IT Services in Springfield MO: Cost-Saving Tips That Can Backfire

Your business needs some cost-saving tactics that eventually backfire, otherwise there is a good chance your organization will be leaking cash. Make sure whoever does the shopping for office equipment at your business takes the following information into consideration. Here is a look at the most common pitfalls of seemingly helpful cost-savings tactics and how IT services providers in Springfield, MO can help:

Buying the Cheapest on the Market

Most opt for economical solutions that end up providing a short useful life or require a seemingly never-ending series of repairs, so don’t always opt for the cheapest computing or network solution. Let our tech experts help you select the optimal computing and network equipment and you will save plenty of money and time across the long haul. The computer gurus will guide you away from equipment made with faulty construction and minimal durability. Do everything you can to avoid repairs or replacement and you will save a bundle.

Assembling Hardware on Your Own

Some attempt to save money by buying parts and having their IT team or other computer professionals assemble it. Though you can certainly save plenty of money by purchasing each part of a computer and assembling it, doing this type of work takes time and creates the potential for a costly mistake.

If no one on the team can figure out how to assemble the machine in question, outside assistance will be necessary. The costs of assembly might end up exceeding that of a computer or other device that is assembled prior to shipping. Furthermore, a computer assembled piecemeal with individual parts will almost certainly lack a warranty. Take the traditional route by purchasing your tech gear from popular electronics merchants. You’ll get a warranty and enjoy the peace of mind derived from knowing you purchased your electronics from a reputable group.

Skipping the Warranty

Plenty of people automatically skip the option for a warranty as they assume it will hike the initial price and last until the point in time when the computer begins to slow down. Saving money at the point of purchase is not always the best decision. If the equipment malfunctions on its own, or if anything else goes wrong in the covered period of time, you won’t have to shell out your hard-earned money for costly repairs or a brand new model.

Adopting the DIY Approach

There are numerous hidden costs to attempting the DIY route for in-office electronics. Consider the amount of time and energy your staff must expend to research the optimal computers, printers, network equipment and other techs for your office. Outsource this work to IT services experts in Springfield, MO. IT providers know the market and the current state of technology. This is the guidance your organization needs to maintain its competitive advantage. Let the tech experts help and your purchases will be fully compatible with other parts of your network. The end result is less downtime, increased efficiency and the stability you’ve been looking for.

If you are looking for an IT services in Springfield, MO, contact us today at JMARK Business Solutions. Our IT services business handles everything from cloud computing to data backup, mobile device management, digital security, servers and beyond.

Managed IT Services in Springfield MO: A Look at Threat Detection and Response

Threat detection and response (TDR) is rooted in using big data analytics to pinpoint potential threats in massive and complex data sets. The purpose is to identify anomalies, determine their threat level, and figure out the best response to mitigate possible damage. There is an ever-growing demand for TDR solutions due to the rapid expansion of big data. Our managed IT services team in Springfield, MO is here to help with all things related to TDR.

Benefits of TDR Software

TDR solutions are employed through software at endpoint devices. They connect to the centralized management platform for monitoring and reporting. These solutions automatically pinpoint threats and respond in the appropriate manner in real time. They find threats that would have otherwise gone unnoticed by most antivirus programs and firewalls. Anomalies and patterns are identified with the use of sophisticated analytics. Anything from an unrecognized connection to suspicious processes raises concern.

TDR tools also correlate data events across numerous sources. They correlate incredible amounts of information gathered on the network and endpoints to prioritize capabilities like threat scoring to bring potential sources of harm to light.

TDR Alerts

TDR tools allow for the configuration of automatic alerts for nuanced anomalies and particularly dangerous activities. Once an alert is set off, our managed IT services group in Springfield, MO can analyze the threat and develop a response. They can also examine recorded data, eliminate false positives, validate legitimate threats, eliminate malicious files, put a halt to potentially harmful processes, and quarantine affected computers.

