Computer Solutions in Fayetteville, AR: Deciding Which Form of Cloud Computing to Use

Cloud computing technology has opened some great doors for businesses of all sizes. Some of the benefits include cutting down on infrastructure costs, increased flexibility, and more opportunities for collaboration and remote work. Businesses that want to adopt the cloud have to weigh out the pros and cons of different computer solutions in Fayetteville, AR, namely public, private, and hybrid clouds.

Private, Public, or Hybrid?

Every business has a unique set of needs, expectations, and resources. Smaller companies and startups usually have limited finances and human resources and are more likely to look for a cloud solution that is economical and easy to implement. Larger more established companies, on the other hand, have greater IT budgets and long-term technology strategies and are, therefore, willing to implement more extensive cloud solutions.

Public clouds are offered by companies such as Amazon and Google over the internet. A business can pay for cloud space and begin making use of the online storage and applications available over the cloud. All this is set up and managed by the provider, meaning that it’s easy to begin using but also difficult to tailor to a business’ unique needs.

Private clouds are wholly owned and operated by the business. They can be customized to meet a company’s specific needs using the expertise of the in-house IT department or a company that provides computer solutions in Fayetteville, AR. Businesses with private clouds have complete control of their systems which is particularly important as far as data security is concerned. This on-premise deployment is quite costly and extensive.

For businesses looking for a combination of the benefits of public and private clouds and wanting to connect on-premise infrastructure to the cloud, a hybrid cloud solution is available. Hybrid clouds allow businesses to expand their internal systems to the public cloud as and when needed. One example of a time this could be very useful is when you are having scheduled maintenance. Your business need not shut down completely when you can migrate some important applications to the public cloud during this time.

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Computer Solutions in Fayetteville AR: Don’t Neglect Security in the IoT

Any business that handles sensitive information, such as credit card numbers or clients’ contacts, is at risk of a data breach. Hackers target both large and small companies, so your business needs to put a strategy in place to reduce this risk. Companies that provide computer solutions in Fayetteville, AR can recommend and monitor the security of your IT systems. The potential cost and repercussions of a data breach are too great and widespread to ignore. How does cybersecurity look in the IoT? This growing area of technology requires tailored and creative solutions to mitigate the risk of cyber-attacks.

Security Challenges in the IoT

The IoT allows everyday devices to participate in a network, opening up the potential for a great number of uses. Smart devices can be monitored and controlled remotely which can simplify and minimize the need for active human handling. Smart fridges in medical settings, for example, can be fitted with sensors which transmit temperature information regularly so that a remote maintenance technician is alerted when the fridge loses power. IoT applications are growing across different industries, including home security, aerospace, engineering, power, energy, as well as manufacturing.

Because of the widespread uses of the IoT, the number of security threats has been expanded. With traditional networks, the number of connected devices is limited to the number of computers and mobile devices connected to the network. With the IoT, there are many connected points, and resultantly, more points of exposure. The impact of attacks in the IoT is greater because it stretches beyond lost data. Connected devices such as manufacturing equipment, home appliances, or even power grids, when manipulated by a hacker, can actually lead to malfunctions that can put the safety and lives of people at great risk. The process of updating smart devices also poses a feasibility and practicality challenge. This is why your business needs to prioritize security and look for current computer solutions in Fayetteville, AR.

Potential Solutions

The IoT is an emerging technology, so there must be continuous research and development as the applications and the numbers and types of connected devices grow. The security challenges are real, and the threats are not all known at the moment. Nevertheless, existing technology can be tailored to secure the IoT in a number of different ways. The federal government has made considerable strides to provide guidelines in terms of cyber security with the Internet of Things Cyber Security Improvement Act of 2017.

IT experts are working tirelessly to come up with security solutions for the IoT. Some of these include improving security restraints when a device is turned on, limiting access to devices and to the network through authentication processes, and through firewalls that are industry-specific.

