IT Services in Springfield MO: Why Every Business Should Transition to the Cloud

According to The Guardian, the cloud industry is poised to grow by about 30 percent in the near future. However, a considerable number of small and medium-sized businesses have not migrated to the cloud. The truth is many business owners and managers just can’t make sense of the cloud and how it could potentially benefit their enterprise. If your business has not yet tapped into the power of the cloud, the time to do so is now. An IT services provider in Springfield, MO can help you make the transition. Here’s what will happen when you make the move to the cloud:

Enhanced Productivity

Studies show those who transition to the cloud enjoy improved productivity compared to those who do not make the move. This is partially attributed to the fact that cloud service providers are better equipped to deal with tech issues than the typical small to medium-sized business.

The Cloud Improves Connectivity

Transition to the cloud, and you will enjoy fantastic connectivity to data from any location at any point in time. All that is required is a device that connects your employees to the web, and your team will be off and running. The end result will be a dramatic increase in efficiency that enhances collaboration, improves client relations and drives revenue.

The Cloud Permits Software as a Service

The cloud makes it possible to take advantage of Software as a Service (SaaS). As an example, the cloud provides access to Microsoft 365. Use SaaS, and your organization will enjoy an array of benefits ranging from reduced costs to regular updates. It even empowers you to let anyone you trust work on the program on your behalf by sharing credentials. If you have any questions about SaaS, reach out to an IT services provider in Springfield, MO for assistance.

Make Efficient use of IT Personnel

Transition to a cloud-based environment, and the responsibility for maintenance and downtime reduction will fall on the shoulders of your service provider. This means you can make use of your limited IT personnel in the most efficient manner. Furthermore, there is no need to worry about the costs tied to such downtime and maintenance.

The Cloud Will Save Money on Hardware

Consider the following statistics: studies show those who move to the cloud enjoy upwards of a 17 percent reduction in IT costs compared to those who have not made the transition to the cloud. The cloud can be used for an array of programs, so you end up spending less when investing in hardware. A device like a tablet or a smartphone will help access applications, so there is no need to spend on dedicated hardware.

Are you looking for IT services in Springfield, MO? If so, we can help. At JMARK Business Solutions, Inc., our tech gurus provide everything from cloud support to digital security solutions, server management and support, network assistance and many more. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.

Why Your Business Needs Data Backup and Managed Services in Tulsa

Now and then you hear of a company that has fallen victim to a data security breach. When such an incident occurs, IT systems experience downtime, vital client data gets exposed, the identities of the clients get compromised, and worse— their sensitive information gets auctioned or sold to malicious cybercriminals on the dark web. Sometimes, the companies that experience such breaches take such a hard hit that they are unable to recover. However, you can avoid such a scenario by having a managed services provider (MSP) in Tulsa to back up your data.

Considering that the cost of fixing a single IT breach has risen up to 29%. No company can afford to disregard the benefits of securing their sensitive information.

Why Do You Need to Back Up Your Data And Implement Disaster Recovery Measures?

In 2015, a survey of over 400 mid-sized to large companies conducted by IHS, a global information firm, on its clients from North America concerning their ICT history and trends on downtimes produced the following discoveries:

  • On average, the companies suffered at least five network downtimes on a monthly basis
  • Mid-sized (100 to 1000 employees) companies incurred costs of $1 million a year as a result
  • Large enterprises with over 10,000 employees incurred downtime costs of up to $60 million
  • The companies suffered a drop of 78% in their productivity
  • On average, revenues dipped by about 17%
  • Fixing the downtime issues cost them an additional 5%

These are but a few basic examples of the various costs associated with unexpected network downtimes. However, data loss resulting from viruses, such as ransomware and security breaches, is on the rise. According to findings published by the Ponemon Institute in 2016, the average cost to a business for every file that gets compromised is about $221. By having data backup and disaster recovery plans from a managed services provider in Tulsa, you can mitigate the above costs.

