Looking to Make Downtime Ancient History? Our Managed Services Team in Tulsa Can Help

Downtime— it is the dreaded word no business owner, manager, or employee wants to hear uttered. Everything from hardware maintenance and software upgrades to cyberattacks and natural disasters can cause excessive downtime. The ramifications of downtime extend beyond disrupting the flow of business. Downtime also costs companies plenty of money. Our managed services team in Tulsa is here to prevent or at least limit downtime to keep your business humming along.

Consider the True Cost of Downtime

Think back to the last time your business experienced downtime. Your team’s productivity undoubtedly dipped. In some cases, downtime prevents work from being done altogether. Downtime is problematic for several reasons. It makes networks and important applications inaccessible. Furthermore, downtime can prevent your team from completing important daily responsibilities. These disruptive events end up costing a considerable amount of money in terms of lost productivity.

The Aberdeen Group reports unplanned downtime has the potential to cost more than $8,000 per hour for small and medium-sized businesses. Fail to respond to downtime threats and your business might have to shut its doors. Consider the fact that the Federal Emergency Management Agency reports four in 10 small and medium-sized businesses fail to reopen after a natural disaster. Even if the small businesses survive natural disasters, the cost of downtime will undoubtedly take a chunk out of the bottom line.

You Have the Power to Maximize Uptime

Operational redundancy is the key to guarding against potentially devastating downtime. Businesses hit especially hard by these unfortunate events are typically the ones that consolidate assets in a single space. As an example, it is a mistake to group hard drives, servers, data backups and other computing devices in one portion of your facility. If a natural disaster passes through the site where these vital electronics are located, the risk for downtime will be dramatically escalated. A single escalated event could knock everything offline and damage expensive computing equipment the business relies upon for operations. The solution is operational redundancy.

Our managed services team in Tulsa is here to back up your data, applications and other assets off-site and in the cloud. This is the redundancy your business needs to survive a natural disaster. Take this route and your business will be able to rebound after a natural disaster or another unfortunate event with minimal interruption.

At JMARK Business Solutions, Inc., our managed services team in Tulsa is here to make your business operate like a well-oiled machine even when disaster strikes. We provide outsourced IT support, digital security management, mobile device management, cloud computing assistance, disaster recovery, and more. For more information, please contact us.

Managed Services in Tulsa: Why Your Business Needs Effective Patch Management

Every business that handles any form of confidential information must prioritize cybersecurity. This must be handled by an experienced IT department or using managed services in Tulsa. Cyberattacks have the ability to damage businesses and negatively affect employees and clients. Patching enables computer programs and applications to be kept updated and to be improved. Effective patch management is therefore critical for businesses looking to reduce the chances of cyberattacks using ransomware.

The Risks Are High

When patch management is not properly handled, your business is exposed to attacks. Out-of-date software is a major cause for concern. When new patches are released, many businesses do not prioritize keeping up with these to their detriment as witnessed in the WannaCry outbreak.

One of the major challenges businesses face when it comes to patch management includes the way in which patches are distributed in a company once they become available. The size and compartmentalization of companies can delay the patching exercise for longer than recommended. Sometimes patches are not deployed with the same urgency with which they were released leading to unfortunate and preventable data breaches. Monitoring the patching process and schedule for large companies often poses a major challenge for IT departments.

Improving Your Patch Management

The quicker a business is able to identify and resolve any gaps in its IT security systems, the better of it is in the long run. Companies that provide managed services in Tulsa have the expertise and experience needed to assess and improve your current security systems. Two of the measures that you can explore to improve your current patch management are:

  • Increased visibility – When your IT department does not have a complete grasp on who is using your network, how much infrastructure there is, and how many connected devices there are, it’s easy to lapse on company-wide program updates. Your IT department must stay on top of things and stay connected and in touch with all the different departments under their watch.
  • Routine and structured security measures – Having robust policies and schedules for patching allows for better monitoring and management. If anything can be automated and scheduled ahead of time, it should be.