TDR Benefits Beyond Threat Protections

TDR tools are valued for much more than their ability to identify threats in real time. They also allow for the construction of a baseline model of data across the entire organization. This model is subsequently used to refine the detection of potentially harmful behaviors. TDR solutions provide visibility and forensics that detect threats and respond to incidents. TDR tools even help reconstruct timelines in which malicious actions occurred. They also facilitate the overarching analysis of data activity.

TDR Best Practices

There are certain practices that should be followed when implementing TDR solutions. Alerts must be set up to identify risky activities. Though security teams can’t monitor all activities, TDR solutions can provide rule-based alerts that provide your group with peace of mind until suspicious activity occurs. All endpoints that function as network access points should be logged to boot.

Always opt for solutions that offer protection in real time. Real-time protection is essential for comprehensive security even if firewalls and antivirus software are in place. Add to the protections of TDR solutions some measures for robust data protection like encryption, data classification, and policy-based controls. Keep in mind that there is a human factor in play. Push for employee education to reduce the potential damage of careless workers or those who do not understand the complexities of contemporary technology.

At JMARK Business Solutions, our managed IT services team in Springfield, MO has an in-depth understanding of threat detection and the appropriate response solutions. We can help your business combat digital threats, protect sensitive data, and keep clients happy.  We help with everything, from cloud computing to data analytics, business continuity and disaster recovery, backup management, general IT support, and beyond. For more information about our services, contact us today.

HIPAA Compliance With IT Services In Tulsa

When you think of industries that need data security, what do you think of? One of your first thoughts should be healthcare. Hospitals and doctors’ offices house the kind of sensitive information that no one wants to lose. The contents of your medical records say more about you than almost anything else. Losing any of it through a breach could be ruinous to your identity. There are many solutions offered by IT services providers in Tulsa that medical companies can use to secure their most sensitive data and meet HIPAA requirements.

What is HIPAA Compliance?

HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) marked a significant step forward in healthcare for the modern age. Since passing in 1996, HIPAA has helped maintain the security of patient data across the country. This is especially important considering the digitization of medical records over the last 20 years. More data is accessible to hackers than ever before.

Any company dealing with patient health information must meet certain requirements in order to keep compliance with HIPAA. These companies must follow four main rules. These are:

  • HIPAA Privacy Rule
  • HIPAA Security Rule
  • HIPAA Enforcement Rule
  • HIPAA Breach Notification Rule

In order to follow the rules, companies must have network, physical, and process security measures in place. These requirements cover all aspects of a healthcare facility. Proper staff training, protection of physical documents, and securing electronic patient records occur because of these safety protocols.

HIPAA compliance is incredibly important for your business. Penalties are severe. Violations carry a maximum fine of $1.5 million.

Ways to Protect Data

By partnering with your IT services provider in Tulsa, you can implement the necessary security procedures. Technical safeguards act as a pivotal defense against data breaches. Controlling access is the most standard method of data protection. This involves the practice of setting up unique credentials for each member of your staff. Doing so protects sensitive information and tracks which users access the records. Ensure that you enable features such as automatic logout.

Encryption is key when dealing with any electronic patient health information. Implement mechanisms to encrypt and decrypt data. You not only protect the integrity of your patients in the event of a breach, but you also have quick access to make any changes to the records as needed.

Reliable backups of sensitive information are central to maintaining security. Backing up not only saves time and energy in the event of a systems failure, but HIPAA regulations require it for compliance. Store the copies made in servers offsite. Doing so mitigates data loss in the event of a breach. Offsite backups also ensure that your business runs smoothly if a disaster occurs. Cloud-based storage is often a streamlined way to get your backup systems up and running quickly and efficiently.

If you’re in the medical field, your company needs to be HIPAA-compliant. Get the right tools you need to secure patient data. When you’re searching for an IT services provider in Tulsa, contact JMARK Business Solutions, Inc. We have the mechanisms you need when you’re trying to best serve your patients. Our IT experts collaborate with you to understand what solutions work for your particular business. Let us handle the technical side of your business so you can focus on taking care of patients.

