Computer Solutions in Fayetteville, AR: Deciding Which Form of Cloud Computing to Use

Cloud computing technology has opened some great doors for businesses of all sizes. Some of the benefits include cutting down on infrastructure costs, increased flexibility, and more opportunities for collaboration and remote work. Businesses that want to adopt the cloud have to weigh out the pros and cons of different computer solutions in Fayetteville, AR, namely public, private, and hybrid clouds.

Private, Public, or Hybrid?

Every business has a unique set of needs, expectations, and resources. Smaller companies and startups usually have limited finances and human resources and are more likely to look for a cloud solution that is economical and easy to implement. Larger more established companies, on the other hand, have greater IT budgets and long-term technology strategies and are, therefore, willing to implement more extensive cloud solutions.

Public clouds are offered by companies such as Amazon and Google over the internet. A business can pay for cloud space and begin making use of the online storage and applications available over the cloud. All this is set up and managed by the provider, meaning that it’s easy to begin using but also difficult to tailor to a business’ unique needs.

Private clouds are wholly owned and operated by the business. They can be customized to meet a company’s specific needs using the expertise of the in-house IT department or a company that provides computer solutions in Fayetteville, AR. Businesses with private clouds have complete control of their systems which is particularly important as far as data security is concerned. This on-premise deployment is quite costly and extensive.

For businesses looking for a combination of the benefits of public and private clouds and wanting to connect on-premise infrastructure to the cloud, a hybrid cloud solution is available. Hybrid clouds allow businesses to expand their internal systems to the public cloud as and when needed. One example of a time this could be very useful is when you are having scheduled maintenance. Your business need not shut down completely when you can migrate some important applications to the public cloud during this time.

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Understanding Disaster Recovery with IT Services Experts in Springfield, MO

Nowadays, disasters of the digital variety are more of a threat to your business than natural disasters. It is certainly true that a tornado, hurricane, or flood can damage your business. However, there is a good reason why network issues, power loss, and memory errors are feared by business owners and managers across the world. These digital disasters have the potential to interrupt the flow of work, ruin client relations, and negatively impact profitability. Below, our IT services experts in Springfield, MO take a look at the most common types of disasters that pose a threat to your business outside of the conventional natural disasters like floods and storms.

Mechanical Failure

Mechanical failure occurs when an external event leads to a hardware problem. As an example, a temperature issue like a server room that is overheated can cause mechanical failure. HVAC problems like an air conditioner that leaks or even a web outage resulting from a compromised internet cable qualify as mechanical failures. Though quite serious, mechanical failures are not nearly as problematic as the complete wreckage caused by violent natural disasters.

Hardware Failure

It seems as though the modern-day hardware is nearly infallible. The truth is every device has the potential to falter. Anything from a memory error to a network outage or a loss of power can cause hardware failure. Each of these events can spur a significant data loss. Data loss tends to be especially bad in instances when critical devices are involved. Maintaining regular backups is an essential component of disaster recovery yet it is not always enough.

Human Error

Human error is a major liability every business must deal with. Humans make mistakes regardless of how careful they are. In some cases, a very minor error can spur a major consequence. Examples of human error range from over-worked IT personnel to system changes without the use of backups and general user accidents like deleting something important.

The challenge lies in preventing human error. This is easier said than done. Your group needs a reactive disaster recovery plan. Furthermore, your team should continually work to bolster your recovery processes. The more knowledge, skills and training your staff has, the less vulnerable they will be to making a massive mistake. Our IT services team in Springfield, MO can help educate your staff about common digital pitfalls and how to reduce the chances of making a costly error.

At JMARK Business Solutions, we are here for your tech challenges. Our IT services team in Springfield, MO can help with everything from network management and support to server management, digital security, data backup, mobile device management, and more. Contact us to learn more.

Protect Your SMB Against Mobile Hacks with IT Support in Tulsa

Cyber thieves are now targeting small and medium-sized businesses. Part of the reason for this shift away from larger targets is the fact that plenty of employers are allowing employees to bring their own devices to work. Such devices tend to be susceptible to mobile hacks. Though business owners and managers are becoming more knowledgeable about network security as time progresses, most underestimate their vulnerability. In particular, our IT support team in Tulsa is concerned with emerging threats tied to mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

The Potential Ramifications of a Mobile Hack

A data breach has the potential to put a small to medium size company out of business. In some cases, there is no going back from a hack in which client data was breached. Such a breach will harm the relationship with the customer, spur litigation costs, and damage the business’ reputation.

