Do You Have a Disaster Recovery Plan as Part of Your Managed IT Services in Springfield MO?

If you are a leader in your business, you probably want to make sure that you have a disaster recovery plan as part of your managed IT services in Springfield, MO.

Known as a business continuity and disaster recovery plan, or BCDR, you should definitely give this part of your managed services a close look. Here are four reasons that you should start caring about a BDCR:

Any Downtime is Very Expensive

Think about what would happen if your customers or employees lose access to your company’s data or applications. Of course, this has a direct impact on your staff’s productivity and the money your business is bringing in.

So, it is important that you talk to your MSP about choosing a BCDR solution that can help you to continue your company’s operations, at least at some level, while the help desk focuses on fixing issues.

Your Backup is Not Enough

Another reason you should start thinking about a BCDR is that your backup, which you probably have, is not enough in a disaster. Your backup is essential, of course, but what happens if there is a fire and it wipes out all your servers?

With modern BCDR products as part of your managed IT services in Springfield, MO, however, you can actually run your company’s applications and store data in virtual servers and clouds. Known as a cloud DR or DRaaS (disaster recovery as a service), this is really a very important part of the disaster recovery industry. So, this means that the technology you are used to, i.e. your backup, has totally changed these days, and it’s definitely not enough in the event of a disaster.

Disasters Actually Happen

When most people think of a disaster in terms of business, they think of events like fires or floods. Those things happen, of course, but most of the downtime your business will experience in its history is because of common actions such as deleting data, poor security, or even accidental hardware damage. For instance, if you allow your sales staff to log into public Wi-Fi to send and receive company data when out in the field, your company is at great risk of a disaster.

Something quite simple, such as a computer virus, can cause just as much damage to your technical infrastructure as a fire or flood.

Downtime Affects Everyone

Finally, the best reason to implement a BCDR is because downtime negatively affects everyone, including your customers. Customers are finicky, and all it takes is one instance of downtime for some of them to immediately take their business to your competitors. In fact, that’s the norm. If you provide a service your customers need that they can’t get for two days because of downtime, you can bet that they will start looking at your competitors.

Taking a look at BCDR is just a good business practice. At JMARK Business Solutions, Inc., we understand that our clients need services like BCDR. We will start the process by conducting a risk assessment of your company and then come up with a plan to improve your disaster recovery plan. You can learn more about our managed IT services in Springfield, MO by contacting us here.

Reduce IT Costs By Outsourcing To A Managed IT Services Provider in Springfield MO

It is no secret that employing IT specialists and purchasing computers, software and servers are expensive. The typical IT employee requires a salary, benefits and other niceties. Add in the fact that one IT employee will not suffice. It is the reason why so many companies outsource their IT functions to a managed IT services provider in Springfield, MO.

Consider Outsourcing Your IT Work

One of the best ways to save money on IT costs is to outsource some functions, such as IT support, to specialists. Such specialists let companies enjoy economies of scale, lower costs and ultimately enhance service. Outsourcing IT work also empowers you to manage costs as your business grows or shrinks. This way, you won’t have to pay IT employees when there is little or no work to do. Nor will you be short-staffed when IT crises unfold.

Eliminate the Risk of Turnover

Outsource your IT tasks to a provider of managed IT services in Springfield, MO so that you won’t have to bother interviewing new candidates, onboarding them, training them, and hoping they stay. Keep in mind IT professionals tend to be highly intelligent individuals who are in-demand. If you are a small-to-medium-sized organization, there is a good chance your IT employees will eventually jump ship for what appears to be a better opportunity. Consider all of the time, money and effort required to replace IT workers who flee to a competitor. There is no sense dealing with a high turnover rate and the accompanying expenses when you can eliminate such risk by outsourcing your IT work to the pros.