We at JMARK Business Solutions, Inc. are committed to working closely with your team to help you develop your security system. We have a long history of providing managed services in Tulsa for businesses across different industries. Get in touch with us to learn more.

Managed Services in Tulsa: Why Your Business Should Prioritize Network Monitoring

With more and more business functions being handled using computer networks, it is imperative to have a robust system in place. Your business network must be able to handle the number of employees using it, the number of connected devices, and the amount of data your business needs to transfer and store. Any bottlenecks and disruptions in your network can affect your ability to deliver your products and services in a timely manner. It’s evident that your business needs a comprehensive solution for network monitoring. Consider finding managed services in Tulsa to help your business maintain a strong and protected IT network.

There is a Real Threat

Many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) focus more on reactive solutions when it comes to network problems. When your focus is on scaling your business, investing heavily in proactive solutions can seem like an unnecessary diversion of funds. However, current statistics and business trends indicate quite the opposite. Data breaches and compromises in business IT networks have been on the increase. These are affecting both small and large-scale companies.

Some of the threats your business must be aware of include malware, hacking, data loss in disasters, and excessive outages. The consequences of these network disruptions range from mere inconveniences to threats to the very existence of your business. Excessive network outages can affect your ability to meet your business commitments and result in reduced productivity because of a lot of downtimes. Breaches of security can also affect your business reputation and lead to loss of customers and possible lawsuits. You need to prioritize network monitoring to avoid these outcomes.

Network Monitoring Solutions

Depending on the size of your business, your network needs, and your budget, there are a few possible solutions to consider. Always go for one that gives you the greatest coverage and meets your unique business requirements. As an SMB, it might not seem practical to have a fully-fledged IT department. It might be overkill if you’re just starting out, and the cost can be unmanageable.

You can also consider having a managed services provider (MSP) in Tulsa. In this case, you would have an IT support company handling your IT network remotely. They usually provide comprehensive solutions, such as remote monitoring, cloud-based solutions, disaster recovery plans, and routine backups and updates to your programs and systems. The advantage of this route is that you can get expert services for a fixed monthly charge that works out much cheaper than having a full-time IT professional on staff.

One other way to monitor your network is by installing programs and software that perform this function. Examples include antivirus and firewalls which can detect potential malware threats. Email monitoring programs are another option. These programs must be regularly updated and this solution works best when combined with the other IT support solutions presented.

At JMARK Business Solutions, Inc., we offer innovative IT support services to help manage your business network. Our team of IT experts provides a range of behind-the-scenes solutions so that you can focus on running your business. Contact us now if you are interested in managed services in Tulsa.

How Cloud Computing and Managed Services in Tulsa Can Transform Your Small Business

If you are running a small business and have looked into managed services in Tulsa, you may be wondering how you can benefit from cloud technology. It’s definitely more than a passing phase. Understanding and implementing this technology in your business can open you up to a world of possibilities. From increased technological options to better business solutions, using cloud technology may be the boost your business needs to reach the next level. Here are some of the ways cloud computing can transform your business:

Technology Boost

Cloud computing allows your business to have offsite storage of company files as well as communication platforms and interfaces for your teams. It is not restricted by geographical location and onsite infrastructure. The cloud offers the very latest developments in I.T. solutions. Your business could greatly benefit by taking part in this evolving technology. Cloud computing is standardized and easily accessible; this opens the door to many possibilities as you grow your small business.

Flexibility and Options

With cloud computing, you are not limited or restricted in how you use it. There is no one-size-fits-all cloud solution— you are free to choose what works best for you from a variety of different setups and usage needs. With the cloud, it is easy for your business to migrate workloads to and from the cloud. Cloud computing allows elasticity and you can increase or decrease usage according to your need. Because of this, you can also enjoy lower I.T. costs and make use of pay-per-use options from the cloud service providers. This means that cloud computing solutions are cheaper than local infrastructure. This is a big plus for a small business.

