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It is easy to blame your computer when you are having I.T. issues, but the root of the problem doesn’t always lie in the machine.

Before you punish your hardware be sure your current I.T. service provider isn’t to blame.

If they are, JMARK is here to be the I.T. service provider you can count on.

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Time to Get Your I.T. to Do What It Should

In today’s technologically advanced world, staying ahead of the competition requires you to have an efficient and effective I.T. system for your business. Whether you have a small business or a large one, falling behind on technology will hurt your business in numerous ways. To ensure the presence of a high performing technology infrastructure, it is recommended that you outsource I.T. services rather than spend high maintenance and installation costs for in-house services. But having these services outsourced will not necessarily give you the results that you need. You may find that you are paying for mediocre I.T. services that are not giving you any significant strategic advantage.

This article will address how your business should be benefiting by outsourcing all of its I.T. needs and will help you reconsider whether or not you are getting the value you need from your I.T provider.

It Should Serve YOU!

To see the results you want, you need to make sure your I.T. provider is on the same page as you. Communicate your company’s needs and wants and expect the I.T. provider to present ways in which you can streamline your operations and identify the loopholes present in your current mechanism. Remember that the right provider will not limit their services to revamping your technology, but will do what is best for your business. If you find your provider lacks the ability to customize their services according to your needs, it might be time to look for other firms.

Ensure Data Protection

Once you have outsourced your I.T. needs to the right company, you should no longer feel the need to worry about data management and protection. Find out how often your I.T. provider carries out backup checks to see how well managed and reliably protected your data is. Ensure that your vital data is being backed up to secure offsite facilities, with redundancies in place to assure complete safekeeping. Require that your provider carry out routine backup and restoration drills to demonstrate that your emergency processes are working as planned and that your downtime in the case of a disaster will be minimal.

Make Use of Greater Access

Making technology-related decisions should no longer be an overwhelming process once you have found the right I.T. service vendor. Your provider will be providing you with access to all kinds of highly effective technology that can help you achieve your business development goals. Use this access to make decisions that will allow technology to facilitate the growth of your business. Furthermore, with the help of the provider, you should also be looking for the presence of bottlenecks in your current operations and find out ways to avoid and resolve them. Your I.T. provider should not simply be a technology supplier and repair service but should be an indispensable ally in strategic planning and execution.

Carry Out Regular Reporting

A good I.T. provider will not keep you in the dark regarding the updates that take place within the operations of your business. If your existing provider is not in the habit of providing regular reports or updates, it might be time to introduce change. You should also ensure that the invoices being sent are detailed and carry all the necessary information about any updates or services that were provided. Carrying out regular reporting is essential to getting the most from your outsourced services. The more data you have about every aspect of your operations, the more effective decisions you can make.

Business Development Services

An efficient managed service provider will be able to help you acquire customers as well as retain them. Discussing your digital marketing plan with the provider will help you improve your online efforts to capture the attention of your target market. In addition to that, the right provider will guide you towards calculating the return on investment for each technological investment that you make and will minimize your costs as much as possible. Not only this, but you should also be able to explore and reach new avenues with the help of the greater access to technology. Explore how your I.T. provider can help you collect, access, and analyze data that will help you make smarter, more strategic moves in your quest to achieve your business goals.

Additional Questions to Consider

Is your I.T. provider…

  • Holding ongoing strategic meetings to help you be more competitive and efficient?
  • Assessing your company’s needs before recommending solutions?
  • Seeking to understand your goals, and recommending solutions to help you achieve them?
  • Helping you determine the changes necessary to achieve your goals—and then helping you map out the steps to making those changes?
  • Helping you identify loopholes that technology could improve?
  • Helping you to do your work more efficiently?
  • Performing regular maintenance to improve system reliability and efficiency?
  • Monitoring your network and servers for problems and carrying out proactive solutions?
  • Performing regular (monthly) restoration of backups to ensure backup systems are working correctly?

Having the right I.T. provider is vital to your success, which is why you should never compromise when it comes to the technology needs of your business. If you are looking for a reliable solution to your I.T. related issues and want an I.T. provider that listens to your needs and works to help you achieve your goals, contact us today. We would love to talk and discuss your needs. Let us show you how JMARK’s “People First, Technology Second” approach can enhance the way I.T. works for your business.

JMARK – That Feeling

We have all experienced the frustration of reoccurring I.T. issues.