Consider the Limitations of In-house Employees

One or a couple in-house IT employees will not suffice for the typical organization’s tech needs. Consider all of the work required to maintain a network, solve tech problems and research/implement new additions. Furthermore, your IT team has to stay on top of industry advancements and best practices. IT employees who stay up-to-date on the evolution of tech will help combat security threats and cut costs. Just as important is the fact that such regular improvements will provide your business with an important competitive advantage. In-house employees also need to buy and configure network monitoring software to prevent issues like disk drives reaching capacity, server crashes, etc.

In-house IT support people also lack the economy of scale necessary to purchase and configure service management software to solve support requests in a timely manner, nor can they obtain in-depth assistance from manufacturers when challenging issues arise. Manufacturers typically pay attention to larger companies that have ample purchasing power. Furthermore, in-house IT workers can’t purchase and configure a phone system or remote support tools either. The end result is a lack of support to solve tech issues.

Are you looking for a way to reduce IT costs? Contact us now at JMARK Business Solutions, Inc. Our managed IT services experts in Springfield, MO provide cost-effective IT support, server management, backup management, cloud computing, data analytics and so much more.

Hybrid Solutions with Managed IT Services in Springfield MO

Cloud computing for the small-to-medium sized business (SMBs) has exploded over the last few years. Companies seeking inexpensive solutions to IT support jumped on this bandwagon to streamline their processes. Many of these same companies didn’t fully understand the benefits and drawbacks of adopting such a new technology. That is why it is important to accurately assess your workloads before making any kind of large-scale switch to your technology solutions. To ensure that you find the kind of IT that works best for you, partner with a provider of managed IT services in Springfield, MO.

Implementing Cloud-Based Systems

As with any new technology, everyone wants to adopt the “next big thing.” Companies want to stay competitive when compared to other businesses in their respective industries. They want to stay on the cutting edge to offer the best products and services to their clients. Who doesn’t?

Unfortunately, too many businesses adopt technology without regard to the resources they need for implementation. In order to make any widespread changes, especially in your IT department, you must know what the work requirements are. Take a methodical, long-term approach when transitioning to cloud-based solutions. Analyze the interactions between users and applications. Don’t dive in head first if you don’t understand what it takes to transform your IT.

A Hybrid Approach

Having analyzed exactly what your IT department needs, you might find that a hybrid approach to managed IT services in Springfield, MO is best for you. Hybrid cloud computing mixes on-site, private systems with third-party services. This combination drives productivity and efficiency inside the office and out in the field.

Businesses often opt for hybrid IT systems as a cost-savings tool. Transferring workloads between private and public clouds offers a great deal of flexibility. The ability to prioritize data deployment based on your most current needs ensures that you don’t have to use the same technological approaches all the time. Your workload ebbs and flows depending on what you need from day to day. You don’t waste money on solutions that aren’t effective.

Contrary to popular belief, hybrid cloud computing actually improves your security, as well. Since your company saves data and manages workloads off-site, it can often feel less secure to use a third-party cloud service. Several independent studies have shown that companies using off-site or hybrid computing systems suffer from fewer attacks than those relying solely on on-site systems. These studies cite the fact that hybrid systems succeed by constantly adapting to the needs of each individual business. Hackers and data thieves have a more difficult time pinning down exactly where important the information resides. Add to that the bolstered encryption, antivirus, and firewall capabilities necessary to maintain the off-site/on-premise combination and you drastically increase your data protection capabilities.

Do you want to take a measured approach to your IT implementation? Partner with the experts at JMARK Business Solutions Inc. for your managed IT services in Springfield, MO. We have the solutions you need to transition your business from on-site technologies to more dynamic processes to keep up with today’s fast-paced competition. Our services have helped companies in a variety of industries meet rise to their tech challenges. When you’re ready to take your IT to the next level with hybrid computing, contact us!

Managed IT Services in Springfield MO: A Look at Threat Detection and Response

Threat detection and response (TDR) is rooted in using big data analytics to pinpoint potential threats in massive and complex data sets. The purpose is to identify anomalies, determine their threat level, and figure out the best response to mitigate possible damage. There is an ever-growing demand for TDR solutions due to the rapid expansion of big data. Our managed IT services team in Springfield, MO is here to help with all things related to TDR.

