IT Services in Springfield MO: Why Every Business Should Transition to the Cloud

According to The Guardian, the cloud industry is poised to grow by about 30 percent in the near future. However, a considerable number of small and medium-sized businesses have not migrated to the cloud. The truth is many business owners and managers just can’t make sense of the cloud and how it could potentially benefit their enterprise. If your business has not yet tapped into the power of the cloud, the time to do so is now. An IT services provider in Springfield, MO can help you make the transition. Here’s what will happen when you make the move to the cloud:

Enhanced Productivity

Studies show those who transition to the cloud enjoy improved productivity compared to those who do not make the move. This is partially attributed to the fact that cloud service providers are better equipped to deal with tech issues than the typical small to medium-sized business.

The Cloud Improves Connectivity

Transition to the cloud, and you will enjoy fantastic connectivity to data from any location at any point in time. All that is required is a device that connects your employees to the web, and your team will be off and running. The end result will be a dramatic increase in efficiency that enhances collaboration, improves client relations and drives revenue.

The Cloud Permits Software as a Service

The cloud makes it possible to take advantage of Software as a Service (SaaS). As an example, the cloud provides access to Microsoft 365. Use SaaS, and your organization will enjoy an array of benefits ranging from reduced costs to regular updates. It even empowers you to let anyone you trust work on the program on your behalf by sharing credentials. If you have any questions about SaaS, reach out to an IT services provider in Springfield, MO for assistance.

Make Efficient use of IT Personnel

Transition to a cloud-based environment, and the responsibility for maintenance and downtime reduction will fall on the shoulders of your service provider. This means you can make use of your limited IT personnel in the most efficient manner. Furthermore, there is no need to worry about the costs tied to such downtime and maintenance.

The Cloud Will Save Money on Hardware

Consider the following statistics: studies show those who move to the cloud enjoy upwards of a 17 percent reduction in IT costs compared to those who have not made the transition to the cloud. The cloud can be used for an array of programs, so you end up spending less when investing in hardware. A device like a tablet or a smartphone will help access applications, so there is no need to spend on dedicated hardware.

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IT Services in Springfield MO: IT Considerations for Healthcare Companies

IT has evolved so quickly and so expansively that healthcare IT can now be considered an industry in and of itself. Take a look at tech websites and publications and you will find most have a full section devoted to healthcare. Most healthcare companies have the same challenges when it comes to technology, yet they sometimes lack the funding necessary to manage IT in a highly effective manner. Here is a look at some of the challenges faced by small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and how to proceed to reduce costs and ramp up efficiency as well as security. We also explain how our IT services group in Springfield, MO can help with your IT challenges.

Data Sharing and Concerns Regarding Patient/Client Privacy

Companies of all sizes have issues with IT security. In particular, data sharing and the protection of patient and client records is critically important. There might be online access portals to facilitate the spread of information and make billing more direct. Other companies have nuanced digital offerings for patients and clients that pose their own unique challenges.

Keeping information safe and providing patients with easy access is a delicate balancing act referred to as a multi-layer security profile. Think of this profile as a system of checks and balances that safeguard the business as well as the clients. Digital security layers range from anti-virus software to email filtering, patching, encryption, multi-factor authentication and beyond. Though no network is completely impenetrable, a comprehensive security suite will certainly help protect data.

An Issue of Access

In some instances, companies lack access to the right technologies and systems required to be highly effective. It is possible that a network will be bogged down to the point that it locks up with regularity. It is even possible for the wide range of security measures to be put into place to be lost. This is especially true for companies on the smaller side (100 employees or less).

Managed Service Provides Direct Access to a Full IT Department

Businesses of all types should consider the merits of the managed services model. Our IT services company in Springfield, MO can handle your IT responsibilities, so you do not have to bother hiring and managing your own IT staff. It is a cost-effective means of handling those uber-complicated tech challenges. This way, you won’t have to rely on one or a couple IT workers who are in-house to attempt to shoulder your organization’s IT load.