Walk the Walk

It is not enough to talk the talk when it comes to digital security. If you do not have a mobility policy in place, the time to add one is now. Furthermore, it will help to actually enforce that policy in a uniform and consistent manner. Do not forget to include protocols for devices employees lose. Policy details should cover everything from personal device use in the workplace to data storage/transmission and public Wi-Fi accessibility. Our IT support team in Tulsa can help you create a sound mobility policy to prevent the majority of cybercrimes that affect small and medium-sized businesses.

Mobility Policies Should Center on Acceptable and Unacceptable Behaviors

The first draft of your mobility policy does not have to cover every last detail. Leave room for amendments to allow for gradual policy evolution over time. Begin by setting ground rules, establishing protocols for passwords, defining devices that are acceptable, creating rules for downloading data from third parties, etc. The policy should explain exactly which data belongs to the business and how it is to be modified, shared, and saved. Enforcement of the policy should be applied in a fair and consistent manner. There should be legitimate repercussions for those who violate the policy. Otherwise, employees won’t have the motivation necessary to abide by the rules.

Mobile Device Management Services Features

MDM services assist IT managers pinpoint and monitor mobile devices on the network. Such centralized management facilitates the configuration of devices for employees to access, share and update content with ease. MDM services secure such mobile devices through enforcing encryption settings, establishing a password policy, removing corporate data from the system while leaving personal data in place, identifying tampered devices and remotely locating, locking and erasing data from stolen or lost devices.

You deserve top-notch IT support in Tulsa. At JMARK Business Solutions, we provide everything from network management and support to digital security, outsourced IT, data backup management, mobile device management, and more. Reach out to us today to schedule an initial consultation.

Computer Solutions in Fayetteville AR: Don’t Neglect Security in the IoT

Any business that handles sensitive information, such as credit card numbers or clients’ contacts, is at risk of a data breach. Hackers target both large and small companies, so your business needs to put a strategy in place to reduce this risk. Companies that provide computer solutions in Fayetteville, AR can recommend and monitor the security of your IT systems. The potential cost and repercussions of a data breach are too great and widespread to ignore. How does cybersecurity look in the IoT? This growing area of technology requires tailored and creative solutions to mitigate the risk of cyber-attacks.

Security Challenges in the IoT

The IoT allows everyday devices to participate in a network, opening up the potential for a great number of uses. Smart devices can be monitored and controlled remotely which can simplify and minimize the need for active human handling. Smart fridges in medical settings, for example, can be fitted with sensors which transmit temperature information regularly so that a remote maintenance technician is alerted when the fridge loses power. IoT applications are growing across different industries, including home security, aerospace, engineering, power, energy, as well as manufacturing.

Because of the widespread uses of the IoT, the number of security threats has been expanded. With traditional networks, the number of connected devices is limited to the number of computers and mobile devices connected to the network. With the IoT, there are many connected points, and resultantly, more points of exposure. The impact of attacks in the IoT is greater because it stretches beyond lost data. Connected devices such as manufacturing equipment, home appliances, or even power grids, when manipulated by a hacker, can actually lead to malfunctions that can put the safety and lives of people at great risk. The process of updating smart devices also poses a feasibility and practicality challenge. This is why your business needs to prioritize security and look for current computer solutions in Fayetteville, AR.

Potential Solutions

The IoT is an emerging technology, so there must be continuous research and development as the applications and the numbers and types of connected devices grow. The security challenges are real, and the threats are not all known at the moment. Nevertheless, existing technology can be tailored to secure the IoT in a number of different ways. The federal government has made considerable strides to provide guidelines in terms of cyber security with the Internet of Things Cyber Security Improvement Act of 2017.

IT experts are working tirelessly to come up with security solutions for the IoT. Some of these include improving security restraints when a device is turned on, limiting access to devices and to the network through authentication processes, and through firewalls that are industry-specific.

When your business needs computer solutions in Fayetteville, AR, you need to work with an expert. JMARK Business Solutions, Inc. provides a wide range of tailored solutions that can improve and secure your business functions. We are committed to providing innovative IT services across a range of different industries. Contact us now to learn more about our services.

IT Services in Springfield MO: Why There is a Shortage of IT Healthcare Staffing

It is no secret that IT workers are in demand. In particular, the skills and intellect of these tech aficionados are needed by healthcare organizations. Below, IT services experts in Springfield, MO delve into the three challenges of the more pressing healthcare IT staffing challenges:

Experienced IT Workers are Few and Far Between

There is no trouble finding recent college graduates who studied IT. The challenge is finding experienced IT professionals. The lack of experienced IT gurus is slowing the growth rate of organizations in healthcare and beyond.