Make Use of a Cloud Computing Service Provider

If your business is relatively small, you may not have a fully-fledged I.T. department. Even if you do, it may be minimally resourced. When you enlist the help of a company that provides managed services in Tulsa, they can help you with all your cloud computing needs. You benefit from the experience, resources, and expertise of a well-equipped team.

Another benefit of having a cloud service provider is that the security of your cloud workload is managed by the service provider. They are better equipped to deal with challenges that may affect the security of your systems. Additionally, unlike localized infrastructure, the cloud is unaffected by onsite disasters, such as hardware failure. Your service provider is able to offer support and superior performance of your cloud solution throughout the journey.

By utilizing cloud computing as part of the package you get in managed services in Tulsa, you can take advantage of the accessibility, flexibility, and affordability of this technology. At JMARK Business Solutions, Inc., we provide customized cloud computing solutions for small businesses. We can work closely with your team to understand your unique business needs. Contact us now to find out more about how we can help you implement cloud technology to improve and grow your business.

Managed Services in Tulsa: How to Avoid Email Phishing Scams

Simply being alert and aware is the first line of defense against phishing scams. Today, most people are such in a hurry that they see an email regarding their credit card information and assume that it comes directly from their bank. Unfortunately, there is a number of spoofed email accounts and websites that are looking to take advantage of you and steal your valuable information. A healthy level of skepticism can make the difference between being secure and being on the bad end of a scam. A managed services provider (MSP) in Tulsa can keep you on your toes and make sure your information stays safe from email phishing scams.

Clues of Suspicious Activity

Before you open up an email and start clicking links, here are things you should think of and be aware of in the case of a phishing email:

  • Strange Urgency – A real business and its website should never have an air of desperation in an email. These are legitimate companies that are prepared and have a better way of contacting you other than a suspiciously urgent email. If you encounter an urgent email, it is best to double-check the URL and find out the legitimacy of the company and its website. If you have never seen the website before, then that is a clear sign that it is a scam. If it is a website you are familiar with, by all means, log in and see if the email actually pertains to you.
  • Unprofessional design – True websites and companies usually have a sleek and modern style to their websites. We are at a technology age where when a site seems outdated or unprofessional, it causes a sense of unease and illegitimacy. If you visit the site via an email and there is a poor design, then there is a good chance that it is a phishing email. Professional businesses are not going to have poor designs and flaws on their website. If it looks suspicious, investigate further. You can also contact a managed services provider in Tulsa to help you identify and block malicious emails.
  • Misspellings – Most legitimate companies have a professional creating and working on their website. Also, emails are usually sent by a qualified and educated person who is professional with their spelling, grammar, and their eloquence. Therefore, if you receive an email that has a few mistakes, it is best to be suspicious and do some investigation.
  • Pop-ups – If a site is not legitimate, there is a good chance you may be riddled with pop-up ads when you visit the site. This is a clear clue of a phishing site and you should avoid it and leave it immediately. It is best to use a browser that blocks pop-ups to double up on the security.

In the digital age, a lot of your important information is online. It is best to be aware of email phishing scams because one second of unawareness can prove costly. If you are looking for managed services in Tulsa and want to learn more about how to avoid phishing scams, contact JMARK Business Solutions.

Why Your Business Needs Data Backup and Managed Services in Tulsa

Now and then you hear of a company that has fallen victim to a data security breach. When such an incident occurs, I.T. systems experience downtime, vital client data gets exposed, the identities of the clients get compromised, and worse— their sensitive information gets auctioned or sold to malicious cybercriminals on the dark web. Sometimes, the companies that experience such breaches take such a hard hit that they are unable to recover. However, you can avoid such a scenario by having a managed services provider (MSP) in Tulsa to back up your data.

