Why Your Business Needs Data Backup and Managed Services in Tulsa

Now and then you hear of a company that has fallen victim to a data security breach. When such an incident occurs, IT systems experience downtime, vital client data gets exposed, the identities of the clients get compromised, and worse— their sensitive information gets auctioned or sold to malicious cybercriminals on the dark web. Sometimes, the companies that experience such breaches take such a hard hit that they are unable to recover. However, you can avoid such a scenario by having a managed services provider (MSP) in Tulsa to back up your data.

Considering that the cost of fixing a single IT breach has risen up to 29%. No company can afford to disregard the benefits of securing their sensitive information.

Why Do You Need to Back Up Your Data And Implement Disaster Recovery Measures?

In 2015, a survey of over 400 mid-sized to large companies conducted by IHS, a global information firm, on its clients from North America concerning their ICT history and trends on downtimes produced the following discoveries:

  • On average, the companies suffered at least five network downtimes on a monthly basis
  • Mid-sized (100 to 1000 employees) companies incurred costs of $1 million a year as a result
  • Large enterprises with over 10,000 employees incurred downtime costs of up to $60 million
  • The companies suffered a drop of 78% in their productivity
  • On average, revenues dipped by about 17%
  • Fixing the downtime issues cost them an additional 5%

These are but a few basic examples of the various costs associated with unexpected network downtimes. However, data loss resulting from viruses, such as ransomware and security breaches, is on the rise. According to findings published by the Ponemon Institute in 2016, the average cost to a business for every file that gets compromised is about $221. By having data backup and disaster recovery plans from a managed services provider in Tulsa, you can mitigate the above costs.

Securing Your Business’s Network and Data Via Cloud-Based Monitoring

Investing in security measures in a bid to prevent a breach that may never occur may seem like a costly endeavor. However, cloud-based monitoring is a cost-effective solution that guarantees around-the-clock data security. With cloud-based monitoring, your business stands to benefit from:

  • All devices on your network getting the latest security patch updates without causing any downtime
  • Detection of any suspicious activity and prevention of intrusions via 24/7 network monitoring
  • Your employees mobile devices also get monitored and managed via the cloud
  • Access to data is strictly restricted to authorized personnel only
  • Data transfer is highly encrypted, and the data goes through highly secured data centers
  • 24/7 data security for your business

Cloud data backup utilizes cloud-based data centers that are highly secured against data losses resulting from security breaches or natural disasters. Hence, you can rest easy knowing your sensitive data is in good hands.

Including data backup and disaster recovery ensures your data gets secured from loss by malicious hackers or natural disasters. Hence, if you need a reliable managed services provider in Tulsa, contact us at JMARK Business Solutions, Inc and let us secure your data on the cloud.

Managed Services in Tulsa: Advantages of IT Consulting Services

Nowadays, every business must take advantage of current technologies to maintain a competitive advantage. Proceeding with minimal IT experience or guidance will prove challenging. On the other hand, it is too costly to employ a full-fledged IT department with professionals who require salaries, benefits, vacation, raises, and so on. The solution is to rely on managed services providers in Tulsa for assistance with your tech challenges. Here is a look at some of the top advantages of IT consulting:

Tap into Greater Economies of Scale and Buying Power

Ally with a group that has a single focus on IT and you will benefit from this group’s greater economy of scale and efficiencies. This focus permits the consolidation of purchasing power. The result is elite but affordable tech solutions and services that allow for heightened efficiency that otherwise would not be possible with one or a couple in-house IT professionals.

Free Up Time to Key in On Core Business Functions

The typical business owner, manager, and employee is not an IT aficionado. There is no sense trying to solve tech problems if your group is not trained or educated to handle such projects. Let our managed services group in Tulsa handle the IT issues while your group focuses on what they do best.

Every business is more productive when employees zero in on their prime competencies. Our tech gurus can work out the IT challenges while your group stays in their comfort zone. After all, those who do not work in IT or do not have extensive IT knowledge should not be tasked with these complex projects. It is better to let an entire team of IT professionals get the job done.

Enhance Productivity

IT consulting services will incorporate tech to boost your team’s productivity. These improvements will facilitate communication and collaboration. Everything from mobile platforms to central databases and file servers and beyond plays a key role in allowing for work to proceed in such an innovative manner.

