, energy savings and beyond, virtualization technologies prove quite helpful. Transitioning to virtualization means server workloads are not tied directly to specific hardware. Several virtual workloads happen at the same time on a single machine. Our computer solutions team in Fayetteville, AR understands the ins and outs of server virtualization. Let us analyze your unique business and explain how server virtualization can help. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of this unique technology.

Virtualization Benefits

Virtualization reduces costs as several applications are installed on one physical server. Virtualization also allows for higher server use rates in data centers. The vast majority of servers in solely physical environments are severely under-utilized. In fact, most are only used at about 10 percent of their capacity. Make use of a virtualized server and hardware utilization will be dramatically boosted as a single physical server can hold several virtual machines. Hardware and software expenses can drop by upwards of 40 percent when a server virtualization strategy is implemented.

Enhanced Disaster Recovery

The most important benefit of server virtualization is the ability to shift a virtual machine from a server to another without concern for safety or wasting time. It doesn’t take long to back up important data as your group will be empowered to form a replication site. The majority of enterprise virtualization solutions have software that facilitates the automation of the failover amidst a disaster. This software allows for the testing of a disaster recovery failover (your group’s escape plan of sorts). If a crisis develops at your data center, your infrastructure will already be positioned for the appropriate measures required to ensure a safe and speedy recovery. The same cannot be said of an organization that relies on a group of physical servers.

Enhanced Productivity

A reduction in physical servers leads to increased productivity as there is less to manage and maintain. Applications that once took weeks to provision are now completed in mere minutes. Your team will have that much more time to spend on important responsibilities that truly bolster your bottom line. Our computer solutions group in Fayetteville, AR can pinpoint all sorts of other ways in which tech solutions can reduce your costs and catalyze revenue.

Save Money on Energy Costs

Migrate servers to virtual machines and you can consolidate them to the point that you significantly reduce your power and cooling expenses. This is a fantastic way to go green for the sake of the environment and save plenty of the other green ($) at the same time. In fact, VMware reports the consolidation of servers decreases energy costs by upwards of 80 percent. Furthermore, virtualization empowers your team to power down servers without impacting users or applications.

Are you looking for assistance with server management, server support for your network or general I.T.? Our computer solutions group in Fayetteville, AR is here to help. At JMARK Business Solutions, we do it all, from data backup management to cloud computing, mobile device management and beyond. contact us and you will find your business operates much more efficiently.