Managed Services in Tulsa: The Importance of RTO and RPO

As a Tulsa-based business owner or manager, disaster recovery for IT should be a top priority. Though you might not think of disaster recovery every day, it should definitely be part of your IT managed services in Tulsa.

Many companies don’t have any type of disaster recovery plan in place, nor do they know how to access their data following any network issues. Even those who are aware of a plan don’t know much about it.

So, what happens if there is a small problem (such as human error) or even a huge disaster where you can’t find any data at all? Luckily, there is a way to safeguard your information.


The first thing you should do in regards to protecting your business from a network disaster is to understand RPO and RTO.

RPO (recovery point objective) and RTO (recovery time objective) are two procedures that help to give your disaster recovery plan legs to stand on. In other words, RPO and RTO are the keys to recovery following a disaster.

RPO is the point in time that you want to recover your data from should a network or computer go down. You can measure this in minutes, hours, or days. RTO is a bit different. This is the maximum time that a network or computer system can be down following a disaster that causes a failure. Remember, you don’t want this to be a long time, as each moment your network is done, you are losing money.

What’s Right for Your Business?

Having a fully functioning disaster recovery plan should be part of your managed services in Tulsa. However, there is not a generic plan that fits for every business. Let’s think of it like this: imagine, for a moment, that you own a marketing firm. This firm has a major network disaster the week before a huge project is due. Your team can’t access their systems or their servers. So, if the system is down, what are they supposed to do?

Well, they might try old systems of marketing, and though it might be more work for your staff, they can still get the job done, and then go back later to fill in the blanks when the system is up and running. However, you certainly don’t want this to go on for days and days. In these situations, having an RPO is much more important than an RTO, and this would be a part of a disaster recovery plan.

Whatever your company needs in its plan for managed services in Tulsa, including a disaster recovery plan with RPO and RTO, JMARK Business Solutions, Inc. is here to help. We can work with your team to create the perfect disaster recovery plan based on your company’s specific needs. Contact us today to see how we can help to take the worry out of a possible network disaster.

IT Services in Springfield MO: A Look at Mobile Data Security

Data security is becoming more important with each passing day. This is true for businesses of all types, especially those in the hospitality industry. When people travel, they bring their laptops, tablets, and smartphones along to exchange information. Mobile individuals place their trust in businesses to keep data completely secure and private. Our IT services team in Springfield, MO is here to help you keep data secure at all times. Let’s take a look at some digital security tips:

Secure Wi-Fi is Essential

Though securing the Wi-Fi connection might seem like common sense, a surprising number of businesses fail to take this essential step. Any business that provides an encrypted network must make use of a legitimate password. The password should not be a short string of numbers or a simple word. It should contain letters, numbers and special characters. Otherwise, customers will hesitate to hop on the network as they will assume their information is exposed.

This is a seemingly minor security step yet it sets the tone for your business and the customer experience. Implement a secure Wi-Fi network and it will dramatically boost the perception of your overall brand. If you need assistance with setting up your Wi-Fi network or establishing a secure connection that malevolent parties can’t crack, our IT services team in Springfield, MO can help.

Protect Your Headquarters

Select a data management and storage system that is fully secure in all aspects. A successful server attack will access credit card data as well as other important financial information. If you don’t prioritize the security of your home base, hackers will eventually access everything from key codes to utilities, automated services and beyond.

Secure Mobile and Social Communication

Every customer can now be grouped into mobile and online customers. Nearly every single person in the developed world has a smartphone, tablet or laptop computer. It is imperative that your mobile site, mobile app, and website are fully secure and encrypted. After all, your customers will send and receive data through each of these digital portals. In terms of social communication, login passwords must be safe and hidden rather than shared. Your employees should be able to respond in an efficient manner through a single platform like Twitter. Alternatively, you can provide a third party login for a site such as Hootsuite.

Your Organization is Only as Strong as Its Weakest Link

Invest in the training of your staff to prevent data breaches resulting from employee negligence. Negligence means the lack of due care. A careless or uninformed employee can make a seemingly minor decision that causes a significant data breach. Take the time to teach employees about proper data handling methods. Employees should know it is not acceptable to play around on the web. This policy can be enforced with the implementation of internet breaks in which employees hop on the web with their smartphones. Build this culture of security today and it will pay massive dividends across posterity.