The Tech Edge Your Business Needs

Your managed services provider will provide your organization with a steady stream of updates, patches, and other improvements. If your organization will benefit from new software or another type of technology, your IT consulting group will implement it in a seamless manner. This is the edge your group needs to emerge from the pack.

Minimize Downtime

As few as a couple minutes of downtime can spur significant costs. An alliance with the IT experts will decrease downtime and save you as much money as possible. Issues with email, the web, system failures, corrupt data and beyond are all costly. Even the cost of trying to solve these problems is exorbitant in and of itself. IT consulting services provide remote system monitoring, ’round the clock support, data backup and disaster recovery to prevent and bounce back from a breach.

We are Here for Your Tech Needs

If you are on the prowl for managed services in Tulsa, JMARK Business Solutions, Inc. is your go-to provider. We offer IT management, network management, digital security solutions, data backup management, cloud computing, help desk support, and so much more. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Prevent HIPAA Violations with Managed Services in Tulsa

HIPAA— it’s a term that you use with your patients and clients every single day. Protecting the people who need medical attention is part of the job for any healthcare provider. The information that you have on patients is among the most sensitive in the world. Losing it to a security breach could prove catastrophic. That is why HIPAA regulations are so strict. Non-compliance can garner negative publicity, loss of clients, and cost your practice millions of dollars in fines. There are several ways to avoid these consequences when you choose managed services in Tulsa:

Stay Informed

The easiest way to avoid HIPAA non-compliance issues is by employing a well-trained, well-informed staff. In the event of a violation, don’t expect officials to excuse you because of ignorance. It is your job to make sure that everyone in your practice knows the rules. Make sure to emphasize protocol when it comes to physical and electronic documents. The law requires that you protect patient records from unauthorized access with internal and external storage or whenever documents are in transit.

Partner with your managed services provider in Tulsa to keep your IT security systems up to date. Use encryption, strong antivirus software, patch management, and deep-packet firewalls to block any suspicious activity.

Maintain Mobile Devices

You can further ensure the security of personal health information by training employees on mobile device etiquette. Improper handling of data on mobile devices, both company-issued and personal, can result in massive security challenges. The most damaging way to jeopardize patient data on a mobile device is by simply losing it. On-site security measures can only help so much. That is why it is imperative to train your staff on proper password management and encryption before theft or loss becomes an issue.

Avoid Disclosing Information to Third Parties

Disclosure of personal health information to unauthorized entities is one of the more common HIPAA violations. This occurs when an employee shares sensitive data with an associate, contractor, or other business partners without the patient’s consent. Major data breaches and legal cases have come about as a result of this. Some healthcare professionals, like one woman in Arkansas in 2006, have even disclosed patient information to third parties for personal gain.

Always make sure that you only disclose personal health information through the channels authorized by the patient. This means that if they only want a telephone call on a mobile number in the evening, that is the only method you should use. Transmitting information to a patient in any other way constitutes a HIPAA violation. It should also go without saying that you should never discuss a patient’s personal information in a public setting.

When it comes to protecting the personal health information of your patients, you need the best IT you can get. If you want to avoid serious HIPAA violations, partner with us at JMARK Business Solutions, Inc. for your managed services in Tulsa. From security management and support to mobile device management, we offer proven solutions to keep your practice compliant with the law. Do what is best for both your business and your patients— contact us today.

Virtually Effortless: Virtualization and Managed Services in Tulsa

Business expenses are on the rise. As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, IT spending continues to grow alongside it. Your company needs trusted managed services in Tulsa. A great way to keep your costs down and your business thriving is through the use of virtualization. Virtualized computing services give your company the flexibility it needs to grow into the 21st century.

What is Virtualized Computing?

Virtualization is the term for software that has a direct effect on hardware. It allows you to run multiple applications or even multiple operating systems on the same server at the same time. It separates the software of your computing from the hardware. Though often mistaken for cloud computing by those not in IT, they are different. Cloud computing itself is just an application. The process of virtualization is far more adaptable than mere data storage.

What Can You Convert with Virtualization?