Securing Your Business’s Network and Data Via Cloud-Based Monitoring

Investing in security measures in a bid to prevent a breach that may never occur may seem like a costly endeavor. However, cloud-based monitoring is a cost-effective solution that guarantees around-the-clock data security. With cloud-based monitoring, your business stands to benefit from:

  • All devices on your network getting the latest security patch updates without causing any downtime
  • Detection of any suspicious activity and prevention of intrusions via 24/7 network monitoring
  • Your employees mobile devices also get monitored and managed via the cloud
  • Access to data is strictly restricted to authorized personnel only
  • Data transfer is highly encrypted, and the data goes through highly secured data centers
  • 24/7 data security for your business

Cloud data backup utilizes cloud-based data centers that are highly secured against data losses resulting from security breaches or natural disasters. Hence, you can rest easy knowing your sensitive data is in good hands.

Including data backup and disaster recovery ensures your data gets secured from loss by malicious hackers or natural disasters. Hence, if you need a reliable managed services provider in Tulsa, contact us at JMARK Business Solutions, Inc and let us secure your data on the cloud.

Computer Solutions in Fayetteville AR: Patch Management

Patch management, combined with computer solutions in Fayetteville, AR is the optimal strategy to combat digital security threats. This is the protection your IT infrastructure needs as the reliance on tech continues to expand. Consider how a cyber attack or other digital threat could devastate your business. The IT framework allows for the streamlining of daily operations, optimal productivity, reduced costs and a boost to the bottom line. Patch management protects your IT infrastructure to keep your operations humming along without outside interference.

Why Patch Management is so Important

Every single computer in the building should have the latest patches. Network monitoring can pinpoint vulnerabilities. Once these weak points are identified, security updates can be applied. Such updates are known as security patches. Patch management alone will not suffice. The aim is for highly effective patch management to combat data breaches as well as the litany of other cyber threats to IT. All it takes is for a single computer to miss the patch for the entire environment to be put in jeopardy. Thankfully, computer solutions providers in Fayetteville, AR can facilitate the protection of all machines under your roof.

Benefits of Patch Management

  • Prevent Failures – Opt for patch management, and your system will be continuously monitored. Service recovery along with fault isolation will be triggered right away to pinpoint and control failures and outages. Service restoration will ultimately prove much quicker than an approach that does not include patch management.
  • Patch Management is Automatic – Part of the appeal of patch management is the fact that it is automated. It provides a steady stream of updates to help businesses prevent downtime.
  • Reliable Uptime – Nowadays, service uptime is vitally important for modern businesses. This is true for multinational corporations as well as small businesses. Excessive downtime that was unplanned is no longer acceptable. Such downtime leads to a reduction in productivity, a drop in revenue and damaged client relations. Furthermore, the fallout of excessive downtime that hampers operations has the potential to negatively impact the company’s brand.
  • Specialized Techniques – System availability can be enhanced with cluster technologies across periods of redundancy. Workarounds that enhance productivity are used when possible.

Patch Management Shortcomings

It is worth noting that patch management has its fair share of critics. Some complain patching is overly complex when organizations use disparate or non-standardized systems. Furthermore, in certain companies, the scale necessary for patching that empowers workers to safely use their devices can prove overwhelming as every device has to be patched and monitored. Otherwise, there is no guarantee the network will be fully secure. Though there is some legitimacy to these alleged weaknesses, the benefits of patch management far outweigh the flaws. Ask any business owner or manager who has taken advantage of patch management on its merit, and the response will be overwhelmingly positive.

A computer solutions provider in Fayetteville, AR, such as JMARK Business Solutions, Inc., is here to handle your IT challenges. Contact us today and let us provide you an array of additional services ranging from digital security to network support, server management, data backup recovery, cloud computing and data analytics.

IT Support in Tulsa: Benefits of Help Desk Support

A help desk is an essential resource created for those in need of assistance with IT or a tech problem of another variety. A help desk provides a multi-tiered approach to troubleshooting IT issues. An IT support provider in Tulsa has this kind of help desk support. If you are wondering what good help desk support can give to your business, consider these:

Help Desk Support Solves an Array of Problems

The beauty of help desk support is there are no limitations to certain problems or challenges that the tech assistance team can handle. This group of professionals has extensive credentials, considerable experience and the training necessary to remedy all sorts of system errors.

