Your Computer Solutions Provider in Fayetteville AR Explains the Advantages of Server Virtualization

Virtualization is a vogue yet many people aren’t exactly sure what it really means and whether it extends beyond the realm of IT. Organizations of all types and sizes invest in virtualization for its myriad benefits. From additional uptime to server provisioning, energy savings and beyond, virtualization technologies prove quite helpful. Transitioning to virtualization means server workloads are not tied directly to specific hardware. Several virtual workloads happen at the same time on a single machine. Our computer solutions team in Fayetteville, AR understands the ins and outs of server virtualization. Let us analyze your unique business and explain how server virtualization can help. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of this unique technology.

Virtualization Benefits

Virtualization reduces costs as several applications are installed on one physical server. Virtualization also allows for higher server use rates in data centers. The vast majority of servers in solely physical environments are severely under-utilized. In fact, most are only used at about 10 percent of their capacity. Make use of a virtualized server and hardware utilization will be dramatically boosted as a single physical server can hold several virtual machines. Hardware and software expenses can drop by upwards of 40 percent when a server virtualization strategy is implemented.

Enhanced Disaster Recovery

The most important benefit of server virtualization is the ability to shift a virtual machine from a server to another without concern for safety or wasting time. It doesn’t take long to back up important data as your group will be empowered to form a replication site. The majority of enterprise virtualization solutions have software that facilitates the automation of the failover amidst a disaster. This software allows for the testing of a disaster recovery failover (your group’s escape plan of sorts). If a crisis develops at your data center, your infrastructure will already be positioned for the appropriate measures required to ensure a safe and speedy recovery. The same cannot be said of an organization that relies on a group of physical servers.

Enhanced Productivity

A reduction in physical servers leads to increased productivity as there is less to manage and maintain. Applications that once took weeks to provision are now completed in mere minutes. Your team will have that much more time to spend on important responsibilities that truly bolster your bottom line. Our computer solutions group in Fayetteville, AR can pinpoint all sorts of other ways in which tech solutions can reduce your costs and catalyze revenue.

Save Money on Energy Costs

Migrate servers to virtual machines and you can consolidate them to the point that you significantly reduce your power and cooling expenses. This is a fantastic way to go green for the sake of the environment and save plenty of the other green ($) at the same time. In fact, VMware reports the consolidation of servers decreases energy costs by upwards of 80 percent. Furthermore, virtualization empowers your team to power down servers without impacting users or applications.

Are you looking for assistance with server management, server support for your network or general IT? Our computer solutions group in Fayetteville, AR is here to help. At JMARK Business Solutions, we do it all, from data backup management to cloud computing, mobile device management and beyond. contact us and you will find your business operates much more efficiently.

Mini PCs: Those Not-So-Mini Computer Solutions in Fayetteville, AR

Businesses of all sizes seek IT support. With so many options and ideas, finding the right support takes time. Those looking for computer solutions in Fayetteville, AR might consider mini PCs. Traditional IT solutions fall out of favor. Mini PCs blend many traits any employer needs. They merge the best of desktops and mobile and they blend power and mobility. Over the years, mini PCs have proven their worth to savvy business owners. Conducting business anywhere at any time has never been easier.

Mini PCs Adapt to Suit the Needs of Any Business

Mini PCs work well for any company looking for computer solutions in Fayetteville, AR. Many small businesses choose mini computers for their adaptability. With technology improving at such a rapid pace, purchasing an outdated device could happen to anyone— that is not the case with mini PCs. Mini PCs stack up to computers considered “cutting-edge.”

In the past, businesses have favored desktops for their reputation as powerhouses. Mini PCs have proven that this is no longer the case. As technology evolves, the size of components continues to shrink. They show up in more places than ever, including mini PCs. This makes these PCs the optimal choice for any company looking for long-term IT solutions. Whether using an HDD or SSD, memory for mini PCs expands to meet any challenge. Neither processing nor visuals suffer as a result of the smaller size. Personal computers have always had top of the line processors and graphics cards. The only difference is that they are small enough for almost any computer. Modern businesses streamline their computing needs by switching to mini PCs.

Mini PCs Are a Cost-Effective IT Solution

There are many ways to keep a business competitive. Technology acts as one of the most integral. It is also one of the most expensive investments a company must make. Large amounts of business capital go towards technology. Companies opting for mini PCs save money. Budget-conscious employers value mini PCs for their cost. Streamlining this computing power makes it as efficient as possible. This streamlined approach costs less than their bulkier desktop counterparts. They have less electrical needs than a standard PC, as well. Having fewer electrical costs makes these PCs more energy efficient. That makes them easier on the wallet.

The issue of cost comes into play when considering maintenance, too. Traditional PCs break down or wear out after a few years. Whereas desktop computers have many moving parts, mini PCs are solid. They use solid-state drives as opposed to hard drive disks. There are no disk drives or readers to maintain. Mini PCs even generate less heat than desktops. This means they resist overheating with prolonged use.

Businesses seeking computer solutions in Fayetteville, AR have a clear choice in JMARK Business Solutions. We make strides to meet the unique IT needs of companies around the world. We offer a variety of approaches designed to save money. We can save you money without sacrificing quality. Whether you’re an owner or an employee, full time or part time, we work to keep your business competitive. To learn more, contact us.