Protecting Your Network from Adware Using Managed IT Services in Springfield, MO

Network security stands at the forefront of any savvy business owner’s mind. Hiring managed IT services in Springfield, MO can help your business avoid security threats. These threats come in all shapes and sizes. Your computing systems may risk infections from malware or Trojans. Employees may fall for phishing scams mining for personal data. One of the latest trends in security does not directly infect your computer at all, though. Adware spreads through social engineering and messaging apps at an alarming pace. Though it doesn’t stay on your computer the way other threats do, it is no less harmful to the security of your business.

How Adware Affects Your Business

An average of 1.2 billion people logs into Facebook every day. Estimates from other social media platforms are more modest, but they are just as pervasive. These social media platforms are rife with attackers trying to pry personal, private information from users. They employ a variety of tactics to accomplish their goals.

One of the most common methods fools users into thinking a video of them exists. Phishers send a message through Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp linking to video through a shortened link. Clicking the link takes users to a site repurposing content from social media. Users believe that videos and photos of them exist that they were unaware of.

After attackers have tricked users into clicking these links, a series of pointed, engineered advertising sites appear. These sites track cookies to more effectively pinpoint what kind of commercial content a user sees. Since social engineers take content from sharing platforms, they can also use these cookies to target particular accounts on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

The reality is that malicious adware trends can also threaten your business. While they may not directly affect your network processes at present, they reveal glaring vulnerabilities that you must deal with. To protect your business, it is necessary for your employees to have secure data. Securing that data means that your company holds another line of defense against a breach.

How to Protect Your Business

The nature of security breaches makes protecting against them a challenge. You never know if a threat might come from a virus, malware, a Trojan horse, or pesky adware. No matter where a threat comes from, it is important to find the right security solutions by hiring managed IT services in Springfield, MO. Taking advantage of your MSPs resources can help you keep your data safe. Network solutions come with the ability to remove spyware, adware, and other potentially unwanted applications. Managing your IT solutions can also assist in security by providing consistent upgrades to your systems. Keep your security and antivirus licenses up to date and you decrease the likelihood of data breaches.

If your business seeks tested managed IT services in Springfield, MO, contact the professionals at JMARK Business Solutions, LLC. Our company has helped businesses in a variety of industries find the right security solutions. We provide expert advice on everything from security management to server and network support to data analytics, contact us to know how we can protect you from malicious adware attacks.

Signs You Have Outgrown Your Current IT Support Provider in Tulsa

A growing business will eventually reach the point where it becomes too large for its current IT support provider in Tulsa. However, it often takes too long for business owners and managers to realize that their business requires a new IT support team. Let’s take a look at some indications that you may have outgrown your current IT provider:

Your Competitors Have Superior Technology

If you can’t provide your clients with the most efficient solutions, they will flock to your competitors in due time. You have to keep pace with the competition’s tech additions and upgrades; otherwise, your business will be at a considerable competitive disadvantage. If your IT support provider hasn’t upgraded your tools in years and if there is nothing in the pipeline, it is cause for concern.

Slow Response from Your IT Support Provider

If it takes a while for you IT vendor to respond to your inquiries or if you receive no response at all, it is time to move on to a new provider. There is nothing wrong with posing questions and raising concerns regarding IT matters on a regular basis. You should receive timely responses that address your concerns. Anything less is grounds to move on to a new IT support provider in Tulsa.

Your Email is Down or Malfunctions on a Regular Basis

Consistent email outages and/or frequent visits from technicians to reboot the server is a sign you need to find a new provider. Taking the system offline for upgrades or repairs should not happen with any sort of regularity. If you have outgrown your email operations model, your current IT support provider might not let you know due to a fear you will find a new vendor. Transition to a provider that can support the demands of your company and you will enjoy email from the cloud that does not require monthly backups and pesky upgrades.

Your Vendor Frowns on Cloud Solutions

There is no longer a good reason to be concerned about using the cloud in the context of business. The problems that once existed with the cloud have been resolved. In fact, a decent cloud vendor probably has superior security than the majority of in-house vendors or small IT vendors. There should be no resistance to taking advantage of cloud solutions.