Rapid Responses

Ask anyone who has tried a help desk support system about their experience, and they will likely report the assistance is provided faster than anticipated. Help desks are staffed with tech-savvy IT aficionados who can resolve support tickets quickly. The best part is you do not have to interact with an automated system. You can speak to an actual human being. In most instances, the issue will be resolved that day or within a few days at a maximum.

Help Desk Support Makes Your Workplace More Enjoyable

The importance of being able to interact with a certified technical support specialist cannot be overstated. Interacting with such a tech guru makes it that much quicker and easier to solve IT problems. This is the assistance your team needs to make the most of the time they spend at work. Once their tech issues are resolved, they will feel quite the powerful sense of relief. The end result of an alliance with an IT support team in Tulsa is a more peaceful and engaged workplace.

Around-the-Clock Support

Help desk support is provided around the clock. This is the 24/7 tech support line your group needs to work in the most efficient manner. Employees are quickly connected to a tech guru who can help resolve your IT challenge(s) in a timely manner.

A Proactive Approach to IT

When assisting those who have IT issues, help desk engineers typically perform incident management. This term refers to an approach that helps them identify IT issues before they actually arise. Pinpointing the root cause of incidents that occur in a repeated fashion is essential to comprehensive tech support that addresses the true cause(s) of the problem.

Help Desk Support Will Save Your Organization Money

If you have an IT staff, relieve them of the burden of attempting to solve every IT challenge and other tech issues by incorporating the assistance of help desk support. This way, your team can focus on other IT projects that are more pressing or better suited to your employees’ skills and knowledge base. Help desk support will also save your organization money in the sense that it solves tech issues that would otherwise prevent employees from working in an efficient manner.

An IT support provider in Tulsa, such as JMARK Business Solutions, provides help desk support along with an array of additional services. If you need data backup management, data analytics, network security, server management or assistance with anything IT/tech-related, contact us now.

Do You Have a Disaster Recovery Plan as Part of Your Managed IT Services in Springfield MO?

If you are a leader in your business, you probably want to make sure that you have a disaster recovery plan as part of your managed IT services in Springfield, MO.

Known as a business continuity and disaster recovery plan, or BCDR, you should definitely give this part of your managed services a close look. Here are four reasons that you should start caring about a BDCR:

Any Downtime is Very Expensive

Think about what would happen if your customers or employees lose access to your company’s data or applications. Of course, this has a direct impact on your staff’s productivity and the money your business is bringing in.

So, it is important that you talk to your MSP about choosing a BCDR solution that can help you to continue your company’s operations, at least at some level, while the help desk focuses on fixing issues.

Your Backup is Not Enough

Another reason you should start thinking about a BCDR is that your backup, which you probably have, is not enough in a disaster. Your backup is essential, of course, but what happens if there is a fire and it wipes out all your servers?

With modern BCDR products as part of your managed IT services in Springfield, MO, however, you can actually run your company’s applications and store data in virtual servers and clouds. Known as a cloud DR or DRaaS (disaster recovery as a service), this is really a very important part of the disaster recovery industry. So, this means that the technology you are used to, i.e. your backup, has totally changed these days, and it’s definitely not enough in the event of a disaster.

Disasters Actually Happen

When most people think of a disaster in terms of business, they think of events like fires or floods. Those things happen, of course, but most of the downtime your business will experience in its history is because of common actions such as deleting data, poor security, or even accidental hardware damage. For instance, if you allow your sales staff to log into public Wi-Fi to send and receive company data when out in the field, your company is at great risk of a disaster.

Something quite simple, such as a computer virus, can cause just as much damage to your technical infrastructure as a fire or flood.

Downtime Affects Everyone

Finally, the best reason to implement a BCDR is because downtime negatively affects everyone, including your customers. Customers are finicky, and all it takes is one instance of downtime for some of them to immediately take their business to your competitors. In fact, that’s the norm. If you provide a service your customers need that they can’t get for two days because of downtime, you can bet that they will start looking at your competitors.