Top Digital Trends in Financial Services and Computer Solutions in Fayetteville AR

The financial services industry is incredibly dynamic. The technology propelling this industry forward is quite remarkable that it progresses at a truly frantic pace. The rise of cryptocurrencies, digital deposits, and online payments are changing the way people spend, save, purchase, and sell. Let’s take a look at the top digital transformations and how our computer solutions company in Fayetteville, AR can help your business:

Blockchain Hits the Scene

Blockchain is the technology that serves as the foundation for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. This technology is valuable in the context of digital payments yet it also has potential in other realms. At its core, the value of blockchain resides in providing completely secure trades. Though these trades are financial in nature at the moment, the technology is applicable to exchanging anything from copyrights to royalties etc. There is no need for a middle man thanks to blockchain. Look for blockchain to expand into investment management and other niches as time progresses.

People are Bypassing Banks and Credit Unions

The number of brick-and-mortar banks and credit unions has decreased by nearly 50 percent since 1995. This development is attributed to the popularity of online banking. All one needs is a smartphone to transfer money, pay bills and even deposit checks. The rise of mobile money wellness platforms is particularly interesting. These mobile financial service providers allow for banking, budgeting, bill-paying and even crowdfunding from the comfort of home.


Thanks to the blockchain, there is no need for a bank or other middle man in financial transactions. Though blockchain is not used by the masses, it will soon spill into the mainstream sooner rather than later. This technology allows for secure financial transactions in which no one is overlooking the transaction and tempted to skim a bit off the top. If your company has any concerns over digital security, do not hesitate to reach out to our computer solutions team in Fayetteville, AR for assistance.

A Reduced Need for Tangible Money

Though money is necessary for the basics of life, physical currency is on its way out. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are digital in nature. Though Bitcoin is not backed by a government, it certainly adds fluidity to our economic system. As technology continues to improve, people will pay with Bitcoin, implanted chips, retina scans, fingerprint scans, and so on.

New Experiences

It is now possible to deposit checks with smartphones. This is quite the new and unique experience. Financial technologies are empowering people to avoid banks’ long lines, send/receive money with ease and budget with precision. It is even possible to research and purchase an automobile or a house from one’s smartphone. The pace of these changes is amazingly quick. One can only wonder how these technologies will evolve.

If you have grown tired of attempting to manage all of your IT duties in-house, you are not alone. IT has become increasingly complex in recent years. Outsource some or all of your IT work to our team here at JMARK Business Solutions and you will find your operations run much more smoothly. We provide various computer solutions for Fayetteville, AR businesses, such as IT management, server management, digital security, network support, cloud computing solutions, help desk assistance, backup management, and so much more. Contact us today to learn more.

Mobile Is The New Normal: Find Reliable Computer Solutions In Fayetteville, AR

More Devices Than People

Computer solutions in Fayetteville, AR are quickly advancing. Previously, MSPs primarily managed on-site data centers and networks, were unique to a company. Gradually, through innovations, mergers, and leaps in technological development, those networks gave way to the cloud. Simultaneously, cellular technology began expanding service until the smartphone revolution fundamentally transformed the way we process and use information giving way to the Internet of Things, or IoT. This refers to the ever-expanding network of devices connected to the internet and are manipulable remotely.

There are now over 8 billion IoT devices (including smartphones), and it is expected to increase to 25 billion by 2025. Currently, there are a little over 7.5 billion people living in the world meaning that the IoT covers more devices than people, and that is going to increase even if it doesn’t hit the 25 billion forecast. If you’re not using IoT, you’re going to need to. And when you do, you’ll need IT assistance. Here are three prime considerations you should use to inform your forward development strategy:

  • Cybercrime: A Public Safety Concern
  • Competitive Edge Facilitation
  • Operational Cost Reduction


Computer solutions in Fayetteville, AR are familiar with cybercrime, and continually work to defray it. But as smartphones and IoT devices compound at the nigh-exponential rate at which they are currently compounding, vulnerabilities develop. It becomes increasingly possible for hackers to exploit new vulnerabilities. Almost as soon as they are discovered, these holes in the network quilt of innovative web expansion are patched. However, new holes develop as new innovations continue to revitalize the market.

Unfortunately, the convenience and cost-effectiveness of IoT is sometimes putting the public at risk when it is employed without requisite support. Systems like traffic lights running from the Internet of Things are vulnerable to attack. Hackers regularly target public institutions; in the last part of 2016, they shut down a public transit circuit in San Francisco. Later that same year there was a DDoS attack on several major corporations along the east coast. Forbes forecasts a $2 trillion loss from cybercrime in 2019. Your business would do well to invest in protection.

Competetive Edge Facilitation

The IoT market is set to triple within eight years. If you get involved with it now, you’ll have a competitive edge over peers who aren’t so quick to. There are bugs in IoT which are quickly becoming resolved, and again the guidance of a professional MSP is to be recommended here. In business, you need any edge you can get–and there are benefits in terms of operational optimization.

Operational Cost Reduction

The more information you can get regarding operations, the more redundancies you can excise, and the more streamlined your business’s infrastructure becomes. IoT is revolutionary precisely because it provides such information.

Optimization, Protection, And Competitive Edge

Computer solutions in Fayetteville, AR offered by JMARK Business Solutions, Inc. can help protect you against increasing cybercrime that will utilize mobile vulnerabilities left without fortification. Additionally, we can help you apply cost-reductive IoT solutions that will maximize your competitiveness in the marketplace while simultaneously helping you reduce what it costs to run your business. Contact us to expand your profitability.