Benefits of TDR Software

TDR solutions are employed through software at endpoint devices. They connect to the centralized management platform for monitoring and reporting. These solutions automatically pinpoint threats and respond in the appropriate manner in real time. They find threats that would have otherwise gone unnoticed by most antivirus programs and firewalls. Anomalies and patterns are identified with the use of sophisticated analytics. Anything from an unrecognized connection to suspicious processes raises concern.

TDR tools also correlate data events across numerous sources. They correlate incredible amounts of information gathered on the network and endpoints to prioritize capabilities like threat scoring to bring potential sources of harm to light.

TDR Alerts

TDR tools allow for the configuration of automatic alerts for nuanced anomalies and particularly dangerous activities. Once an alert is set off, our managed IT services group in Springfield, MO can analyze the threat and develop a response. They can also examine recorded data, eliminate false positives, validate legitimate threats, eliminate malicious files, put a halt to potentially harmful processes, and quarantine affected computers.

TDR Benefits Beyond Threat Protections

TDR tools are valued for much more than their ability to identify threats in real time. They also allow for the construction of a baseline model of data across the entire organization. This model is subsequently used to refine the detection of potentially harmful behaviors. TDR solutions provide visibility and forensics that detect threats and respond to incidents. TDR tools even help reconstruct timelines in which malicious actions occurred. They also facilitate the overarching analysis of data activity.

TDR Best Practices

There are certain practices that should be followed when implementing TDR solutions. Alerts must be set up to identify risky activities. Though security teams can’t monitor all activities, TDR solutions can provide rule-based alerts that provide your group with peace of mind until suspicious activity occurs. All endpoints that function as network access points should be logged to boot.

Always opt for solutions that offer protection in real time. Real-time protection is essential for comprehensive security even if firewalls and antivirus software are in place. Add to the protections of TDR solutions some measures for robust data protection like encryption, data classification, and policy-based controls. Keep in mind that there is a human factor in play. Push for employee education to reduce the potential damage of careless workers or those who do not understand the complexities of contemporary technology.

At JMARK Business Solutions, our managed IT services team in Springfield, MO has an in-depth understanding of threat detection and the appropriate response solutions. We can help your business combat digital threats, protect sensitive data, and keep clients happy.  We help with everything, from cloud computing to data analytics, business continuity and disaster recovery, backup management, general IT support, and beyond. For more information about our services, contact us today.

Protecting Your Network from Adware Using Managed IT Services in Springfield, MO

Network security stands at the forefront of any savvy business owner’s mind. Hiring managed IT services in Springfield, MO can help your business avoid security threats. These threats come in all shapes and sizes. Your computing systems may risk infections from malware or Trojans. Employees may fall for phishing scams mining for personal data. One of the latest trends in security does not directly infect your computer at all, though. Adware spreads through social engineering and messaging apps at an alarming pace. Though it doesn’t stay on your computer the way other threats do, it is no less harmful to the security of your business.

How Adware Affects Your Business

An average of 1.2 billion people logs into Facebook every day. Estimates from other social media platforms are more modest, but they are just as pervasive. These social media platforms are rife with attackers trying to pry personal, private information from users. They employ a variety of tactics to accomplish their goals.

One of the most common methods fools users into thinking a video of them exists. Phishers send a message through Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp linking to video through a shortened link. Clicking the link takes users to a site repurposing content from social media. Users believe that videos and photos of them exist that they were unaware of.

After attackers have tricked users into clicking these links, a series of pointed, engineered advertising sites appear. These sites track cookies to more effectively pinpoint what kind of commercial content a user sees. Since social engineers take content from sharing platforms, they can also use these cookies to target particular accounts on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

The reality is that malicious adware trends can also threaten your business. While they may not directly affect your network processes at present, they reveal glaring vulnerabilities that you must deal with. To protect your business, it is necessary for your employees to have secure data. Securing that data means that your company holds another line of defense against a breach.