Comprehensive IT Support

At JMARK Business Solutions, Inc., our IT services team in Springfield, MO provides network management and support, digital security, server management, data backup, cloud computing support, help desk assistance, disaster recovery, and beyond. Let us handle your IT challenges so you can square your focus on what you do best. Contact us!

Are Microsegmentation Tools Part of Your Company’s Managed IT Services in Springfield MO?

These days, microsegmentation tools are more popular than ever before, especially in cases where you want to control malware. These tools are an important part of managed IT services in Springfield, MO, and if you don’t have them, you could be putting your network at risk.

Companies like Cisco and VMware have had these tools available for many years as part of their products, but other similar companies are now catching up. Basically, microsegmentation is a type of technology that divides each data center into parts and then uses this highest level security to protect them. This not only limits the access to these data centers, it also limits the rate at which malware can move throughout the network.

What Can Microsegmentation Do For You?

One of the things that you can expect when you choose microsegmentation as part of your managed IT services in Springfield, MO is a network that performs wonderfully. Don’t you want to ensure that your network performs without flaws?

How Does Microsegmentation Work for Your Business?

There is no set way to use microsegmentation for your network; instead, there are many ways. There are also some considerations that you might want to think about before jumping into adding this tool.

First, you have to think about visibility. If you are thinking about adding this technology, you have to understand how traffic flows through the network to the data center. Generally, there are analytical tools that can do this, and it is near impossible to do it manually. This analytics must spot the relationship between different workloads, and then they must recognize things like the domain name system of the organization. It’s also important for these tools to identify the relationships between the number of applications and area where the network might be inefficient or vulnerable.

Additionally, these models are what the policies and rules of microsegmentation are based on. They also minimize the errors that break up these connections. Furthermore, there are other definitions and systems that are necessary to create policies that are required for microsegmentation. Not all applications are necessary for microsegmentation, but a full assessment and review of these analytical results help to see if there are any potential problem areas before you start using microsegmentation.

The second things to consider are rules and policies during the implementation of microsegmentation. When you do this, you must lock down all communications from the network. Any communication that gets through should only happen if there has been a previous analysis to prove that it’s safe. You definitely don’t want to take chances with security. Though this is very important for the initial installation of microsegmentation tools, it’s also important to repeat this on a regular basis. You have to make sure that things don’t change within your network. For instance, an increase in workload could cause an imbalance.

Are you wondering if installing microsegmentation tools for your network is a good idea? If yes, you are probably right. At JMARK Business Solutions, Inc., we have these tools available with the rest of our managed IT services in Springfield, MO. Contact us today to see how these tools can help keep your business network safe.

Top Digital Trends in Financial Services and Computer Solutions in Fayetteville AR

The financial services industry is incredibly dynamic. The technology propelling this industry forward is quite remarkable that it progresses at a truly frantic pace. The rise of cryptocurrencies, digital deposits, and online payments are changing the way people spend, save, purchase, and sell. Let’s take a look at the top digital transformations and how our computer solutions company in Fayetteville, AR can help your business:

Blockchain Hits the Scene

Blockchain is the technology that serves as the foundation for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. This technology is valuable in the context of digital payments yet it also has potential in other realms. At its core, the value of blockchain resides in providing completely secure trades. Though these trades are financial in nature at the moment, the technology is applicable to exchanging anything from copyrights to royalties etc. There is no need for a middle man thanks to blockchain. Look for blockchain to expand into investment management and other niches as time progresses.

People are Bypassing Banks and Credit Unions

The number of brick-and-mortar banks and credit unions has decreased by nearly 50 percent since 1995. This development is attributed to the popularity of online banking. All one needs is a smartphone to transfer money, pay bills and even deposit checks. The rise of mobile money wellness platforms is particularly interesting. These mobile financial service providers allow for banking, budgeting, bill-paying and even crowdfunding from the comfort of home.