Considering that the cost of fixing a single I.T. breach has risen up to 29%. No company can afford to disregard the benefits of securing their sensitive information.

Why Do You Need to Back Up Your Data And Implement Disaster Recovery Measures?

In 2015, a survey of over 400 mid-sized to large companies conducted by IHS, a global information firm, on its clients from North America concerning their ICT history and trends on downtimes produced the following discoveries:

  • On average, the companies suffered at least five network downtimes on a monthly basis
  • Mid-sized (100 to 1000 employees) companies incurred costs of $1 million a year as a result
  • Large enterprises with over 10,000 employees incurred downtime costs of up to $60 million
  • The companies suffered a drop of 78% in their productivity
  • On average, revenues dipped by about 17%
  • Fixing the downtime issues cost them an additional 5%

These are but a few basic examples of the various costs associated with unexpected network downtimes. However, data loss resulting from viruses, such as ransomware and security breaches, is on the rise. According to findings published by the Ponemon Institute in 2016, the average cost to a business for every file that gets compromised is about $221. By having data backup and disaster recovery plans from a managed services provider in Tulsa, you can mitigate the above costs.

Securing Your Business’s Network and Data Via Cloud-Based Monitoring

Investing in security measures in a bid to prevent a breach that may never occur may seem like a costly endeavor. However, cloud-based monitoring is a cost-effective solution that guarantees around-the-clock data security. With cloud-based monitoring, your business stands to benefit from:

  • All devices on your network getting the latest security patch updates without causing any downtime
  • Detection of any suspicious activity and prevention of intrusions via 24/7 network monitoring
  • Your employees mobile devices also get monitored and managed via the cloud
  • Access to data is strictly restricted to authorized personnel only
  • Data transfer is highly encrypted, and the data goes through highly secured data centers
  • 24/7 data security for your business

Cloud data backup utilizes cloud-based data centers that are highly secured against data losses resulting from security breaches or natural disasters. Hence, you can rest easy knowing your sensitive data is in good hands.

Including data backup and disaster recovery ensures your data gets secured from loss by malicious hackers or natural disasters. Hence, if you need a reliable managed services provider in Tulsa, contact us at JMARK Business Solutions, Inc and let us secure your data on the cloud.

Managed Services in Tulsa: Advantages of I.T. Consulting Services

Nowadays, every business must take advantage of current technologies to maintain a competitive advantage. Proceeding with minimal I.T. experience or guidance will prove challenging. On the other hand, it is too costly to employ a full-fledged I.T. department with professionals who require salaries, benefits, vacation, raises, and so on. The solution is to rely on managed services providers in Tulsa for assistance with your tech challenges. Here is a look at some of the top advantages of I.T. consulting:

Tap into Greater Economies of Scale and Buying Power

Ally with a group that has a single focus on I.T. and you will benefit from this group’s greater economy of scale and efficiencies. This focus permits the consolidation of purchasing power. The result is elite but affordable tech solutions and services that allow for heightened efficiency that otherwise would not be possible with one or a couple in-house I.T. professionals.

Free Up Time to Key in On Core Business Functions

The typical business owner, manager, and employee is not an I.T. aficionado. There is no sense trying to solve tech problems if your group is not trained or educated to handle such projects. Let our managed services group in Tulsa handle the I.T. issues while your group focuses on what they do best.

Every business is more productive when employees zero in on their prime competencies. Our tech gurus can work out the I.T. challenges while your group stays in their comfort zone. After all, those who do not work in I.T. or do not have extensive I.T. knowledge should not be tasked with these complex projects. It is better to let an entire team of I.T. professionals get the job done.

Enhance Productivity

I.T. consulting services will incorporate tech to boost your team’s productivity. These improvements will facilitate communication and collaboration. Everything from mobile platforms to central databases and file servers and beyond plays a key role in allowing for work to proceed in such an innovative manner.