Nearly all of your vital computing systems can undergo serious overhauls with virtualization. Desktops, applications, and servers transition well to a virtualized state.

Take a look at desktops. For years, your employees sat tethered to their computers in a cubicle. Using skeletal computing systems, employees can access their files and even computing power from anywhere. Virtualization allows them to store files and data on a network. These networks are self contained, not attached to a third-party cloud storage service.

Working with your managed services in Tulsa, you can create virtual servers, as well. These servers pair well when you’ve decided to virtualize your desktops and applications. You can configure servers to backup data and restore functionality in the event of an IT problem.

What Advantages Does a Virtualized Environment Have?

Companies across the globe have implemented virtualized computing solutions. They offer a number of appealing benefits. You maximize your resources when you choose to shift your IT. All the physical systems you use require too much power and provide more than your business probably needs. Traditional solutions work for traditional businesses. Virtual environments make the most of whatever resources your company has.

Virtualization works also for the budget-conscious business owner. You don’t need powerful PCs or servers when you switch. No longer do you have to invest money in expensive, bulky computing. Your capital can be better spent developing relationships and improving your services.

Updating your servers now provides advantages that traditional servers just don’t have. Modern platforms allow virtual machines to continue running smoothly. Migrating data from server to server in the event of an extended outage ensures your business thrives even when physical technology fails. This is especially effective in the event of a disaster. You won’t have to worry about your technology and can instead focus on what’s important.

Are you looking to make a change in your IT solutions? When you need managed services in Tulsa, we at JMARK Business Solutions, Inc. can help. Whether you want to make the jump into virtualization or just want to explore your other options, our experts can provide the quality help you need. contact us. JMARK offers unique, innovative, and reliable solutions no matter what computing challenges you face.

Managed Services in Tulsa: The Importance of RTO and RPO

As a Tulsa-based business owner or manager, disaster recovery for IT should be a top priority. Though you might not think of disaster recovery every day, it should definitely be part of your IT managed services in Tulsa.

Many companies don’t have any type of disaster recovery plan in place, nor do they know how to access their data following any network issues. Even those who are aware of a plan don’t know much about it.

So, what happens if there is a small problem (such as human error) or even a huge disaster where you can’t find any data at all? Luckily, there is a way to safeguard your information.


The first thing you should do in regards to protecting your business from a network disaster is to understand RPO and RTO.

RPO (recovery point objective) and RTO (recovery time objective) are two procedures that help to give your disaster recovery plan legs to stand on. In other words, RPO and RTO are the keys to recovery following a disaster.

RPO is the point in time that you want to recover your data from should a network or computer go down. You can measure this in minutes, hours, or days. RTO is a bit different. This is the maximum time that a network or computer system can be down following a disaster that causes a failure. Remember, you don’t want this to be a long time, as each moment your network is done, you are losing money.

What’s Right for Your Business?

Having a fully functioning disaster recovery plan should be part of your managed services in Tulsa. However, there is not a generic plan that fits for every business. Let’s think of it like this: imagine, for a moment, that you own a marketing firm. This firm has a major network disaster the week before a huge project is due. Your team can’t access their systems or their servers. So, if the system is down, what are they supposed to do?

Well, they might try old systems of marketing, and though it might be more work for your staff, they can still get the job done, and then go back later to fill in the blanks when the system is up and running. However, you certainly don’t want this to go on for days and days. In these situations, having an RPO is much more important than an RTO, and this would be a part of a disaster recovery plan.

Whatever your company needs in its plan for managed services in Tulsa, including a disaster recovery plan with RPO and RTO, JMARK Business Solutions, Inc. is here to help. We can work with your team to create the perfect disaster recovery plan based on your company’s specific needs. Contact us today to see how we can help to take the worry out of a possible network disaster.

Managed Services in Tulsa Can Increase Your Net Profit

What’s Your Real Profit?

Managed services in Tulsa cut down infrastructural operations and can increase your profit on an annual basis. If the increase margin is high enough, you’ll actually see profit after the cost of a given managed service provider (MSP). What you’ve got to do is factor in the real costs of operation.