You are Still Operating Outdated Software or Hardware

If your server or desktop is out of date and your IT vendor is not pushing for upgrades/replacements, it is a red flag. An operating system from 2003 or older is outdated. You will eventually need new software even if your IT vendor isn’t pushing for it. Keep in mind an outdated system is a prime target for hacks that have the potential to bring your business to a grinding halt, expose sensitive data, and alienate your clients.

At JMARK Business Solutions, our IT support team in Tulsa has your IT needs covered. If you do not currently have an IT provider or have outgrown your provider, look no further than our group of tech experts. Whether you are looking for digital security solutions, server management and support, network support, assistance with cloud computing or backup management, we are your one-stop source for assistance. Contact us to learn more!

Why Disaster Recovery for VoIP Should Be Part of Managed IT Services in Springfield MO

Providers of managed IT services in Springfield, MO offer a variety of solutions. One of which is disaster recovery (DR). Let us face it – different kinds of mishaps happen at unexpected times. It could be simple power outages or full-scale natural disasters. It is important for businesses to have a solid DR plan that can restore data and systems from reliable backups in the face of an emergency.

Nevertheless, it is not enough to have just a plan. It should also be comprehensive enough to cover all your processes and systems including your Voice over IP (VoIP) systems. These VoIP systems make up the heart of your company’s communications. Without them, customers will not be able to contact your business and vice versa.

Given the critical role VoIP systems play, how will you ensure they are included in your DR plan? Here are some suggestions to consider:

Use mobile devices as fallback

Incoming VoIP calls can be automatically forwarded to other devices, so if your VoIP systems go down at your main office, your employees can still receive calls on their smartphones in real-time. Assign a broadband line as backup

VoIP calls should have their dedicated broadband line separate from the one used at your office. However, one of these networks could fail at any given time, so you should program the other to switch in case of a downtime. Go for different internet service providers (ISPs) because it is less likely for two distinct providers to encounter a problem simultaneously.

Go for cloud hosting

You can run VoIP systems on-premises or in the cloud. If you are still stuck on the former, it is time to transition to the cloud and work with a trusted provider of managed IT services in Springfield, MO. They will have the necessary skills and infrastructure to implement an effective DR plan. You will also have access to their expertise to help you plan a DR roadmap for your company.

Implement a monitoring solution

Do not be blindsided by the sudden downtime of VoIP systems especially if your company relies on calls to connect with customers. It is best to have a monitoring solution regularly checking the status of your VoIP systems. It will alert you ASAP if something is off, enabling you to address the problem before it gets worse.

Select the right service provider

When choosing a provider of VoIP systems, make sure that the service level agreement (SLA) clearly states the availability of the service and the resolution time for issues. These are binding once the contract is signed, so you should be satisfied with whatever is stipulated in the SLA.

Are you looking for a reputable provider of managed IT services in Springfield, MO? We, at JMARK, would love to help. With almost 30 years of experience under our belt, we are confident we can provide innovative IT solutions with corresponding DR plans for your company. Call us at 417.863.1700 or chat with us on our website.

Virtually Effortless: Virtualization and Managed Services in Tulsa

Business expenses are on the rise. As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, IT spending continues to grow alongside it. Your company needs trusted managed services in Tulsa. A great way to keep your costs down and your business thriving is through the use of virtualization. Virtualized computing services give your company the flexibility it needs to grow into the 21st century.

What is Virtualized Computing?

Virtualization is the term for software that has a direct effect on hardware. It allows you to run multiple applications or even multiple operating systems on the same server at the same time. It separates the software of your computing from the hardware. Though often mistaken for cloud computing by those not in IT, they are different. Cloud computing itself is just an application. The process of virtualization is far more adaptable than mere data storage.

What Can You Convert with Virtualization?

Nearly all of your vital computing systems can undergo serious overhauls with virtualization. Desktops, applications, and servers transition well to a virtualized state.

Take a look at desktops. For years, your employees sat tethered to their computers in a cubicle. Using skeletal computing systems, employees can access their files and even computing power from anywhere. Virtualization allows them to store files and data on a network. These networks are self contained, not attached to a third-party cloud storage service.