How to Protect Your Business

The nature of security breaches makes protecting against them a challenge. You never know if a threat might come from a virus, malware, a Trojan horse, or pesky adware. No matter where a threat comes from, it is important to find the right security solutions by hiring managed IT services in Springfield, MO. Taking advantage of your MSPs resources can help you keep your data safe. Network solutions come with the ability to remove spyware, adware, and other potentially unwanted applications. Managing your IT solutions can also assist in security by providing consistent upgrades to your systems. Keep your security and antivirus licenses up to date and you decrease the likelihood of data breaches.

If your business seeks tested managed IT services in Springfield, MO, contact the professionals at JMARK Business Solutions, LLC. Our company has helped businesses in a variety of industries find the right security solutions. We provide expert advice on everything from security management to server and network support to data analytics, contact us to know how we can protect you from malicious adware attacks.

Why Disaster Recovery for VoIP Should Be Part of Managed IT Services in Springfield MO

Providers of managed IT services in Springfield, MO offer a variety of solutions. One of which is disaster recovery (DR). Let us face it – different kinds of mishaps happen at unexpected times. It could be simple power outages or full-scale natural disasters. It is important for businesses to have a solid DR plan that can restore data and systems from reliable backups in the face of an emergency.

Nevertheless, it is not enough to have just a plan. It should also be comprehensive enough to cover all your processes and systems including your Voice over IP (VoIP) systems. These VoIP systems make up the heart of your company’s communications. Without them, customers will not be able to contact your business and vice versa.

Given the critical role VoIP systems play, how will you ensure they are included in your DR plan? Here are some suggestions to consider:

Use mobile devices as fallback

Incoming VoIP calls can be automatically forwarded to other devices, so if your VoIP systems go down at your main office, your employees can still receive calls on their smartphones in real-time. Assign a broadband line as backup

VoIP calls should have their dedicated broadband line separate from the one used at your office. However, one of these networks could fail at any given time, so you should program the other to switch in case of a downtime. Go for different internet service providers (ISPs) because it is less likely for two distinct providers to encounter a problem simultaneously.

Go for cloud hosting

You can run VoIP systems on-premises or in the cloud. If you are still stuck on the former, it is time to transition to the cloud and work with a trusted provider of managed IT services in Springfield, MO. They will have the necessary skills and infrastructure to implement an effective DR plan. You will also have access to their expertise to help you plan a DR roadmap for your company.

Implement a monitoring solution

Do not be blindsided by the sudden downtime of VoIP systems especially if your company relies on calls to connect with customers. It is best to have a monitoring solution regularly checking the status of your VoIP systems. It will alert you ASAP if something is off, enabling you to address the problem before it gets worse.

Select the right service provider

When choosing a provider of VoIP systems, make sure that the service level agreement (SLA) clearly states the availability of the service and the resolution time for issues. These are binding once the contract is signed, so you should be satisfied with whatever is stipulated in the SLA.

Are you looking for a reputable provider of managed IT services in Springfield, MO? We, at JMARK, would love to help. With almost 30 years of experience under our belt, we are confident we can provide innovative IT solutions with corresponding DR plans for your company. Call us at 417.863.1700 or chat with us on our website.

Are Microsegmentation Tools Part of Your Company’s Managed IT Services in Springfield MO?

These days, microsegmentation tools are more popular than ever before, especially in cases where you want to control malware. These tools are an important part of managed IT services in Springfield, MO, and if you don’t have them, you could be putting your network at risk.

Companies like Cisco and VMware have had these tools available for many years as part of their products, but other similar companies are now catching up. Basically, microsegmentation is a type of technology that divides each data center into parts and then uses this highest level security to protect them. This not only limits the access to these data centers, it also limits the rate at which malware can move throughout the network.

What Can Microsegmentation Do For You?

One of the things that you can expect when you choose microsegmentation as part of your managed IT services in Springfield, MO is a network that performs wonderfully. Don’t you want to ensure that your network performs without flaws?

How Does Microsegmentation Work for Your Business?

There is no set way to use microsegmentation for your network; instead, there are many ways. There are also some considerations that you might want to think about before jumping into adding this tool.