Let an entire team handle your IT issues and you will enjoy the proactive support necessary to take your business to new heights. A managed services provider can handle IT needs including everything from upgrades, tracking software licenses and renewals, helpdesk support and so much more.

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10 Reasons Why IT Services Providers in Springfield MO Recommend the Cloud for Backup and Recovery

More and more small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are turning to providers of IT services in Springfield, MO for their backup strategies and disaster recovery plans. After all, it’s a practical business decision to move to the cloud because of its high availability and massive storage capacity. Still not sure if it’s the right move for your company? Consider the following:

1. Multiple backups

Cloud infrastructure is hosted in several locations, ensuring backups in more than one site. If a site goes down due to an emergency such as earthquakes, or hurricanes, your data is still recoverable from another site.

2. Full encryption

Your company’s data is encrypted to prevent unauthorized access, whether it’s in transit or in storage. Decryption is done on the fly, so only parts that need to be accessed are decrypted into memory. No copies are kept; they’re all destroyed.

3. Virtual machine replication

System downtime is sometimes unavoidable, but they can always be shortened to minimize losses. When on the cloud, virtual machines are replicated and saved in any global location your company wants. In the event of a disaster, they can be loaded up quickly.

4. Data deduplication

Deduplication refers to a technique of data compression designed to remove duplicates of repeating data. It’s costly to keep all these duplicates, but the cloud allows for deduplication. This results in using less storage space, which in turn leads to lower overhead costs.

5. Ready compliance

Providers of IT services in Springfield, MO partner with major cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform. These three adhere to strict enterprise standards, ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

6. Test environments

Because of multiple backups, at least one that’s identical to the production environment can be used for testing. Your company can experiment with as many use cases as possible because the actual data in the production environment remains untouched.

7. Central management

Your company needs to maintain only one virtual machine and just replicate it whenever necessary, even across different countries. If you want to work with offshore developers, you can now because the cloud makes it possible.

8. Data analysis

Backups can be studied and analyzed if you want to learn about storage growth and identify the risks of dormant data. It’s easier to do in the cloud because of better visibility. This knowledge can provide more business value to your company’s data.

9. Service on demand

Services can be switched on and off on a public cloud account depending on what your company needs at a given time. You have to pay only for what you use, not for what you don’t.  It’s an economical approach than subscribing to a set of services which your company doesn’t all need.

10. Single data source

Your company may have multiple backups, but it still has a single data source. This removes data redundancies and minimizes movements across different systems. As a result, your company saves on resources used.

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IT Services in Springfield MO: Cost-Saving Tips That Can Backfire

Your business needs some cost-saving tactics that eventually backfire, otherwise there is a good chance your organization will be leaking cash. Make sure whoever does the shopping for office equipment at your business takes the following information into consideration. Here is a look at the most common pitfalls of seemingly helpful cost-savings tactics and how IT services providers in Springfield, MO can help:

Buying the Cheapest on the Market

Most opt for economical solutions that end up providing a short useful life or require a seemingly never-ending series of repairs, so don’t always opt for the cheapest computing or network solution. Let our tech experts help you select the optimal computing and network equipment and you will save plenty of money and time across the long haul. The computer gurus will guide you away from equipment made with faulty construction and minimal durability. Do everything you can to avoid repairs or replacement and you will save a bundle.

Assembling Hardware on Your Own

Some attempt to save money by buying parts and having their IT team or other computer professionals assemble it. Though you can certainly save plenty of money by purchasing each part of a computer and assembling it, doing this type of work takes time and creates the potential for a costly mistake.

If no one on the team can figure out how to assemble the machine in question, outside assistance will be necessary. The costs of assembly might end up exceeding that of a computer or other device that is assembled prior to shipping. Furthermore, a computer assembled piecemeal with individual parts will almost certainly lack a warranty. Take the traditional route by purchasing your tech gear from popular electronics merchants. You’ll get a warranty and enjoy the peace of mind derived from knowing you purchased your electronics from a reputable group.