Taking a look at BCDR is just a good business practice. At JMARK Business Solutions, Inc., we understand that our clients need services like BCDR. We will start the process by conducting a risk assessment of your company and then come up with a plan to improve your disaster recovery plan. You can learn more about our managed IT services in Springfield, MO by contacting us here.

Managed Services in Tulsa: Advantages of IT Consulting Services

Nowadays, every business must take advantage of current technologies to maintain a competitive advantage. Proceeding with minimal IT experience or guidance will prove challenging. On the other hand, it is too costly to employ a full-fledged IT department with professionals who require salaries, benefits, vacation, raises, and so on. The solution is to rely on managed services providers in Tulsa for assistance with your tech challenges. Here is a look at some of the top advantages of IT consulting:

Tap into Greater Economies of Scale and Buying Power

Ally with a group that has a single focus on IT and you will benefit from this group’s greater economy of scale and efficiencies. This focus permits the consolidation of purchasing power. The result is elite but affordable tech solutions and services that allow for heightened efficiency that otherwise would not be possible with one or a couple in-house IT professionals.

Free Up Time to Key in On Core Business Functions

The typical business owner, manager, and employee is not an IT aficionado. There is no sense trying to solve tech problems if your group is not trained or educated to handle such projects. Let our managed services group in Tulsa handle the IT issues while your group focuses on what they do best.

Every business is more productive when employees zero in on their prime competencies. Our tech gurus can work out the IT challenges while your group stays in their comfort zone. After all, those who do not work in IT or do not have extensive IT knowledge should not be tasked with these complex projects. It is better to let an entire team of IT professionals get the job done.

Enhance Productivity

IT consulting services will incorporate tech to boost your team’s productivity. These improvements will facilitate communication and collaboration. Everything from mobile platforms to central databases and file servers and beyond plays a key role in allowing for work to proceed in such an innovative manner.

The Tech Edge Your Business Needs

Your managed services provider will provide your organization with a steady stream of updates, patches, and other improvements. If your organization will benefit from new software or another type of technology, your IT consulting group will implement it in a seamless manner. This is the edge your group needs to emerge from the pack.

Minimize Downtime

As few as a couple minutes of downtime can spur significant costs. An alliance with the IT experts will decrease downtime and save you as much money as possible. Issues with email, the web, system failures, corrupt data and beyond are all costly. Even the cost of trying to solve these problems is exorbitant in and of itself. IT consulting services provide remote system monitoring, ’round the clock support, data backup and disaster recovery to prevent and bounce back from a breach.

We are Here for Your Tech Needs

If you are on the prowl for managed services in Tulsa, JMARK Business Solutions, Inc. is your go-to provider. We offer IT management, network management, digital security solutions, data backup management, cloud computing, help desk support, and so much more. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

How to Protect Data on Social Media and Fortify Your Computer Solutions in Fayetteville AR

You can work with the best provider of computer solutions in Fayetteville, AR, but if you don’t teach your staff about security on social networking platforms, you still have a long way to go. Nowadays, the use of social media is so ingrained in our daily lives that ignoring its possible impact on security is a big mistake. Fortunately, the basics of protecting data on social media aren’t too hard to follow. Make sure to train your staff on the following:

Don’t Overshare

It’s easy to get carried away on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and all other social media networks. In their quest for more likes, views, hits, and follows, people don’t think twice about posting information that reveal a lot about their lives, like their full names, the full names of their family members, birthdays, addresses, current locations, etc. Hackers today are smart enough to extrapolate data from different sources and guess password combinations from said data.

Tweak Your Privacy Settings

Different social media networks offer a variety of privacy settings which you can customize to ensure only the intended audience sees the content and information you share. On Instagram and Twitter, you can make your profile either public or private. On Snapchat, you can send snaps to select friends. On Facebook, you can do much more – change audiences per post, hide parts of your profile, prohibit friends’ posts on your wall, just to name a few.

Be More Discerning

Hackers can get into someone else’s account and pretend to be that person. Then, they send messages to that person’s friends, saying they got mugged abroad and need you to send money. This has happened on Facebook before, and some people have fallen for it. To avoid being a victim, verify that the person is who they say they are by asking them questions which can’t be answered by anything on their profile. A personal question, an inside joke, a shared experience – use these to confirm that you are talking to the right person and not an impostor.