The Tech Edge Your Business Needs

Your managed services provider will provide your organization with a steady stream of updates, patches, and other improvements. If your organization will benefit from new software or another type of technology, your I.T. consulting group will implement it in a seamless manner. This is the edge your group needs to emerge from the pack.

Minimize Downtime

As few as a couple minutes of downtime can spur significant costs. An alliance with the I.T. experts will decrease downtime and save you as much money as possible. Issues with email, the web, system failures, corrupt data and beyond are all costly. Even the cost of trying to solve these problems is exorbitant in and of itself. I.T. consulting services provide remote system monitoring, ’round the clock support, data backup and disaster recovery to prevent and bounce back from a breach.

We are Here for Your Tech Needs

If you are on the prowl for managed services in Tulsa, JMARK Business Solutions, Inc. is your go-to provider. We offer I.T. management, network management, digital security solutions, data backup management, cloud computing, help desk support, and so much more. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Prevent HIPAA Violations with Managed Services in Tulsa

HIPAA— it’s a term that you use with your patients and clients every single day. Protecting the people who need medical attention is part of the job for any healthcare provider. The information that you have on patients is among the most sensitive in the world. Losing it to a security breach could prove catastrophic. That is why HIPAA regulations are so strict. Non-compliance can garner negative publicity, loss of clients, and cost your practice millions of dollars in fines. There are several ways to avoid these consequences when you choose managed services in Tulsa:

Stay Informed

The easiest way to avoid HIPAA non-compliance issues is by employing a well-trained, well-informed staff. In the event of a violation, don’t expect officials to excuse you because of ignorance. It is your job to make sure that everyone in your practice knows the rules. Make sure to emphasize protocol when it comes to physical and electronic documents. The law requires that you protect patient records from unauthorized access with internal and external storage or whenever documents are in transit.

Partner with your managed services provider in Tulsa to keep your I.T. security systems up to date. Use encryption, strong antivirus software, patch management, and deep-packet firewalls to block any suspicious activity.

Maintain Mobile Devices

You can further ensure the security of personal health information by training employees on mobile device etiquette. Improper handling of data on mobile devices, both company-issued and personal, can result in massive security challenges. The most damaging way to jeopardize patient data on a mobile device is by simply losing it. On-site security measures can only help so much. That is why it is imperative to train your staff on proper password management and encryption before theft or loss becomes an issue.

Avoid Disclosing Information to Third Parties

Disclosure of personal health information to unauthorized entities is one of the more common HIPAA violations. This occurs when an employee shares sensitive data with an associate, contractor, or other business partners without the patient’s consent. Major data breaches and legal cases have come about as a result of this. Some healthcare professionals, like one woman in Arkansas in 2006, have even disclosed patient information to third parties for personal gain.

Always make sure that you only disclose personal health information through the channels authorized by the patient. This means that if they only want a telephone call on a mobile number in the evening, that is the only method you should use. Transmitting information to a patient in any other way constitutes a HIPAA violation. It should also go without saying that you should never discuss a patient’s personal information in a public setting.

When it comes to protecting the personal health information of your patients, you need the best I.T. you can get. If you want to avoid serious HIPAA violations, partner with us at JMARK Business Solutions, Inc. for your managed services in Tulsa. From security management and support to mobile device management, we offer proven solutions to keep your practice compliant with the law. Do what is best for both your business and your patients— contact us today.

Virtually Effortless: Virtualization and Managed Services in Tulsa

Business expenses are on the rise. As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, I.T. spending continues to grow alongside it. Your company needs trusted managed services in Tulsa. A great way to keep your costs down and your business thriving is through the use of virtualization. Virtualized computing services give your company the flexibility it needs to grow into the 21st century.

What is Virtualized Computing?

Virtualization is the term for software that has a direct effect on hardware. It allows you to run multiple applications or even multiple operating systems on the same server at the same time. It separates the software of your computing from the hardware. Though often mistaken for cloud computing by those not in I.T., they are different. Cloud computing itself is just an application. The process of virtualization is far more adaptable than mere data storage.