That feeling is acted out through the giant sigh of desperation or internal scream of anger, all because your I.T. service provider can’t seem to fix the issue.

At JMARK, we want to replace your frustration, desperation, and anger with the joy of having smooth running I.T. every day.

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Is the Money You Are Spending on I.T. Not Paying Off?

As business technology grows more complex and increasingly integrated with every aspect of daily business operations, outsourcing I.T. services to an experienced provider with a robust suite of services has become a necessity for many companies. Outsourcing your I.T. can allow you to keep up with changing trends in technology, and avoid using up a significant amount of time and energy on maintaining your technology.

Once you have decided to partner with an outside firm for your I.T. needs, it is important to carry out systematic, ongoing evaluations to make sure that the investment you have made is paying off. The objective of outsourcing I.T. is to streamline operations and improve efficiency so your business can grow. Keep that objective in mind as you appraise the return on investment you are receiving by outsourcing your technology services.

Pay Attention To:

1.      Quality of Service

Even though Service Level Agreements (SLA) are included in the contract you have with your provider, in the beginning it is imperative that you pay attention to the quality of service that you are receiving. Response times and uptime are good metrics that you can use when evaluating the performance of your current I.T. provider. Moreover, when your company makes use of technology 24/7, it is essential to have a customer support system that is ready to provide help for your network whenever needed.

2.      They Get You

Do you feel frustrated because your I.T. provider does not understand the nature of your business? You may feel stuck because your I.T. provider does not give enough attention to understanding your needs and goals. This type of communication gap results in your provider and you being on separate pages regarding expectations of output, timelines, planning, and other vital services. If you have been burned in the past by a provider who was not responsive to your needs, you may feel things will be this way with every provider. Thankfully, such is not the case; there are managed services providers available whose ethic revolves around putting customer needs first. An ideal I.T. services firm will prioritize your individual needs and will make decisions that will result in success for your business.

3.      Security & Backup

One of the main reasons for outsourcing I.T. is access to stronger network security measures that are difficult to incorporate with a small internal I.T. team. The security of your network, safe storage, and backup of your data should be high priorities when evaluating the effectiveness of your existing I.T. provider.

4.      Ease of Operations

Outsourcing I.T. can provide conveniences for businesses that are looking to increase the efficiency of their operations. With the right I.T. provider, you should be gaining resources that you can use to carry out operations with greater speed and less effort. If you still find yourself struggling with daily operations, you need a partner that will work with you to, bringing their experience and expertise into play as they help you iron out those issues.

5.      Availability of Time

One of the most important reasons for outsourcing I.T. services is to remove the burden from your shoulders, giving yourself more time to focus on the tasks that help develop and grow your business. Once you do not have to worry about overseeing Information Technology, you can focus more on strategic areas that will help grow your business. With your I.T. needs being managed by a valuable partner, you can turn your attention to things like marketing the unique value proposition for your products and services, building up your distinctive brand identity, enhancing your customer service, and increasing sales.

6.     Scalability

Your I.T. provider should have the ability to maintain consistent levels of service as the needs of your business grow. An ideal I.T. service provider should be able to provide new solutions to your business as your needs change. The security and backup strategies that you employ with fifteen employees and one location will not be sufficient when you have fifty employees and two locations. Likewise, should you decide to increase your online presence, your network and server needs will change. Your I.T. provider should be a partner and resource as you make these changes and grow into the future.

7.      Regular Reporting

It is imperative that your I.T. provider delivers regular communication and provides you with regular reports regarding the status of your company’s network. This should include both verbal reports from your account manager, and documentation that will help you evaluate your technology usage and plan for future I.T. needs. These reports should not simply be summaries of problems solved or repairs completed, but should also include analysis of how you are using your technology, and where you can be more efficient or dynamic in what you are doing.

Additional Questions to Consider

Is your I.T. provider:

  • Holding ongoing strategic meetings to help you be more competitive and efficient?
  • Assessing your company’s needs before recommending solutions?
  • Helping you determine the changes necessary to achieve your goals?
  • Helping you identify loopholes that technology could improve?
  • Helping to make your work more efficient?
  • Seeking to understand your goals, and recommending solutions to help you achieve them?
  • Sending you detailed invoices?
  • Performing regular maintenance to improve system reliability and efficiency?
  • Performing regular (monthly) restoration of backups to ensure backup systems are working correctly?