Block Questionable Users

It’s already a given to not accept follow/friend requests from people you don’t know. But some people are too suspicious that they should be blocked, too. They’re someone who insists on meeting up with you, sends you uncomfortable messages, leaves inappropriate comments, and exhibits other shady behavior. Block them so that they won’t have access to anything you share online. Your provider of computer solutions in Fayetteville, AR can’t do that for you, so you have to do it yourself.

Activate Two-Factor Authentication

2FA adds another layer of protection to your accounts on social media networks. Since almost everyone has a mobile phone now, it’s advisable to enable it so that you get a one-time numeric code via SMS after you supply your username and password online. Thus, even if someone got access to your password, they can’t still log in to your account because they don’t have the code. LinkedIn offers this feature.

Of course, partnering with a reliable provider of computer solutions in Fayetteville, AR will improve your company’s security even more. Thus, contact us at JMARK Business Solutions for your tech needs.

IT Services in Springfield MO: IT Considerations for Healthcare Companies

IT has evolved so quickly and so expansively that healthcare IT can now be considered an industry in and of itself. Take a look at tech websites and publications and you will find most have a full section devoted to healthcare. Most healthcare companies have the same challenges when it comes to technology, yet they sometimes lack the funding necessary to manage IT in a highly effective manner. Here is a look at some of the challenges faced by small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and how to proceed to reduce costs and ramp up efficiency as well as security. We also explain how our IT services group in Springfield, MO can help with your IT challenges.

Data Sharing and Concerns Regarding Patient/Client Privacy

Companies of all sizes have issues with IT security. In particular, data sharing and the protection of patient and client records is critically important. There might be online access portals to facilitate the spread of information and make billing more direct. Other companies have nuanced digital offerings for patients and clients that pose their own unique challenges.

Keeping information safe and providing patients with easy access is a delicate balancing act referred to as a multi-layer security profile. Think of this profile as a system of checks and balances that safeguard the business as well as the clients. Digital security layers range from anti-virus software to email filtering, patching, encryption, multi-factor authentication and beyond. Though no network is completely impenetrable, a comprehensive security suite will certainly help protect data.

An Issue of Access

In some instances, companies lack access to the right technologies and systems required to be highly effective. It is possible that a network will be bogged down to the point that it locks up with regularity. It is even possible for the wide range of security measures to be put into place to be lost. This is especially true for companies on the smaller side (100 employees or less).

Managed Service Provides Direct Access to a Full IT Department

Businesses of all types should consider the merits of the managed services model. Our IT services company in Springfield, MO can handle your IT responsibilities, so you do not have to bother hiring and managing your own IT staff. It is a cost-effective means of handling those uber-complicated tech challenges. This way, you won’t have to rely on one or a couple IT workers who are in-house to attempt to shoulder your organization’s IT load.

Let an entire team handle your IT issues and you will enjoy the proactive support necessary to take your business to new heights. A managed services provider can handle IT needs including everything from upgrades, tracking software licenses and renewals, helpdesk support and so much more.

At JMARK Business Solutions, Inc., our IT services team in Springfield, MO is here to help with your IT challenges. We provide an array of tech services to enhance productivity and digital safety. Our tech team offers business continuity solutions, disaster recovery services, data analytics, mobile device management, cloud computing and more. Reach out to us today to schedule an initial consultation.

Reasons Your IT Support in Tulsa Should Include Good Patch Management

If you are a business owner, manager, or executive, you probably understand the importance of having good IT support in Tulsa. However, what you might not realize is that your current level of support might not be enough.

One of the areas where many IT companies are lacking is in patch management. Part of the reason for this is because most of the major operating systems out there have done a very good job at patching their products, but third parties don’t. This means that your IT support isn’t totally doing what it should.