Thanks to the blockchain, there is no need for a bank or other middle man in financial transactions. Though blockchain is not used by the masses, it will soon spill into the mainstream sooner rather than later. This technology allows for secure financial transactions in which no one is overlooking the transaction and tempted to skim a bit off the top. If your company has any concerns over digital security, do not hesitate to reach out to our computer solutions team in Fayetteville, AR for assistance.

A Reduced Need for Tangible Money

Though money is necessary for the basics of life, physical currency is on its way out. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are digital in nature. Though Bitcoin is not backed by a government, it certainly adds fluidity to our economic system. As technology continues to improve, people will pay with Bitcoin, implanted chips, retina scans, fingerprint scans, and so on.

New Experiences

It is now possible to deposit checks with smartphones. This is quite the new and unique experience. Financial technologies are empowering people to avoid banks’ long lines, send/receive money with ease and budget with precision. It is even possible to research and purchase an automobile or a house from one’s smartphone. The pace of these changes is amazingly quick. One can only wonder how these technologies will evolve.

If you have grown tired of attempting to manage all of your IT duties in-house, you are not alone. IT has become increasingly complex in recent years. Outsource some or all of your IT work to our team here at JMARK Business Solutions and you will find your operations run much more smoothly. We provide various computer solutions for Fayetteville, AR businesses, such as IT management, server management, digital security, network support, cloud computing solutions, help desk assistance, backup management, and so much more. Contact us today to learn more.

Should You Choose MDM from a Managed IT Services Provider in Springfield, MO?

Mobile devices have become crucial elements for modern businesses and organizations. Therefore, you should consider your mobile device management options when looking for a managed IT services provider in Springfield, MO.

Some companies choose to perform in-house management of the devices instead of having this aspect included among the other MSP services. In other cases, a business might decide on break-fix support. However, if you are interested in achieving optimal performance in your commercial operation, you should think about complete MDM from your IT support company.

Here are the primary advantages attached to choosing this option:

24/7 Monitoring

Mobile devices are not used for business during the official working hours only. In simple terms, employees will carry the devices to their homes and other places for continued use. While this practice increases company productivity, there are some significant associated risks. For instance, the device could be stolen or hacked outside the office environment.

When you have remote monitoring services around the clock, your tablets, smart phones, and other devices remain protected. The MSP will notice any unusual activities and react as needed. For example, this monitoring service blocks the phone from access or even deletes the data remotely for the protection of confidential data.

Expert Device Management

Multiple maintenance tasks must be performed to keep the mobile devices in your business functioning at optimal levels. If you were to attempt to manage all the issues in-house, you would experience numerous challenges. Moreover, you might have to spend a lot of time getting in contact with the device vendor.

When you choose an experienced managed IT services provider in Springfield, MO, you will avoid the problems. The technicians will be in charge of:

  • Installing the required applications
  • Obtaining securing patches
  • Updating the software

Moreover, these skill professional technicians manage the memory, connectivity, and other similar aspects to ensure the best performance.

Asset Management

Mobile devices are central assets in commercial operations, so proper management is crucial. When an MSP is taking care of the MDM tasks, you will enjoy support throughout the product’s lifecycle. In simple terms, the IT support provider assists in procurement and set-up for usage.

The company also provides contract and vendor management services which are crucial during the acquisition of the devices. If you plan to lease the devices, you can also get assistance in contracting a reliable vendor. The MSP technicians will manage the inventory of the devices for optimal productivity.

Also, when your devices reach the end of their lifespan, the IT services firm will help you wipe and dispose of them appropriately.

Compliance Support

Compliance is an important aspect for businesses which perform operations on computer systems and networks. Simply speaking, there are rules and regulations which have been set in place to ensure that customer and company data is secure in commercial digital systems.

Keeping up with the established guidelines can be difficult for an in-house team and will draw resources from your core functionality. When you hire an MSP, the technicians will help you ensure your compliance.

The IT Services You Need

If you would like to learn more about MDM from managed IT services providers in Springfield, MO, contact our experts at JMARK Business Solutions, Inc. today.