If you are looking for a reliable solution to your I.T. related issues and want an I.T. provider that listens to your needs and works to help you achieve your goals, contact us today. We would love to talk and discuss your needs. Schedule an initial consultation and find out how JMARK can help your business grow.

Tired Of Your I.T. Service Provider Not Working The Way You Know It Should? Read This!

In today’s world, it is essential for companies to ensure they are using the latest technology to compete against the other players in their market. Technology lies at the heart of most modern business processes, making the relationship with an I.T. partner a critical endeavor. Because of this, it is imperative that companies either manage information technology resources efficiently, or seek help by outsourcing this responsibility to a service provider. The decision to outsource your I.T. requires careful consideration. If you partner with an I.T. service provider that does nothing to make you more efficient and competitive, what should be the acquisition of an ally could instead turn into a drain on your focus and resources.

Signs of a Great I.T. Service Provider

1.      Strategic Help

For a good technology services firm, your network and computing infrastructure is not their only concern. If you constantly find your provider offering you “the most advanced technology” without first assessing your company’s needs, it might be time for you to look for another I.T. provider. A good I.T. firm will work with you towards figuring out what is right for your business. They will seek to understand your goals and will suggest compatible services accordingly. Not only this, but they will also help you determine exactly what changes you need to introduce to your current infrastructure that can help you attain a significant competitive advantage. The ultimate goal of a good technology services firm should be the growth of your business.

2.      Simplifying Business Processes

One goal of introducing new technology to your company is to simplify your processes. An effective I.T. service provider helps you identify the existing loopholes prevalent in your processes and how you can use technology to simplify and resolve these problems. Ongoing strategic meetings are when these types of discussions often occur. One objective of a good managed services provider is to deliver technology that assists you in making your business processes simpler and easier.

3.      Understanding Existing Technology

Not giving existing technology the necessary attention leads to processes and systems becoming more complex and time-consuming, rather than making your work more efficient. Ideally, your technology services firm should be able to integrate all of your systems to streamline your processes. By taking your existing technology and combining it with upgrades and the latest best practices, your I.T. provider can create a productive and efficient environment that saves you money and engenders creativity and growth.

4.      Thinking About Your Clients

A good technology services firm will always keep in mind the best interests of your clients. They will understand that the end game of serving you is to help you serve your clients. In essence, your priorities are their priorities. If your I.T. services firm does not work with this in mind, a gap in service will result. To avoid having this problem, it is necessary for your business to choose an I.T. provider that gives significant importance to the needs and wants of your clients. Not only this, but such a firm will make sure that you understand and agree to the need of every change that is being introduced in the current system.

5.      Considering Your Costs

A trustworthy I.T. provider will not only focus on transforming your current technology, but will also give due consideration to the costs that will be incurred by your company during the process. A respectable I.T. services firm will assess the needs of your business and will introduce technology and systems that are vital to your company’s infrastructure, and not simply superfluous cosmetic changes. All the invoices sent by them will be detailed and will identify all the services carried out.

6.      Carrying Out Regular Maintenance & Checks

Technology moves fast, which is why it is important to hire a service provider that understands the need to keep up with the latest advances and update the systems and processes whenever necessary. A smart I.T. provider will carry out regular maintenance checks to ensure the optimal performance of all your systems. Also, to prevent your business from losing important data, the technology firm should be able to carry out regular restoration exercises to make sure that the backup system works correctly.


If you find your existing I.T. provider to be lacking some or all of the above criteria, it’s time for you to consider bringing in a change that will not only simplify your processes, but will also help you gain an edge over the competition by revolutionizing your company’s current technological infrastructure.

Questions to consider: Is your I.T. provider…

  • Having ongoing strategic meetings to help you be more competitive and efficient?
  • Assessing your company’s needs before recommending solutions?
  • Helping you determine the changes necessary to achieve your goals?
  • Helping you identify loopholes that technology could improve?
  • Helping to make your work more efficient?
  • Seeking to understand your goals, and recommending solutions to help you achieve them?
  • Sending you detailed invoices?
  • Performing regular maintenance to improve system reliability and efficiency?
  • Performing regular (monthly) restoration of backups to ensure backup systems are working correctly?

We would love to talk and discuss your needs. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.


Office 365 Support that Makes a Difference

Microsoft has been putting considerable resources into promoting Office 365 is the complete, low-cost cloud solution for businesses of all sizes for years. It makes sense – Office 365 includes, what many consider, to be the complete package in cloud services for business productivity tools. Things such as hosted email, file storage, web-based versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and so on are all available online for businesses to access at the drop of a hat.