Skipping the Warranty

Plenty of people automatically skip the option for a warranty as they assume it will hike the initial price and last until the point in time when the computer begins to slow down. Saving money at the point of purchase is not always the best decision. If the equipment malfunctions on its own, or if anything else goes wrong in the covered period of time, you won’t have to shell out your hard-earned money for costly repairs or a brand new model.

Adopting the DIY Approach

There are numerous hidden costs to attempting the DIY route for in-office electronics. Consider the amount of time and energy your staff must expend to research the optimal computers, printers, network equipment and other techs for your office. Outsource this work to IT services experts in Springfield, MO. IT providers know the market and the current state of technology. This is the guidance your organization needs to maintain its competitive advantage. Let the tech experts help and your purchases will be fully compatible with other parts of your network. The end result is less downtime, increased efficiency and the stability you’ve been looking for.

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The Value of Outsourced IT Services in Springfield, MO

Getting Ahead of the Game

IT services providers in Springfield, MO can help you get an edge on competitors while increasing profit and decreasing infrastructural operational expenses— this is all possible through outsourced IT solutions.  Many companies do not like outsourcing IT early on for a variety of reasons, but as it turns out, with the most recent innovations in technology, it may just make more sense to upgrade earlier. Here are several reasons why:

  • Immediate access to established protocols
  • Configuration that is immediately standardized
  • A better, more reliable and effective it system
  • Contractors can work on multiple areas of operations
  • Getting the best organizational solutions locally and globally

Established Protocols

IT services providers in Springfield, MO will be able to institute protocols that have been established through previous experience. The best internal IT solutions will only have experience specifically with your system and will be restricted from discovering certain solutions. Meanwhile, an MSP that has dealt with a variety of customers locally and internationally can really help you avoid common problems while simultaneously starting with a well-oiled IT machine from the very beginning. To summarize: with an MSP, you don’t have to re-invent the wheel.

Immediately Standardized Configuration

Something else to consider when it comes to IT is standardization: if you don’t outsource to an MSP organization offering SI (Systems Integration) support, you’ll likely have multiple disparate systems working together.

An analogy: If you put uneven wheels on a cart it will still roll. It will be dangerous down and uphill, but if you run it slow on a flat surface, it could just work for a while. Or, you could have the wheels be equally sized and the wagon will run smoothly.

Integrated, standardized systems are wheels designed for the wagon they transport. Over time, internal systems often become speckled with 3rd-party solutions, which are like uneven wheels on a wagon. Immediate standardization via MSP solves this problem and facilitates more cost-effective, streamlined operation.

More Reliable and Effective IT

When everything is standardized, installed and maintained by an MSP, you’ll have more reliable IT solutions. Additionally, there will be better security protocols and protections. Finally, continuous monitoring solutions are available today that can catch a problem before it starts, and truly save your organization.

Contractors Can Work In Multiple Areas

If standardized, reliable IT supported by the best IT practices is available, it means MSP contractors can work interchangeably on multiple aspects of operation. This saves time, diminishes complication, and ultimately conserves your resources.

Local and Global Solutions

The right IT organization can help you in a local capacity, but they can additionally help you as your business expands internationally. The truth is, as a business expands, it requires more IT solutions— these get more complicated, especially as international markets become involved. MSP support that is outsourced can really save you time and money.

IT services in Springfield, MO from JMARK Business Solutions, Inc. can help you in a local and global capacity, can standardize IT configuration, provide more reliable services, and institute best practices from initialization. These are just a few of the reasons it makes sense to institute outsourced IT solutions as early as possible. Contact us to maximize your business’s potential.

IT Services in Springfield MO: A Look at Mobile Data Security

Data security is becoming more important with each passing day. This is true for businesses of all types, especially those in the hospitality industry. When people travel, they bring their laptops, tablets, and smartphones along to exchange information. Mobile individuals place their trust in businesses to keep data completely secure and private. Our IT services team in Springfield, MO is here to help you keep data secure at all times. Let’s take a look at some digital security tips:

Secure Wi-Fi is Essential

Though securing the Wi-Fi connection might seem like common sense, a surprising number of businesses fail to take this essential step. Any business that provides an encrypted network must make use of a legitimate password. The password should not be a short string of numbers or a simple word. It should contain letters, numbers and special characters. Otherwise, customers will hesitate to hop on the network as they will assume their information is exposed.