First, you have to think about visibility. If you are thinking about adding this technology, you have to understand how traffic flows through the network to the data center. Generally, there are analytical tools that can do this, and it is near impossible to do it manually. This analytics must spot the relationship between different workloads, and then they must recognize things like the domain name system of the organization. It’s also important for these tools to identify the relationships between the number of applications and area where the network might be inefficient or vulnerable.

Additionally, these models are what the policies and rules of microsegmentation are based on. They also minimize the errors that break up these connections. Furthermore, there are other definitions and systems that are necessary to create policies that are required for microsegmentation. Not all applications are necessary for microsegmentation, but a full assessment and review of these analytical results help to see if there are any potential problem areas before you start using microsegmentation.

The second things to consider are rules and policies during the implementation of microsegmentation. When you do this, you must lock down all communications from the network. Any communication that gets through should only happen if there has been a previous analysis to prove that it’s safe. You definitely don’t want to take chances with security. Though this is very important for the initial installation of microsegmentation tools, it’s also important to repeat this on a regular basis. You have to make sure that things don’t change within your network. For instance, an increase in workload could cause an imbalance.

Are you wondering if installing microsegmentation tools for your network is a good idea? If yes, you are probably right. At JMARK Business Solutions, Inc., we have these tools available with the rest of our managed IT services in Springfield, MO. Contact us today to see how these tools can help keep your business network safe.

Should You Choose MDM from a Managed IT Services Provider in Springfield, MO?

Mobile devices have become crucial elements for modern businesses and organizations. Therefore, you should consider your mobile device management options when looking for a managed IT services provider in Springfield, MO.

Some companies choose to perform in-house management of the devices instead of having this aspect included among the other MSP services. In other cases, a business might decide on break-fix support. However, if you are interested in achieving optimal performance in your commercial operation, you should think about complete MDM from your IT support company.

Here are the primary advantages attached to choosing this option:

24/7 Monitoring

Mobile devices are not used for business during the official working hours only. In simple terms, employees will carry the devices to their homes and other places for continued use. While this practice increases company productivity, there are some significant associated risks. For instance, the device could be stolen or hacked outside the office environment.

When you have remote monitoring services around the clock, your tablets, smart phones, and other devices remain protected. The MSP will notice any unusual activities and react as needed. For example, this monitoring service blocks the phone from access or even deletes the data remotely for the protection of confidential data.

Expert Device Management

Multiple maintenance tasks must be performed to keep the mobile devices in your business functioning at optimal levels. If you were to attempt to manage all the issues in-house, you would experience numerous challenges. Moreover, you might have to spend a lot of time getting in contact with the device vendor.

When you choose an experienced managed IT services provider in Springfield, MO, you will avoid the problems. The technicians will be in charge of:

  • Installing the required applications
  • Obtaining securing patches
  • Updating the software

Moreover, these skill professional technicians manage the memory, connectivity, and other similar aspects to ensure the best performance.

Asset Management

Mobile devices are central assets in commercial operations, so proper management is crucial. When an MSP is taking care of the MDM tasks, you will enjoy support throughout the product’s lifecycle. In simple terms, the IT support provider assists in procurement and set-up for usage.

The company also provides contract and vendor management services which are crucial during the acquisition of the devices. If you plan to lease the devices, you can also get assistance in contracting a reliable vendor. The MSP technicians will manage the inventory of the devices for optimal productivity.

Also, when your devices reach the end of their lifespan, the IT services firm will help you wipe and dispose of them appropriately.

Compliance Support

Compliance is an important aspect for businesses which perform operations on computer systems and networks. Simply speaking, there are rules and regulations which have been set in place to ensure that customer and company data is secure in commercial digital systems.

Keeping up with the established guidelines can be difficult for an in-house team and will draw resources from your core functionality. When you hire an MSP, the technicians will help you ensure your compliance.

The IT Services You Need

If you would like to learn more about MDM from managed IT services providers in Springfield, MO, contact our experts at JMARK Business Solutions, Inc. today.