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Computer Solutions in Fayetteville AR: The Importance of Data Safety and Testing Data Backups

Every business needs impenetrable data protection. Above all, formidable protection is necessary to stop monetary loss that has the potential to doom your business. The loss of information can decrease productivity, reduce sales, ruin your business’s reputation and possibly even lead to costly lawsuits. Add in the fact that regulatory requirements mandate compliance with data protection rules. It is clear that data loss is just about the worst-case scenario for most organizations. Thankfully, computer solutions experts in Fayetteville, AR can help you prevent data loss and subsequent financial loss.

Data Protection for Compliance

The last thing your business needs is to deal with the fallout of non-compliance for violating regulatory requirements. If your business does not adhere to the nuances of regulations in terms of data transmission and storage, the financial consequences could be lofty. Aside from stiff fines, your organization can also face legal action due to the improper storage or transfer of information.

Business Continuity and Data Backups

The best data protection plans include reliable data backups and a business continuity plan. The optimal data protection strategy includes multiple layers to ensure data is protected in the event of a crisis. Application and data backups are essential to strategic business continuity plans. There are countless reasons to add a reliable data backup solution. From user errors to hardware failures and software bugs, there are numerous ways in which data can be modified or deleted. There is a constant risk of malicious activities, whether it is to steal, destroy or alter business data.

Go One Step Beyond Data Backup

It is not enough to simply back up your data every now and then. The data backups should be tested with regularity to ensure they are functioning. Fail to perform regular tests, and you will only be doing half the work. There is no sense in waiting until an actual disaster occurs. If you wait, you might end up determining the backups prove unreliable and the important data can’t be retrieved. This is precisely why the periodic testing of backups for hardware, software and beyond will prove essential to your organization’s success. For that, relying on computer solutions experts in Fayetteville, AR is definitely a big help.

Today’s tech makes the data backup testing process that much easier. Thanks to virtualization, the testing and restore processes are now quite easy. Virtualization permits for your organization’s data and applications to be streamlined. A centralized virtual machine makes the recovery from the backup that much more reliable and easier. Once your backups are tested, you will have a benchmark to gauge recovery processes against. You will validate restore processes are functional and ultimately enjoy an invaluable peace of mind.

At JMARK Business Solutions, Inc., we provide computer solutions in Fayetteville, AR and are ready to help with your tech challenges. From cloud computing to data backup management, outsourced help desk support, data analytics and beyond, we can help with all of your tech needs. Contact us now learn more about our services.

Computer Solutions in Fayetteville AR: What Happens When Data is Lost?

Losing data is a major emergency. Some businesses fail to bounce back if the loss is extensive and the data can’t be retrieved. The unfortunate truth is, technology has the potential to fail just like everything else. The bottom line is, every business is exposed to risk when storing and transferring digital data. That is why computer solutions experts in Fayetteville, AR advise that it is imperative you have the proper systems in place to secure your data backup and ameliorate data recovery efforts.

If a hard drive crashes or if there is a disaster like a fire or a harsh storm, your data will be subjected to risk unless you have the proper preparations in place. Data loss without a backup will damage your business in all sorts of different ways. Computer solutions experts in Fayetteville, AR can help you prevent such damage and also help you bounce back if you lose data.

A Look at What Happens When Data is Lost

If your lost data and records can’t be recovered, your operations will likely be temporarily halted. This means you will essentially be out of business until you can replicate the lost records and data. Such downtime can prove devastating to your business. Clients will be angry, business partners will be more than livid and your employees will be frustrated as they won’t have the data necessary to get work done. This is the nightmare scenario that can be prevented with the proper preparations.

Back up Your Data to Reduce Risk

Lost data might not prove recoverable. This is actually the most common outcome for companies that regularly back up their records and data. Such a backup should be stored at an offsite location, far away from the primary source.