What Can You Convert with Virtualization?

Nearly all of your vital computing systems can undergo serious overhauls with virtualization. Desktops, applications, and servers transition well to a virtualized state.

Take a look at desktops. For years, your employees sat tethered to their computers in a cubicle. Using skeletal computing systems, employees can access their files and even computing power from anywhere. Virtualization allows them to store files and data on a network. These networks are self contained, not attached to a third-party cloud storage service.

Working with your managed services in Tulsa, you can create virtual servers, as well. These servers pair well when you’ve decided to virtualize your desktops and applications. You can configure servers to backup data and restore functionality in the event of an I.T. problem.

What Advantages Does a Virtualized Environment Have?

Companies across the globe have implemented virtualized computing solutions. They offer a number of appealing benefits. You maximize your resources when you choose to shift your I.T.. All the physical systems you use require too much power and provide more than your business probably needs. Traditional solutions work for traditional businesses. Virtual environments make the most of whatever resources your company has.

Virtualization works also for the budget-conscious business owner. You don’t need powerful PCs or servers when you switch. No longer do you have to invest money in expensive, bulky computing. Your capital can be better spent developing relationships and improving your services.

Updating your servers now provides advantages that traditional servers just don’t have. Modern platforms allow virtual machines to continue running smoothly. Migrating data from server to server in the event of an extended outage ensures your business thrives even when physical technology fails. This is especially effective in the event of a disaster. You won’t have to worry about your technology and can instead focus on what’s important.

Are you looking to make a change in your I.T. solutions? When you need managed services in Tulsa, we at JMARK Business Solutions, Inc. can help. Whether you want to make the jump into virtualization or just want to explore your other options, our experts can provide the quality help you need. contact us. JMARK offers unique, innovative, and reliable solutions no matter what computing challenges you face.

Managed Services in Tulsa: The Importance of RTO and RPO

As a Tulsa-based business owner or manager, disaster recovery for I.T. should be a top priority. Though you might not think of disaster recovery every day, it should definitely be part of your I.T. managed services in Tulsa.

Many companies don’t have any type of disaster recovery plan in place, nor do they know how to access their data following any network issues. Even those who are aware of a plan don’t know much about it.

So, what happens if there is a small problem (such as human error) or even a huge disaster where you can’t find any data at all? Luckily, there is a way to safeguard your information.


The first thing you should do in regards to protecting your business from a network disaster is to understand RPO and RTO.

RPO (recovery point objective) and RTO (recovery time objective) are two procedures that help to give your disaster recovery plan legs to stand on. In other words, RPO and RTO are the keys to recovery following a disaster.

RPO is the point in time that you want to recover your data from should a network or computer go down. You can measure this in minutes, hours, or days. RTO is a bit different. This is the maximum time that a network or computer system can be down following a disaster that causes a failure. Remember, you don’t want this to be a long time, as each moment your network is done, you are losing money.

What’s Right for Your Business?

Having a fully functioning disaster recovery plan should be part of your managed services in Tulsa. However, there is not a generic plan that fits for every business. Let’s think of it like this: imagine, for a moment, that you own a marketing firm. This firm has a major network disaster the week before a huge project is due. Your team can’t access their systems or their servers. So, if the system is down, what are they supposed to do?

Well, they might try old systems of marketing, and though it might be more work for your staff, they can still get the job done, and then go back later to fill in the blanks when the system is up and running. However, you certainly don’t want this to go on for days and days. In these situations, having an RPO is much more important than an RTO, and this would be a part of a disaster recovery plan.

Whatever your company needs in its plan for managed services in Tulsa, including a disaster recovery plan with RPO and RTO, JMARK Business Solutions, Inc. is here to help. We can work with your team to create the perfect disaster recovery plan based on your company’s specific needs. Contact us today to see how we can help to take the worry out of a possible network disaster.