Working with your managed services in Tulsa, you can create virtual servers, as well. These servers pair well when you’ve decided to virtualize your desktops and applications. You can configure servers to backup data and restore functionality in the event of an IT problem.

What Advantages Does a Virtualized Environment Have?

Companies across the globe have implemented virtualized computing solutions. They offer a number of appealing benefits. You maximize your resources when you choose to shift your IT. All the physical systems you use require too much power and provide more than your business probably needs. Traditional solutions work for traditional businesses. Virtual environments make the most of whatever resources your company has.

Virtualization works also for the budget-conscious business owner. You don’t need powerful PCs or servers when you switch. No longer do you have to invest money in expensive, bulky computing. Your capital can be better spent developing relationships and improving your services.

Updating your servers now provides advantages that traditional servers just don’t have. Modern platforms allow virtual machines to continue running smoothly. Migrating data from server to server in the event of an extended outage ensures your business thrives even when physical technology fails. This is especially effective in the event of a disaster. You won’t have to worry about your technology and can instead focus on what’s important.

Are you looking to make a change in your IT solutions? When you need managed services in Tulsa, we at JMARK Business Solutions, Inc. can help. Whether you want to make the jump into virtualization or just want to explore your other options, our experts can provide the quality help you need. contact us. JMARK offers unique, innovative, and reliable solutions no matter what computing challenges you face.

Modern IT Services in Tulsa Tips: Mobile Device Management

Reliable IT services in Tulsa, OK and Springfield, MO are more important than ever. With the advent of mobile technology, conducting business on the go has become the norm. It has also become more complicated. Your employees no longer need to be in a cubicle for eight hours a day, five days a week. They carry out their responsibilities using tablets, smartphones, and laptops. Mobility presents a unique set of challenges. Hiring an MSP specializing in mobile device management prepares your business for those challenges.

Mobile Management Security

Unlike on-site desktops, securing mobile devices takes coordination and skill. Some employees don’t have passwords or PINs for their tablets or smartphones. Once they leave the security of your network, they connect to public WiFi hotspots. Myriad risks come with added mobility and convenience.

Enlisting the use of a mobile device management (MDM) system keeps your data secure. No matter what application or device you conduct business on, your IT services in Tulsa gather your security under one roof. With an MDM, you have complete oversight into your company’s mobile data. You can monitor which devices are in use and by whom and whether they follow proper security protocol. Basic techniques such as password protection and encryption are available remotely to provide a common level of data safety.

Manage and Control

Remote control of mobile devices is one of the biggest draws to an MDM. Too many companies lose money on avoidable expenses like data overages and app purchases. Employees still use their devices for streaming music, playing games, or surfing social media. A mobile management system allows you to control exactly what kind of functionality and content employees can access. You have the option to disable certain data-intensive applications. You can place caps on usage before they cost you money in overage fees. Using an MDM not only saves you money but ensures that your employees are efficient even when they’re not in the office.

Remote Updates

When you choose an MDM, your MSP sets up configurations for different devices so that each is on the same playing field. No one lags behind the others because their applications or operating systems aren’t up to date. These configurations control things such as email accounts, WiFi settings, and data roaming restrictions.

Remote upkeep of your devices also allows you to transition to new devices as they appear. You don’t have to waste precious time and resources updating each device on its own. Implementing any changes is easy for you when you have default configurations in place.

Mobile business solutions are not going anywhere, anytime soon. Interacting with clients and building your company on the go have replaced the outdated methods so long anchored to the office. When you’re looking for to start using MDM IT services in Tulsa call JMARK Business Solutions, Inc. Our company has provided quality tech support services to clients since 1988. We offer streamlined diverse options no matter what your business needs.

JMARK Business Solutions, Inc. Earns Workplace Health Recognition from the American Heart Association

Springfield, Missouri, October 16, 2017 – JMARK Business Solutions, Inc. announced that it has earned a place on the Silver level of the 2017 Workplace Health Achievement Index released by the American Heart Association (AHA). This Index measures the quality and comprehensiveness of a company’s workplace health programs, as well as the overall heart health of its employees.