For example, if your business pulled in $100,000 in a month, did you make $100,000 in profit? No. You had to pay taxes, rent, production, and marketing expenses. Then you had to pay your employees. If you can get all that taken care of and still have $50,000 left, you’re doing great. That said, there are other infrastructural costs you must take into account.

If you’ve got an on-site data center, you’ll have to update, troubleshoot, acquire, install, and back up that technology. One of the most costly aspects of using such a solution is associated repairs. These can add up very quickly. You may end up paying as much as $5,000 monthly, which is $60k a year. As a matter of fact, this is likely a low estimate– many companies spend $80,000+ annually on technology fixes. Your $50,000 monthly profit just dropped to between $43,000 and $45,000 and you still haven’t paid yourself or allocated any funds to scalable expansion.

Recouping Tech Maintenance Costs

Managed services in Tulsa can institute new tech solutions which severely minimize the cost of maintenance, repair, installation, and upgrades. You can even reduce personnel expenses through downsizing newly redundant departments. That which provides such value can be divided up several ways:

  • Cloud Computing
  • IoT Innovation
  • Remote Operations

Cloud Computing

Between cloud computing and big data, you can really optimize your business. You’ll probably want to do it incrementally for the greatest cost-effectiveness. Start with something manageable like payroll. Install a cloud-computing application which surrogates the payroll department. Now employees clock in with their smartphone, and you’ve got greater accuracy and tracking ability as pertains to them. If that works out well enough, then maybe you’ll want to look into some big data applications that help you identify trends, encouraging the profitable ones and discouraging the costly ones. With the added savings, you can look into DaaS or Desktop as a Service. You can eventually outsource your entire internal data center to a cloud solution.

IoT Innovation

Through the Internet of Things, continuous information collection and cataloging can happen in essentially real time. Manufacturing, distribution, and infrastructural operations can all be cost-effectively optimized in a way which enhances your ability to compete in the marketplace.

Remote Operations

Using a “floated” DaaS solution in conjunction with cloud apps and IoT will allow you to roll out a BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device, campaign. Employees not needed at the office can clock in at home, do their work, and then clock out. They’ll cost less in terms of tech, likely be more productive, and expedite operations.

Taking Advantage of Your Options

Managed services in Tulsa through JMARK Business Solutions, Inc. can help your business unroll the latest technological solutions like cloud computing, IoT optimization, and BYOD. These are only some of the many offered services. Contact us to see what kind of savings a technological upgrade may bring your business.

Cut Costs with Flat-Rate Managed Services in Tulsa

Flat-Rate or Internal IT?

Managed services in Tulsa are likely to save you money over internal solutions, and there are several reasons why. One of the most dramatic reasons is personnel costs.

Did you know a network administrator is going to draw a salary which averages between $38,000 and $78,000 annually? That’s on the low-end. According to InhouseCIO, what a network administrator draws annually can be as high as $188,000— that’s quite a chunk of change, but let’s plot our model conservatively and use the $38,000 figure:

In ten years, that network administrator has cost your business a minimum of $380,000. If you were paying $3,000 a month for managed services, you would save $20,000 in this scenario. Likely, you’ll pay much less than that— probably between $500 and $1,500— depending on the needs of your company, of course. Bigger companies will have bigger needs, but then, they’ll have more expensive personnel as well.

Realistic Considerations

There’s definitely a balance, but here’s something else to consider: a network administrator hired at a minimum of $38k/year likely isn’t going to be working for a business with one or two employees. Likely, that individual will be working with a small to medium-sized organization with between 20 and 50 employees or more. Up to a point, he’ll be able to handle the load on his own, but he’s going to need help eventually. The best technician can’t avoid getting sick once or twice throughout the year— what if the system crashes while your network administrator is down with the flu? Well, then you’ll need a backup administrator. As your company grows, you’re going to need more staff. If each employee costs a minimum of $38k/annually (without additional benefits factored in), by the time you reach five of them, you’re looking at $190,000 a year.