How IT Services in Springfield, MO Can Help Financial Businesses

The finance industry is an IT-intensive environment where regulatory requirements, consumer demands, and executives all exert their demands on the system. In addition to protecting consumer data and offering basic services, many financial service firms have to develop new products and services to remain competitive in the financial industry. This is why financial service providers need to turn to IT services providers in Springfield, MO to take on this next phase of growth and expansion.

Assessment and Planning

The first step in working with an MSP for your financial service company is having your system undergo a full assessment. The IT service provider will run tests on your infrastructure to identify weak points. Once the process is complete you will sit down with their team to discuss their findings, which direction your company is headed, and what IT changes need to be made over time.

Rolling Out Software Updates

Once the assessment and planning phase is done, the MSP will take over maintenance of your system. This will ensure that all devices on your network are compatible, and up to date with the latest software. This task itself is known to be time-consuming and draining on your internal IT team. By handing it off to a third party, your team can focus on more routine daily IT tasks.

Security Implementation

Security will always be a hot topic in the IT and financial services sectors. Your IT services provider in Springfield, MO will monitor your systems for threats and weaknesses that could harm your network. They will also take proactive steps to prevent data breaches and loss of data. After several years of large scale breaches hitting the news, an investment in security is one of the smartest investments you can make with your IT budget today to ensure a better tomorrow.

Disaster Recovery

Even with the best security in the IT world, there is always potential that, something could go wrong. Natural disasters among other events could cause you to lose data. Working with an MSP you will sit down and create a step-by-step recovery plan to minimize down time after a problem is discovered. This disaster recovery manual will cover every previously discussed scenario and will contain action plans to offer the best service during repair time. These are just four of the most important reasons that your financial services firm would benefit from the help of an MSP. They are available to help you navigate tough issues like security, software updates, and disaster recovery. The more prepared you are today by partnering with one of these expert service providers, the better off you will be if you encounter a major problem.

To learn more about how MSPs can help your financial company, contact us at JMARK Business Solutions today. Our IT services team in Springfield, MO is standing by to discuss the needs of your financial services firm and schedule your first consultation for ongoing IT support and development.

Mobile Is The New Normal: Find Reliable Computer Solutions In Fayetteville, AR

More Devices Than People

Computer solutions in Fayetteville, AR are quickly advancing. Previously, MSPs primarily managed on-site data centers and networks, were unique to a company. Gradually, through innovations, mergers, and leaps in technological development, those networks gave way to the cloud. Simultaneously, cellular technology began expanding service until the smartphone revolution fundamentally transformed the way we process and use information giving way to the Internet of Things, or IoT. This refers to the ever-expanding network of devices connected to the internet and are manipulable remotely.

There are now over 8 billion IoT devices (including smartphones), and it is expected to increase to 25 billion by 2025. Currently, there are a little over 7.5 billion people living in the world meaning that the IoT covers more devices than people, and that is going to increase even if it doesn’t hit the 25 billion forecast. If you’re not using IoT, you’re going to need to. And when you do, you’ll need IT assistance. Here are three prime considerations you should use to inform your forward development strategy:

  • Cybercrime: A Public Safety Concern
  • Competitive Edge Facilitation
  • Operational Cost Reduction


Computer solutions in Fayetteville, AR are familiar with cybercrime, and continually work to defray it. But as smartphones and IoT devices compound at the nigh-exponential rate at which they are currently compounding, vulnerabilities develop. It becomes increasingly possible for hackers to exploit new vulnerabilities. Almost as soon as they are discovered, these holes in the network quilt of innovative web expansion are patched. However, new holes develop as new innovations continue to revitalize the market.

Unfortunately, the convenience and cost-effectiveness of IoT is sometimes putting the public at risk when it is employed without requisite support. Systems like traffic lights running from the Internet of Things are vulnerable to attack. Hackers regularly target public institutions; in the last part of 2016, they shut down a public transit circuit in San Francisco. Later that same year there was a DDoS attack on several major corporations along the east coast. Forbes forecasts a $2 trillion loss from cybercrime in 2019. Your business would do well to invest in protection.

Competetive Edge Facilitation

The IoT market is set to triple within eight years. If you get involved with it now, you’ll have a competitive edge over peers who aren’t so quick to. There are bugs in IoT which are quickly becoming resolved, and again the guidance of a professional MSP is to be recommended here. In business, you need any edge you can get–and there are benefits in terms of operational optimization.