There are new threats to your company’s data, software, and hardware each day. This makes it very difficult to keep up with patching, which, in turn, means that your company’s network remains vulnerable. However, a good patch management system can help. Here are some reasons why:

It Helps You Remain Compliant

It doesn’t matter if you are dealing with your company’s internal policies or with requirements that come from an external source, you have to remain compliant and patch management can help. This ensures that all your systems are always up to date.

It Helps with Reporting

When you utilize a good patch management application, it helps with reporting. This allows you to know at any point where your security stands. It also allows you to help with understanding the state of all your IT systems.

You Get More Supportability

If you don’t make sure that you are installing things like service packs and patches, you will soon find that your network is no longer able to be supported. You don’t run Windows XP, for instance, and if you did, you would not be able to support it because it simply is too old.

This is no different than any type of modern software you have. If you don’t keep it patched, it will soon fall the way of Windows XP, which really puts your company in a good position for an IT disaster. You have to keep patches and service packs updated if you want to ensure safety.

You Keep Up with Security Updates

Likely the most important reason to choose IT support in Tulsa that includes patch management is that you can keep up with security updates. Ensuring proper patch management means that you can constantly scan for any vulnerabilities, and when one is found, it is reported. This makes it very easy for administrators to check out the issue, and most importantly, fix it.

You Keep Up with Third Party App Patches

Finally, when you implement good patch management as part of your IT services, you can keep up with those third-party patches, too. You probably know that operating systems are very easy to patch, but third-party apps are not as easy to do. With good patch management, however, you can do this without a second thought.

If you don’t have good patch management as part of your IT support package, we want to help. At JMARK Business Solutions, Inc., we offer patch management as part of our offerings. To learn more about how we can offer better IT support in Tulsa for your business, contact us today.

Reduce IT Costs By Outsourcing To A Managed IT Services Provider in Springfield MO

It is no secret that employing IT specialists and purchasing computers, software and servers are expensive. The typical IT employee requires a salary, benefits and other niceties. Add in the fact that one IT employee will not suffice. It is the reason why so many companies outsource their IT functions to a managed IT services provider in Springfield, MO.

Consider Outsourcing Your IT Work

One of the best ways to save money on IT costs is to outsource some functions, such as IT support, to specialists. Such specialists let companies enjoy economies of scale, lower costs and ultimately enhance service. Outsourcing IT work also empowers you to manage costs as your business grows or shrinks. This way, you won’t have to pay IT employees when there is little or no work to do. Nor will you be short-staffed when IT crises unfold.

Eliminate the Risk of Turnover

Outsource your IT tasks to a provider of managed IT services in Springfield, MO so that you won’t have to bother interviewing new candidates, onboarding them, training them, and hoping they stay. Keep in mind IT professionals tend to be highly intelligent individuals who are in-demand. If you are a small-to-medium-sized organization, there is a good chance your IT employees will eventually jump ship for what appears to be a better opportunity. Consider all of the time, money and effort required to replace IT workers who flee to a competitor. There is no sense dealing with a high turnover rate and the accompanying expenses when you can eliminate such risk by outsourcing your IT work to the pros.

Consider the Limitations of In-house Employees

One or a couple in-house IT employees will not suffice for the typical organization’s tech needs. Consider all of the work required to maintain a network, solve tech problems and research/implement new additions. Furthermore, your IT team has to stay on top of industry advancements and best practices. IT employees who stay up-to-date on the evolution of tech will help combat security threats and cut costs. Just as important is the fact that such regular improvements will provide your business with an important competitive advantage. In-house employees also need to buy and configure network monitoring software to prevent issues like disk drives reaching capacity, server crashes, etc.

In-house IT support people also lack the economy of scale necessary to purchase and configure service management software to solve support requests in a timely manner, nor can they obtain in-depth assistance from manufacturers when challenging issues arise. Manufacturers typically pay attention to larger companies that have ample purchasing power. Furthermore, in-house IT workers can’t purchase and configure a phone system or remote support tools either. The end result is a lack of support to solve tech issues.

Are you looking for a way to reduce IT costs? Contact us now at JMARK Business Solutions, Inc. Our managed IT services experts in Springfield, MO provide cost-effective IT support, server management, backup management, cloud computing, data analytics and so much more.