Continuous Monitoring

Meanwhile, managed services in Tulsa offered at a flat-rate can probably save you more than $10k every year. Here’s how that breaks down:

You’ve got on-site equipment costs which can be largely— or incrementally— replaced by mobile solutions via the cloud. If you can phase-out an internal system, that’ll likely save you more than $10k a year alone. Beyond that, with managed services, you’re going to have continuously monitored support. This means there is always someone keeping an eye on your systems to ensure everything is functioning normally and there aren’t any upgrades or fixes that need to be applied. Next, you get to cut the cost of on-site personnel for more experienced technicians hailing from an MSP. All these things are combined to increase productivity and operational optimization, ultimately yielding higher profit.

Unless you’re some secretive government intelligence agency located in a subterranean facility somewhere between Langley and D.C., you’ll probably benefit from outsourced MSP support providing flat-rate services and the like. Even if you are such a facility, a hybrid cloud storing sensitive data on-site could be desirable.

A Clear Choice

You’ll save through managed services in Tulsa offered at a flat rate because:

  • You’ll spend less on employees
  • You’ll spend less on equipment
  • Operations will be optimized for greater profitability

At JMARK Business Solutions, Inc., we offer flat-rate IT support solutions to optimize your business. Contact us to conserve resources even as your business expands.

Your Business Needs Managed Services in Tulsa with Cloud Data Backup and Recovery

For most business, data management is a critical aspect of their day-to-day operations. As a business owner, the reality is that without data, you have no business. We live in a digital era in which data is the most critical asset of any business. There is a great volume of data and information that is generated from daily business operations and its growing complexity challenges both small and large businesses. The overwhelming accumulation of data that IT administrators have to save must be available and accessible when needed to ensure business continuity. However, an in-house team dependent on traditional backup tape rotation is quite inefficient and a costly data backup strategy. It is also time-consuming and lacks flexibility and reliability. On the other hand, cloud data backup services offered by a managed services provider in Tulsa offer an advanced strategy for routine data backup. Cloud data backup solutions offer your business a continuous data backup strategy to ensure the availability of data when you are facing a disaster recovery situation in any of your business locations. A cloud data backup and recovery service will impact your business in many ways to increase your overall productivity.

Secure File Transfer Approach

A cloud data backup and recovery service offered by a managed services provider in Tulsa utilizes standard data copying and transmission protocols. First, the files scheduled for backup are encrypted and queued for transmission through HTTPS, to safeguard the integrity of the data. All of your data will remain encrypted in the cloud storage where you can access them remotely. This is a solid data backup and recovery solution since you are protected against a disaster which would cripple your business in case you opted to have in-house data backup at your premises.

Speedy Disaster Recovery

Since cloud backup does not rely on a single physical location, remote access of data is easy since there are redundant copies of data to fall back on in case data is lost. With a cloud data backup service, you have access to several copies of your data online in different data centers. As a result, you will have a speedy disaster recovery in case your data gets deleted by a user error or system failure. In reality, a cloud backup and recovery service will restore your data instantly and will get you back in business almost immediately. Working with a managed service provider gives you the peace of mind that your business won’t be disrupted by an instance of data loss. It is, therefore, a failsafe solution to keep your resources focused on achieving the objectives of your business.

Cost-Savings in the Short-Term and the Long-Term

One of the rewarding aspects of cloud backup service is that it easily integrates with your existing IT infrastructure. Your managed service provider will handle the complexity of data backup in an offsite data. Therefore, you will cut down the costs of data backup since you do not need to invest in expensive network devices and a dedicated backup server.

At JMARK Business Solutions, we offer cutting-edge cloud data backup and recovery solutions as part of our managed services in Tulsa. Contact us to learn more.

Reasons to Consider Mobile Application Management by a Managed Services Provider in Tulsa

Mobile application management (MAM) is an important option offered by managed services providers in Tulsa that can help your company enhance remote work experiences.  It involves tools that provide strong security and allow for a productive work environment. Here’s a deeper look into reasons to consider MAM for your business:

How MAM Helps Mobile Environments

Apps are helping businesses move forward because they either make life easier for customers or the business itself. Using MAM strategies, you can make it easy for customers or employees to download apps that speed up tasks, such as find answers to questions sooner, reducing research time. It also allows your IT team to manage and monitor apps to ensure privacy and safety. A MAM solution can prevent corporate access to data on employees’ personal devices, which creates a more loyal workplace.