Operational Cost Reduction

The more information you can get regarding operations, the more redundancies you can excise, and the more streamlined your business’s infrastructure becomes. IoT is revolutionary precisely because it provides such information.

Optimization, Protection, And Competitive Edge

Computer solutions in Fayetteville, AR offered by JMARK Business Solutions, Inc. can help protect you against increasing cybercrime that will utilize mobile vulnerabilities left without fortification. Additionally, we can help you apply cost-reductive IoT solutions that will maximize your competitiveness in the marketplace while simultaneously helping you reduce what it costs to run your business. Contact us to expand your profitability.

6 Reasons Why Businesses Need External IT Support in Tulsa

When it comes to IT support, Tulsa businesses often wonder what to do. SMBs don’t have the resources to hire a full team of IT professionals to handle all their technology needs. But, they rely on technology for many aspects of their business. Looking outside for professional IT services is becoming the new normal to manage technology for SMBs.

An outside IT support company is committed to managing your IT needs and it has the experience to pull it off. Here are some of the reasons why these companies are more important than ever.

Deliver a Proactive Management Model

They move you from a break/fix cycle to a proactive management model of your technology. Most SMBs work in a break/fix mode where they deploy servers and hope they don’t break down. When they do break, you pay to fix it. A proactive approach involves monitoring key pieces of technology to identify problems early. Then, you deploy the right personnel to fix the issue.

Oversee Technology Assets

IT professionals manage your technology assets. Do you know how many PCs you have active on your network? Do you know where they are physically located? What are their MAC addresses?

It’s good practice for every business to have a full inventory of what assets they have. That’s something you will get with good IT support in Tulsa. They will ensure that you have the hardware you need while not paying for software licenses you no longer require. That can save you quite a bit.

Offer Up-to-Date Technology

They keep your technology up to date. Technology is constantly changing these days. To keep your company at the head of the pack, you need technology that keeps up with your business. An external IT service provider can make that happen. They can keep your servers and PCs current with software upgrades and patches. They can help you make the most of your assets at the lowest costs possible.

Increase Productivity

They keep your workers productive. When you are not managing your technology, something is going to break down. Then, you have to scramble to get it fixed. While it’s down, your employees aren’t getting their jobs done- lost productivity is an expensive way to lose money. With proactive technology management, downtime is cut dramatically. That means your employee productivity levels will go up.

Maintain Reasonable Costs

Their cost is much easier to manage. With an external IT service provider, you pay a fixed monthly fee. This tends to be much less expensive than the cost of hiring an internal IT department. As you need to add technology, the monthly price may go up, but not nearly as dramatically as it would if you had to manage things internally.

Ensure Data Confidentiality

They keep your data confidential. Cyber attacks are a rising threat to businesses of all sizes. Every attack puts your business at risk. You need security experts to help build a fortress around your internal assets. Unless you want to hire a lot of security specialists, an external provider is the answer. They have the knowledge and expertise, along with the software tools, to do just that.

Unless you are an IT company, your focus should not be on managing or supporting your technology. Bringing in an external provider for IT support in Tulsa is a solid business option. If you want to explore your options, call the experts at JMARK Business Solutions, Inc..

Is It Time To Outsource Your IT Services in Tulsa?

As a small to mid-sized business owner, you are already juggling many tasks as it is. Meanwhile, your company is expanding and your IT team has reached their limits when it comes to fixing problems and rolling out newer and better systems. If you were to assess your business needs, you would agree that it’s time to outsource some of your IT services to a provider in Tulsa. Here are some signals that tell you that it is time to outsource:

When Your Team Is Falling Behind

If your IT team is struggling to keep up with security fixes, new software rollouts, and answering the mundane questions that flood into their office each day, it may be time to add some additional resources to help them get caught up. By turning over some of your IT services to a third party provider in Tulsa, your team can focus on the most pressing issues within the office while the external service provider focuses on tasks that can be easily managed from afar.