Unfortunately, Office 365 requires considerable time to understand the many features, options, and custom settings available. Without a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of those features, your company is not maximizing its productivity.  Additionally, Office 365 offers different packages that provide different levels of resources and tools for business use. Knowing which package is the right one for your business matters, and that’s why having a trusted and experienced I.T. partner to consult and provide support is so important.

Common Challenges with Office 365

There are plenty of benefits to implementing Office 365 throughout your organization, which we’ll get to, but first, it’s important to understand the many challenges end-users combat when trying to get the most out of the service.

  • Search functionality is limited and the degree and depth in which users are able to conduct advanced searches are based on the tiered package purchased
  • Training directly from Microsoft is difficult to come by and generally expensive, time-consuming, and confusing

Main Benefits of Office 365

Office 365 allows businesses to utilize workplace productivity tools from any internet connected device via the web browser or apps. That type of availability means employees are able to access and share the files they need when they need them, conduct video and voice calls with Skype for Business, work with the business applications they know, as well as full access to email and calendars – this is especially important for mobile workforce operations.

But, those aren’t the only highlights to a great workplace solution. Additional benefits include:

  • Security and uptime commitment
  • Work from anywhere at anytime
  • Incredibly user-friendly interface and controls
  • Predictable monthly cost
  • In-house system issues won’t impact availability or access to Office 365

Office 365 Is a Great Solution, Be Sure to Get Great Support

After reviewing the benefits and challenges of incorporating Office 365 within your business environment, it’s easy to see why it’s become such a common workforce productivity solution. Of course, understanding the challenges means having to figure out ways to overcome them in order to get the most out of it.

With so many advanced features within Office 365, and the additional features being added or updated on a regular basis, it’s become all too easy to not get as much out of it as your organization could – and should. JMARK has certified Microsoft experts on staff that can make the transition to Office 365 straightforward and seamless, while also providing unlimited support, improved business efficiency, and properly installing and configuring Office 365 the first time.

CRN and MSPmentor, leading providers of I.T. industry news and information, have named JMARK BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, INC., as a top I.T. service provider in 2017 rankings.

JMARK Business Solutions, Inc. announced that it has been awarded rankings on two prestigious annual lists compiled by leading I.T. industry journals, the CRN Solution Provider 500, and the MSPmentor MSP 501 Worldwide Company Rankings. These exclusive lists provide rankings based on diverse, detailed criteria, and include some of the most well-known names in the I.T. industry. This is JMARK’s first appearance on the CRN Solution Provider 500, and second straight appearance on the MSPmentor MSP 501.

The Solution Provider 500 is CRN’s annual ranking of the largest technology integrators, solution providers, and I.T. consultants in North America. Since 1995, this list has served as the industry standard for recognition of the most successful solution provider companies. “The companies on this year’s list represent an incredible, combined revenue of over $318 billion, a sum that attests to their success in staying ahead of rapidly changing market demands,” said Robert Faletra, CEO of CRN’s parent, The Channel Company. “We extend our sincerest congratulations to each of these top-performing solution providers and look forward to their future pursuits and successes.”

“We are honored to be on both these lists, it is a testament to our culture, our service, and the great clients we serve,” said, Thomas Douglas, CEO.

JMARK placed at 75 on MSPmentor’s global list, rising from a ranking of 86 in 2016. This is the 10th annual list released by the website. The MSP 501 Worldwide Company Rankings recognizes the most progressive managed service providers (MSPs) based on metrics including recurring revenue, growth, and other data collected and analyzed by MSPmentor and Clarity Channel Advisors. Aldrin Brown, Editor-in-Chief of MSPmentor, said, “I would like to congratulate JMARK Business Solutions for its recognition as an MSP 501 honoree. The managed service provider market is evolving at a rapid pace and the companies showcased on the 2017 MSP 501 list represent the most agile, flexible, and innovative organizations in the industry.”

JMARK Business Solutions, Inc. is based in Springfield, Missouri, with offices in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and Tulsa, Oklahoma. It provides complete I.T. services, solutions, and support to a large array of clients covering a broad spectrum of industries.

Contact Info:
Name: Todd Nielsen
Organization: JMARK Business Solutions, Inc.
Address: 601 N. National Ave., Suite 102, Springfield, MO 65802
Phone: 417-863-1700

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