Although not all managed services providers in Tulsa offer a wide spectrum of services, those encompassing broad services typically offer MAM as part of a BYOD or other mobile-oriented business solutions. MAM itself covers a wide range of digital management. It includes deployment of in-house applications or apps that businesses may offer for download or sell online. Other services associated with MAM include:

  • Setting access policies to your internal applications
  • Configuring applications
  • Removing unnecessary applications
  • Overseeing data loss prevention (DLP)
  • Managing purchase volume

MAM configurations depend on various factors such as location, how apps are used, and security concerns. Since it includes multi-factor authentication, encryption, and passcode enforcement, technical experience and reputation are huge factors when choosing a provider. You need a partner you can trust since it involves sharing access to confidential data. In a BYOD situation, you may want to set parameters so that only your company data is affected by MAM policies. Another strategy is to use “MAM without enrollment” which bypasses mobile device management (MDM) solutions. Some businesses do not require an authoritative atmosphere to mobile management.

MAM Examples

  • Supervision of a managed web browser
  • Prevent employees from copying or pasting from managed into non-managed applications
  • Removal of no longer needed internal data from devices
  • Assigning pin numbers to access an application

There are plenty of other services that a provider may offer to enhance the mobile experience. They can work with management to create customized solutions for configurations and access policies. Each company needs to decide for itself how they want to manage their applications. In some cases, they may manage mobile OS capabilities or the applications themselves.

Mobile applications management is an evolving science and is likely to keep changing toward revising business processes. Every business has its own structure that determines workflows and how they use enterprise apps. Access rules can be determined by employee roles, locations, and app usage. Collaborative environments can particularly be improved by MAM solutions. In the future, IT security officials will need to use dynamic strategies to constantly update policy rules.


Managing mobile work environments can be complex or simple. If you need a simplified approach to managed services in Tulsa, consider outsourcing to experts. Contact us at JMARK Business Solutions to learn more about how mobile applications management can help your business run smoothly. Our team looks forward to helping your business discover new ways to increase mobile efficiency and productivity.

Growing Your Business: How Managed Services in Tulsa Can Help

Your business needs to grow and managed services in Tulsa can help you achieve that growth. Taking your company to the next level and scaling your operations is scary, but without growth, you are just stagnant. Managed service providers are there to make growing pains a little less difficult to deal with. The services provided by these MSP lets you be more efficient, focus on your business, and protect your top clients.

Make Your Business More Efficient

Getting more from what you already have is one of the best ways to squeeze more value from your existing assets. For some of your business growth, you don’t need to rush and hire more people and purchase more equipment. Just using what you currently have in a better way lets you see your business expand. A managed service provider helps you find efficiencies with what you already have. The knowledge that MSPs provide to you help you leverage your existing computer systems to support and sustain growth.

MSPs also help reduce downtime and technology failures that cost your business time and money. Every time a server fails or an employee is unable to access the corporate network is wasted opportunity. As a growing business, being able to stay productive all the time makes your company more efficient.

Focus on Your Business

By outsourcing IT support, your in-house IT department can focus on the things that really matter to your business. Patching, updates, and help desk support doesn’t add any value to your competitive advantage. These tasks just suck time and talent from important aspects of running your business. With these mundane tasks being handled by an MSP, your employees are free to work on projects that help you grown your business.

Digital Security and Business Growth

Managed services in Tulsa help keep your security in the best shape it can be. This security means your clients’ data is safe. Losing data or a security breach is costly to your business. Not only does it cause a great deal of lost time, but it also hurts your reputation and causes lasting damage to your brand. As your client list grows and your data storage also increases, your risk of data loss increases. This growing risk makes network security more critical.

Part of network security includes ensuring all components on your network are updated and patched regularly. As your business grows, the number of components to keep up to date also grows. For many businesses, in-house IT departments struggle to keep up with this demand. MSPs have existing software and procedures to make scalable updates easier to manage. Leverage the procedures that already exist to make expanding your business simpler to handle.

Business growth is challenging. Many different aspects must be considered and scaled as your company continues to expand. Managed services in Tulsa help you focus on the critical parts of your company. JMARK Business Solutions has the services that make IT services simple. To see how our services can help your business, contact us today.