The Challenge of Recovering Data

Recovering data can prove to be quite the arduous and lengthy project. It is also possible some of the data will not prove recoverable, so don’t assume a crisis won’t impact your digital records. It is certainly possible your team will end up investing dozens of hours attempting to retrieve data. If the data is permanently lost, it will be awfully difficult to explain it to your clients, business partners, investors and other important individuals.

Business Application Failure

If a disaster strikes and data is temporarily or permanently unavailable, important business applications might also fail. Such a scenario is especially true for relational databases. As an example, if a central database that has customer data can’t be accessed, the system that processes transactions might also malfunction. An organization that can’t process sales and relies on other applications for essential processes will not say in business for long.

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How to Secure Tablets and Smartphones with Computer Solutions in Fayetteville AR

Take a moment to think about how much time you spend on your smartphone and/or tablet. If you are like most people, a large portion of your life is on these mobile electronic devices. Personal data, including usernames, passwords, photographs, emails, texts and financial information, are on these devices. Just as important is the fact that work-related data is also on smartphones and tablets to boot. The solution is not to scrap mobile devices simply because they pose risks. Mobile devices are essential to get work done, especially for those who travel to make a living. Here are tips from our computer solutions team in Fayetteville AR on how to secure these mobile devices:

Software Updates Help

Update your mobile phone’s operating system and apps on your smartphone or tablet. These updates are essential to implement security corrections. Software updates should be downloaded the day they become available. If you have any questions or concerns about such updates, our computer solutions team in Fayetteville AR is here to help.

Establish Passwords

Passwords are essential to prevent unauthorized parties from using your smartphone or tablet. If your mobile device is not protected with a passcode, those who obtain your device will be able to access all your data. If possible, use a long alphanumeric password. Once the password is set, turn on the mobile device’s auto-lock function. Set this function to the shortest possible time frame. In general, a couple minutes is ideal. This feature will save battery life and reduce the chances someone will find the phone when it is in power on.

Understand the Risks Posed by Public Wi-Fi

Be cautious when surfing the web on a public Wi-Fi connection. Such a public connection opens the door for others to watch what you do online and capture your data.

App-Savvy Mobile Device Users Enjoy Reduced Risk

Install trusted and respected apps from legitimate app stores like Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft. Every mobile device user should be aware of the fact that it is possible to load apps with malware that infect the device and pilfer data. Avoid third-party app merchants as there is a heightened chance they will host malicious apps marketed as popular real apps.

Turn on Wiping and Remote Location

Stopping someone from collecting your sensitive information should be one of your top priorities when using a mobile device. The use of the “kill switch” that makes it more difficult to wipe and subsequently resell a stolen smartphone is partially attributable to the reduction in smartphone thefts. If your mobile device is stolen or lost, tracking apps will tell you where it is located. Such apps also make it possible to wipe sensitive or other important data in a remote manner. Think of remote wiping like a factory reset. It erases all the information on the tablet or smartphone.

Invest the Time Necessary to Read Permissions

Do not blindly accept app terms and conditions. If the app accesses the mobile device’s microphone, camera, contacts or other features/information, question why.

Be Smart

If you receive shady text messages from unknown parties, delete it. Do not click on unknown phone numbers or links. Keep in mind if you fall prey to a mobile device scammer, you could end up locked out of your device and extorted for money.

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Computer Solutions in Fayetteville AR: What You Need to Know about Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber liability refers to the first and third-party risks presented with e-commerce, the web, networks, and general digital information. You can obtain cyber liability insurance to mitigate costs when information protection is breached and data exposure occurs. Anything from business interruptions to fraud, extortion, theft, privacy matters, copyrights, crisis management and general data storage risks fall into this overarching risk category. Here is the explanation about cyber liability insurance from computer solutions experts in Fayetteville, AR:

The Benefits of Cyber Liability Insurance

Anyone who owns a website has a legal liability as a publisher as well as a legal duty to safeguard client privacy. It is easy to make a website, yet making that website secure is a completely different challenge. The bottom line is cyber liability will continue to evolve and pose risk for every website and business owner. Cyber liability insurance coverage is meant for any business that stores or transfers personal or confidential information. If you or your company handle such sensitive information, you face a certain level of risk that you can mitigate with cyber liability insurance. In fact, this insurance has the potential to save your business in the event of a massive breach.