This is a seemingly minor security step yet it sets the tone for your business and the customer experience. Implement a secure Wi-Fi network and it will dramatically boost the perception of your overall brand. If you need assistance with setting up your Wi-Fi network or establishing a secure connection that malevolent parties can’t crack, our IT services team in Springfield, MO can help.

Protect Your Headquarters

Select a data management and storage system that is fully secure in all aspects. A successful server attack will access credit card data as well as other important financial information. If you don’t prioritize the security of your home base, hackers will eventually access everything from key codes to utilities, automated services and beyond.

Secure Mobile and Social Communication

Every customer can now be grouped into mobile and online customers. Nearly every single person in the developed world has a smartphone, tablet or laptop computer. It is imperative that your mobile site, mobile app, and website are fully secure and encrypted. After all, your customers will send and receive data through each of these digital portals. In terms of social communication, login passwords must be safe and hidden rather than shared. Your employees should be able to respond in an efficient manner through a single platform like Twitter. Alternatively, you can provide a third party login for a site such as Hootsuite.

Your Organization is Only as Strong as Its Weakest Link

Invest in the training of your staff to prevent data breaches resulting from employee negligence. Negligence means the lack of due care. A careless or uninformed employee can make a seemingly minor decision that causes a significant data breach. Take the time to teach employees about proper data handling methods. Employees should know it is not acceptable to play around on the web. This policy can be enforced with the implementation of internet breaks in which employees hop on the web with their smartphones. Build this culture of security today and it will pay massive dividends across posterity.

Comprehensive IT Support

At JMARK Business Solutions, Inc., our IT services team in Springfield, MO provides network management and support, digital security, server management, data backup, cloud computing support, help desk assistance, disaster recovery, and beyond. Let us handle your IT challenges so you can square your focus on what you do best. Contact us!

How IT Services in Springfield, MO Can Help Financial Businesses

The finance industry is an IT-intensive environment where regulatory requirements, consumer demands, and executives all exert their demands on the system. In addition to protecting consumer data and offering basic services, many financial service firms have to develop new products and services to remain competitive in the financial industry. This is why financial service providers need to turn to IT services providers in Springfield, MO to take on this next phase of growth and expansion.

Assessment and Planning

The first step in working with an MSP for your financial service company is having your system undergo a full assessment. The IT service provider will run tests on your infrastructure to identify weak points. Once the process is complete you will sit down with their team to discuss their findings, which direction your company is headed, and what IT changes need to be made over time.

Rolling Out Software Updates

Once the assessment and planning phase is done, the MSP will take over maintenance of your system. This will ensure that all devices on your network are compatible, and up to date with the latest software. This task itself is known to be time-consuming and draining on your internal IT team. By handing it off to a third party, your team can focus on more routine daily IT tasks.

Security Implementation

Security will always be a hot topic in the IT and financial services sectors. Your IT services provider in Springfield, MO will monitor your systems for threats and weaknesses that could harm your network. They will also take proactive steps to prevent data breaches and loss of data. After several years of large scale breaches hitting the news, an investment in security is one of the smartest investments you can make with your IT budget today to ensure a better tomorrow.

Disaster Recovery

Even with the best security in the IT world, there is always potential that, something could go wrong. Natural disasters among other events could cause you to lose data. Working with an MSP you will sit down and create a step-by-step recovery plan to minimize down time after a problem is discovered. This disaster recovery manual will cover every previously discussed scenario and will contain action plans to offer the best service during repair time. These are just four of the most important reasons that your financial services firm would benefit from the help of an MSP. They are available to help you navigate tough issues like security, software updates, and disaster recovery. The more prepared you are today by partnering with one of these expert service providers, the better off you will be if you encounter a major problem.

To learn more about how MSPs can help your financial company, contact us at JMARK Business Solutions today. Our IT services team in Springfield, MO is standing by to discuss the needs of your financial services firm and schedule your first consultation for ongoing IT support and development.