In congratulating JMARK, AHA CEO Nancy Brown said, “It is my pleasure to congratulate your organization for achieving the American Heart Association SILVER level Workplace Health Achievement recognition. We know that good health is good business and you have reached an important milestone in building a culture of workplace health.

Over 800 companies nationwide participated in the self-assessment Index scorecard, testing themselves against scientifically validated best practices published by the AHA. The Index looks at factors that can affect the health of the company’s employees including leadership, programs and policies, work environment, and employee engagement, among others. In addition to looking at the overall environment, the heart health of the company’s employees is also measured, using Life’s Simple 7, which is the AHA’s definition of the components necessary to achieving ideal heart health. Participating organizations are given a full report and analysis of their results, which can then be used to set goals that will help them achieve a higher level of performance and recognition.

“JMARK is honored to receive this Workplace Health Achievement recognition from the American Heart Association. We are dedicated to putting People First in all that we do, and this ranking is not only a validation of company wide initiatives geared toward improving the health and quality of life of our employees, but also of the efforts our employees themselves to increase wellness and live their best lives,” Thomas Douglas, CEO.

JMARK Business Solutions, Inc. is based in Springfield, Missouri, with offices in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and Tulsa, Oklahoma. It provides complete I.T. services, solutions, and support to a large array of clients covering a broad spectrum of industries. Over the last 30 years, the company has grown into one of the top 100 managed service providers in North America.

Your Computer Solutions Provider in Fayetteville AR Explains the Advantages of Server Virtualization

Virtualization is a vogue yet many people aren’t exactly sure what it really means and whether it extends beyond the realm of IT. Organizations of all types and sizes invest in virtualization for its myriad benefits. From additional uptime to server provisioning, energy savings and beyond, virtualization technologies prove quite helpful. Transitioning to virtualization means server workloads are not tied directly to specific hardware. Several virtual workloads happen at the same time on a single machine. Our computer solutions team in Fayetteville, AR understands the ins and outs of server virtualization. Let us analyze your unique business and explain how server virtualization can help. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of this unique technology.

Virtualization Benefits

Virtualization reduces costs as several applications are installed on one physical server. Virtualization also allows for higher server use rates in data centers. The vast majority of servers in solely physical environments are severely under-utilized. In fact, most are only used at about 10 percent of their capacity. Make use of a virtualized server and hardware utilization will be dramatically boosted as a single physical server can hold several virtual machines. Hardware and software expenses can drop by upwards of 40 percent when a server virtualization strategy is implemented.

Enhanced Disaster Recovery

The most important benefit of server virtualization is the ability to shift a virtual machine from a server to another without concern for safety or wasting time. It doesn’t take long to back up important data as your group will be empowered to form a replication site. The majority of enterprise virtualization solutions have software that facilitates the automation of the failover amidst a disaster. This software allows for the testing of a disaster recovery failover (your group’s escape plan of sorts). If a crisis develops at your data center, your infrastructure will already be positioned for the appropriate measures required to ensure a safe and speedy recovery. The same cannot be said of an organization that relies on a group of physical servers.

Enhanced Productivity

A reduction in physical servers leads to increased productivity as there is less to manage and maintain. Applications that once took weeks to provision are now completed in mere minutes. Your team will have that much more time to spend on important responsibilities that truly bolster your bottom line. Our computer solutions group in Fayetteville, AR can pinpoint all sorts of other ways in which tech solutions can reduce your costs and catalyze revenue.

Save Money on Energy Costs

Migrate servers to virtual machines and you can consolidate them to the point that you significantly reduce your power and cooling expenses. This is a fantastic way to go green for the sake of the environment and save plenty of the other green ($) at the same time. In fact, VMware reports the consolidation of servers decreases energy costs by upwards of 80 percent. Furthermore, virtualization empowers your team to power down servers without impacting users or applications.

Are you looking for assistance with server management, server support for your network or general IT? Our computer solutions group in Fayetteville, AR is here to help. At JMARK Business Solutions, we do it all, from data backup management to cloud computing, mobile device management and beyond. contact us and you will find your business operates much more efficiently.