Why Cyber Liability Insurance is Different from Other Forms of Insurance

Regular liability products are not applicable to web exposure. The risks posed to online businesses and any business with a website are constantly changing. You need cyber liability insurance to round out your business’s insurance. You won’t have any form of compensation in the event of a cyber breach when you skip this important insurance. If you have questions or concerns about cyber liability insurance and other aspects of digital protection, computer solutions experts in Fayetteville, AR can help.

Cyber Liability Risks

If hackers are able to breach your system and obtain data about your clients, employees, visitors, and others, they will sell that information on the dark web or elsewhere. Personal information is valuable to identity thieves and other unscrupulous characters.

As an example, a full identity can fetch upwards of $80 on the dark web or the black market. If the hacker steals thousands of names and personal information, he can sell it for tens of thousands of dollars or more. Even a Gmail username and password can sell for $80. A Facebook username and password goes for around $300. If a hacker steals bank account information, he can sell it for anywhere between $15 and $850.

Credit cards with a thousand dollars of available credit sell for at least $25. Credit card information complete with the victim’s complete personal profile sell for around $80. These figures make it clear your organization’s client and staff sensitive data are worth big bucks, especially when stolen in bulk.

JMARK Business Solutions, Inc. can help you prevent them from happening. We can help you with your tech needs. We provide computer solutions for Fayetteville, AR companies, including help desk support, cloud computing, digital security, data backup management, server management and support and more. Contact us today to coordinate an initial appointment.

Computer Solutions in Fayetteville, AR: The Definition, Advantages, and Questions of Patch Management

Security should be a top priority in running your business. Without the proper security layers, you run the risk of leaving your important business information vulnerable and your I.T. infrastructure susceptible to cyberattacks. Patch management and a computer solutions provider in Fayetteville, AR can make the difference between having a secure network or having an insecure system where everything you worked for can be lost. Your business relies on a high level of security to function well, inform yourself on the definition, advantages, and questions to consider when it comes to patch management, so you can continue with your business’ success.


Patch management is the installation of the newest code changes which can improve the system and repair and “patch” security vulnerabilities. Processes like choosing which patches are best for particular systems, making sure patches are properly installed, and testing the installation are all under the objectives of patch management. Simply put, patch management is the process of keeping your systems up-to-date and safe from malware and hacking.


Heightened Security and Productivity

Having a higher level of security is an obvious benefit. I.T. vendors release patches that can fix your network’s vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers or malicious software. Due to the higher level of security, your employees can be sure that their information and other types of progress are safe. Patches can help with crashes and reduce downtime, so time and money can be saved. These patches can keep your mind at ease about security, so you and your employees can focus on other parts of your business.

Have Up-to-Date Technology

Today, business and technology go hand-in-hand. So, it is best that your company is well-equipped with the latest technology. Having an automated patch management service can help your company keep up with the newest advancements. The new patches may come with the latest features and bring support to other platforms.

Questions to Ask About Your Patch Management Solution

Is the Scanning Thorough Enough?

You should be sure that your patch management tool is thoroughly scanning through your network and identifying all missing patches. It should also consider if patches have been superseded or updated, this way you can be sure you are getting the most useful and up-to-date services.

Is the Patch Deployment Efficient?

The patch management tool should install the patches and updates efficiently, while considering bandwidth, IP ranges, and other potential concerns. Thankfully, you can work with the best providers of computer solutions in Fayetteville, AR to ensure that everything runs efficiently.

Is the Reporting Detailed Enough?

I.T. managers should have the proper information that reports on every issue faced, deployment progress, and the statuses of the patches. This is so you can get a patch management tool that matches your needs and requirements.