When Your Team Isn’t Learning

A major problem that we encounter among IT teams in small businesses is a tendency to get so entrenched in day-to-day office life that they fail to learn and grow over time. On the outside, new threats are popping up all over the landscape. If your company doesn’t have the tools and resources to send your IT team for regular training on these topics, it’s time to bring in a team that is up to date. Otherwise, you may not even know that a threat exists before it hits you.

When Your IT Team Is Too Costly

Keeping a well-staffed IT team is expensive. If the costs are piling up just to keep your system running at a base level of success, it might be time to consider more cost effective methods. Outside IT teams often come at a lower cost because they are shared among many companies. You get the benefit of a high-level fully-staffed team without the added expense.

When Your Customers Are Getting Nervous

Your customers are familiar with the marketplace, and they can see what your competitors are doing to protect their customers. If your IT team can’t keep customer data safe, you are risking a major breach. The best practice is to always stay ahead of these risks and never let your customers feel like there is any reason to be anxious when they choose you.

IT services demand a well-trained staff that can rise to the occasion whenever a new threat appears on the horizon. If your company is unable to meet these demands independently, there are resources available to help you get there. Third-party IT support teams offer a low-cost alternative that comes with added training and expertise in the field.

To learn more about how your business can benefit from outsourcing IT services in Tulsa, contact us at JMARK Business Solutions, Inc. We are happy to discuss why an external support team is the best option to save your company money and provide better service.

Cut Costs with Flat-Rate Managed Services in Tulsa

Flat-Rate or Internal IT?

Managed services in Tulsa are likely to save you money over internal solutions, and there are several reasons why. One of the most dramatic reasons is personnel costs.

Did you know a network administrator is going to draw a salary which averages between $38,000 and $78,000 annually? That’s on the low-end. According to InhouseCIO, what a network administrator draws annually can be as high as $188,000— that’s quite a chunk of change, but let’s plot our model conservatively and use the $38,000 figure:

In ten years, that network administrator has cost your business a minimum of $380,000. If you were paying $3,000 a month for managed services, you would save $20,000 in this scenario. Likely, you’ll pay much less than that— probably between $500 and $1,500— depending on the needs of your company, of course. Bigger companies will have bigger needs, but then, they’ll have more expensive personnel as well.

Realistic Considerations

There’s definitely a balance, but here’s something else to consider: a network administrator hired at a minimum of $38k/year likely isn’t going to be working for a business with one or two employees. Likely, that individual will be working with a small to medium-sized organization with between 20 and 50 employees or more. Up to a point, he’ll be able to handle the load on his own, but he’s going to need help eventually. The best technician can’t avoid getting sick once or twice throughout the year— what if the system crashes while your network administrator is down with the flu? Well, then you’ll need a backup administrator. As your company grows, you’re going to need more staff. If each employee costs a minimum of $38k/annually (without additional benefits factored in), by the time you reach five of them, you’re looking at $190,000 a year.

Continuous Monitoring

Meanwhile, managed services in Tulsa offered at a flat-rate can probably save you more than $10k every year. Here’s how that breaks down:

You’ve got on-site equipment costs which can be largely— or incrementally— replaced by mobile solutions via the cloud. If you can phase-out an internal system, that’ll likely save you more than $10k a year alone. Beyond that, with managed services, you’re going to have continuously monitored support. This means there is always someone keeping an eye on your systems to ensure everything is functioning normally and there aren’t any upgrades or fixes that need to be applied. Next, you get to cut the cost of on-site personnel for more experienced technicians hailing from an MSP. All these things are combined to increase productivity and operational optimization, ultimately yielding higher profit.

Unless you’re some secretive government intelligence agency located in a subterranean facility somewhere between Langley and D.C., you’ll probably benefit from outsourced MSP support providing flat-rate services and the like. Even if you are such a facility, a hybrid cloud storing sensitive data on-site could be desirable.

A Clear Choice

You’ll save through managed services in Tulsa offered at a flat rate because:

  • You’ll spend less on employees
  • You’ll spend less on equipment
  • Operations will be optimized for greater profitability

At JMARK Business Solutions, Inc., we offer flat-rate IT support solutions to optimize your business. Contact us to conserve resources even as your business expands.