Patch management and a provider of computer solutions in Fayetteville, AR are essential in the security of your I.T. infrastructure. Without the proper patch management, your security may be outdated and vulnerable to cyberattacks and hackers. If you want to learn more about patch management or other services, contact us at JMARK Business Solutions, Inc.

Computer Solutions in Fayetteville AR: The Value of Document Management Software

Document management software is changing the manner in which businesses operate. This software saves time, money and space through improved efficiency. This is the seamless business administration tool you have been looking for. In particular, DocLogix is especially noteworthy for document management purposes. If you are interested in implementing document management software like DocLogix for your business, a computer solutions provider in Fayetteville, AR can help you obtain maximum benefit.

Document Management Software is Worth the Money

Document management software is not free. However, if you were to poll those who pay for document management software, most would state that it is worth the relatively minor cost. This software will make your day-to-day operations that much smoother. DocLogix is revered as the best solution for enterprise content management. Those who do business in the manufacturing sector are especially pleased with this document management software.

The Many Benefits of Document Management Software

Document management software will improve the flow and security of your operations as soon as it is implemented. This solution allows for easy document sharing, storage, and retrieval. It cuts down on storage space and even creates the potential for a paperless office. Document management software enhances digital security, allows for improved legal and regulatory compliance and provides advanced data backup and disaster recovery support.

There is no longer a need for paper documents when you implement this environmentally-efficient solution. Your team will save space, eliminate the potential for human error, and do your part to preserve our increasingly-sensitive environment. Going green with document management software might not seem like a big deal to your in-house team, yet it certainly can help your business.

Go paperless with document management software, and you will spend that much less on paper and ink. Furthermore, you can tout your company’s commitment to preserving the environment when recruiting new clients and business partners. If you would like to enjoy these benefits but are hesitant to transition to document management software, a computer solutions provider in Fayetteville, AR can help you make the leap.

DocLogix Document Management Software

Think of how nice it would be to have a one-stop solution for documents that move in and out of your business. DocLogix provides such a platform. It lets you and your team transmit, share, alter, store and retrieve documents from any point on the globe. It is now possible to store everything from a business contract to invoices, purchase orders and emails in a digital manner. DocLogix even lets managers monitor employee progress by way of shared access. The end result is better-connected executives, project managers, sales professionals, and administrators.

The ability to streamline daily processes is especially important in the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing businesses must be able to shift their focus to areas of importance in a moment’s notice. Document management sharing provides this flexibility and frees up cash. You will spend less on office supplies and other equipment when you take the paperless route.

If you are interested in learning more about document management or need any sort of computer solutions in Fayetteville, AR, contact JMARK Business Solutions. We provide outsourced I.T. services, network management, cloud computing, mobile device management, data analytics and more.

Computer Solutions in Fayetteville AR: Patch Management

Patch management, combined with computer solutions in Fayetteville, AR is the optimal strategy to combat digital security threats. This is the protection your I.T. infrastructure needs as the reliance on tech continues to expand. Consider how a cyber attack or other digital threat could devastate your business. The I.T. framework allows for the streamlining of daily operations, optimal productivity, reduced costs and a boost to the bottom line. Patch management protects your I.T. infrastructure to keep your operations humming along without outside interference.

Why Patch Management is so Important

Every single computer in the building should have the latest patches. Network monitoring can pinpoint vulnerabilities. Once these weak points are identified, security updates can be applied. Such updates are known as security patches. Patch management alone will not suffice. The aim is for highly effective patch management to combat data breaches as well as the litany of other cyber threats to I.T.. All it takes is for a single computer to miss the patch for the entire environment to be put in jeopardy. Thankfully, computer solutions providers in Fayetteville, AR can facilitate the protection of all machines under your roof.

Benefits of Patch Management

  • Prevent Failures – Opt for patch management, and your system will be continuously monitored. Service recovery along with fault isolation will be triggered right away to pinpoint and control failures and outages. Service restoration will ultimately prove much quicker than an approach that does not include patch management.
  • Patch Management is Automatic – Part of the appeal of patch management is the fact that it is automated. It provides a steady stream of updates to help businesses prevent downtime.
  • Reliable Uptime – Nowadays, service uptime is vitally important for modern businesses. This is true for multinational corporations as well as small businesses. Excessive downtime that was unplanned is no longer acceptable. Such downtime leads to a reduction in productivity, a drop in revenue and damaged client relations. Furthermore, the fallout of excessive downtime that hampers operations has the potential to negatively impact the company’s brand.
  • Specialized Techniques – System availability can be enhanced with cluster technologies across periods of redundancy. Workarounds that enhance productivity are used when possible.

Patch Management Shortcomings

It is worth noting that patch management has its fair share of critics. Some complain patching is overly complex when organizations use disparate or non-standardized systems. Furthermore, in certain companies, the scale necessary for patching that empowers workers to safely use their devices can prove overwhelming as every device has to be patched and monitored. Otherwise, there is no guarantee the network will be fully secure. Though there is some legitimacy to these alleged weaknesses, the benefits of patch management far outweigh the flaws. Ask any business owner or manager who has taken advantage of patch management on its merit, and the response will be overwhelmingly positive.

A computer solutions provider in Fayetteville, AR, such as JMARK Business Solutions, Inc., is here to handle your I.T. challenges. Contact us today and let us provide you an array of additional services ranging from digital security to network support, server management, data backup recovery, cloud computing and data analytics.

How to Protect Data on Social Media and Fortify Your Computer Solutions in Fayetteville AR

You can work with the best provider of computer solutions in Fayetteville, AR, but if you don’t teach your staff about security on social networking platforms, you still have a long way to go. Nowadays, the use of social media is so ingrained in our daily lives that ignoring its possible impact on security is a big mistake. Fortunately, the basics of protecting data on social media aren’t too hard to follow. Make sure to train your staff on the following:

Don’t Overshare

It’s easy to get carried away on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and all other social media networks. In their quest for more likes, views, hits, and follows, people don’t think twice about posting information that reveal a lot about their lives, like their full names, the full names of their family members, birthdays, addresses, current locations, etc. Hackers today are smart enough to extrapolate data from different sources and guess password combinations from said data.

Tweak Your Privacy Settings

Different social media networks offer a variety of privacy settings which you can customize to ensure only the intended audience sees the content and information you share. On Instagram and Twitter, you can make your profile either public or private. On Snapchat, you can send snaps to select friends. On Facebook, you can do much more – change audiences per post, hide parts of your profile, prohibit friends’ posts on your wall, just to name a few.

Be More Discerning

Hackers can get into someone else’s account and pretend to be that person. Then, they send messages to that person’s friends, saying they got mugged abroad and need you to send money. This has happened on Facebook before, and some people have fallen for it. To avoid being a victim, verify that the person is who they say they are by asking them questions which can’t be answered by anything on their profile. A personal question, an inside joke, a shared experience – use these to confirm that you are talking to the right person and not an impostor.

Block Questionable Users

It’s already a given to not accept follow/friend requests from people you don’t know. But some people are too suspicious that they should be blocked, too. They’re someone who insists on meeting up with you, sends you uncomfortable messages, leaves inappropriate comments, and exhibits other shady behavior. Block them so that they won’t have access to anything you share online. Your provider of computer solutions in Fayetteville, AR can’t do that for you, so you have to do it yourself.

Activate Two-Factor Authentication

2FA adds another layer of protection to your accounts on social media networks. Since almost everyone has a mobile phone now, it’s advisable to enable it so that you get a one-time numeric code via SMS after you supply your username and password online. Thus, even if someone got access to your password, they can’t still log in to your account because they don’t have the code. LinkedIn offers this feature.

Of course, partnering with a reliable provider of computer solutions in Fayetteville, AR will improve your company’s security even more. Thus, contact us at JMARK Business Solutions for your tech needs.