Even if an organization pinpoints a couple experienced and qualified candidates for an open IT position, there is no guarantee the candidate will accept the offer. The healthcare industry does not exactly represent the cutting edge of IT. This is a part of the reason why hospitals and other healthcare providers are finding it quite difficult to fill their IT management positions.

The solution to this healthcare challenge is to outsource the work to an IT services provider in Springfield, MO. There is no sense wasting time reviewing resumes, interviewing candidate after candidate, discussing who to offer the job to and hoping he or she accepts. Even if the selected candidate accepts, there is no guarantee he or she will stay for the long haul. Outsource your IT work to the tech gurus, and your organization won’t have any of these problems. Even if you do not want to outsource all of your IT work, it will certainly help to have a team of IT professionals at your disposal.

The Push to do as Much as Possible with as Little as Possible

The healthcare IT staffing shortage is forcing organizations to determine how to do more with less. There is significant pressure to identify innovative ways to reduce costs and make the delivery of healthcare as efficient as possible. In order to do more with less, it will be necessary to communicate in the most efficient manner possible.

Everything from shortening meetings to preparing for the day with 15 minutes “quiet time” morning planning sessions and delegating work appropriately will help you make the most of your limited time and resources. Take some time to reflect on your progress at the end of the workday and workweek to determine if you are making meaningful progress toward your goals.

The Baby Boomer Exodus

Some of the most experienced IT workers are in their 50s and 60s. These baby boomers are entering their golden years. The question is how to replace them and whether the replacements have the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully replace these departing baby boomers. The pain of losing an employee extends beyond productivity loss.

Knowledge, skills, and other intangibles are also lost. Make sure your experienced employees share their knowledge with new hires and less experienced members of the team. This open sharing of information will make the transition to the post-baby boomer era that much easier.

For your tech assistance, look for an IT services provider in Springfield, MO. At JMARK Business Solutions, we provide server/network management and support, data analytics, cloud computing, telecommunications, outsourced help desk assistance and many more. Contact us now for more information.

Why Is Registration for the Business Innovation Technology Summit Dirt Cheap?

So you recently learned about the Business Innovation Technology Summit that is being held May 18th in Springfield, Missouri. Excited about the prospect of attending the largest business technology conference the area has ever known, you hop online and head to to sign up. Only, once you’re there, you see something that gives you pause. Something that makes you wonder if attending this summit is worth your precious time. A strange thing that would not make you hesitate in any other circumstance…

The price. You see that the early bird ticket price is only $49, and you start to wonder. Why are they practically giving tickets away? If that’s the true value of the ticket, then they must not be putting a lot into this event, right? This must be more of a sales pitch type event, and the “included breakfast and lunch” is a euphemism for “stale Danish and dry chicken salad croissant.” Who’s got time for that type of nonsense?

We’re right there with you. Nobody has time for that type of nonsense! So let us explain, candidly and straightforwardly, why we’ve priced this event so low, and why that makes it even more worth your time.

JMARK is putting on the Business Innovation Technology Summit as part of our celebration of 30 years in business. As much as this is an event designed to explore the intersection of business and technology and share information and insight with business leaders, this is also an event designed to give something back to this area that has been our home for the last three decades. JMARK has deep roots in the Midwest, and we’re appreciative of the friendships, partnerships, and support that have given us the opportunity to grow into a leading I.T. services provider. Keeping the price low so that everyone with an interest in attending this Summit has the chance to do so is just one small way that we can say thanks to the business community.

So is fifty bucks the true value of the ticket? Nope, not by a long shot. (Especially since that’s the early bird rate and is set to increase in just a few days on April 15th.) And the truth is, we debated that rate quite a bit before we set it. We have all kinds of amazing things planned for the day, and we know that price, value, and perception go hand-in-hand. We worried that you might wonder about the value of the conference. We’ve been there ourselves. So we initially started with a rate of $695 per ticket, which seemed about right considering the content and presenters. But then we took into account that whole 30th Anniversary thing and decided that we should lower the price as a gesture of gratitude. So we dropped it to $395, which we figured was fair and reasonable to both us and attendees. But then something flat out awesome happened: a whole bunch of amazing companies got wind of this Summit and decided to come aboard as sponsors! This gave us a unique opportunity to lower the price enormously, passing on significant savings to the fellow members of our business communities—bringing us full circle around to celebrating our anniversary by giving back.

The next question you have is if this will be a sales-oriented event full of thinly disguised pitches masquerading as educational breakout sessions. No. Not at all. The Business Innovation Technology Summit is not about selling; it’s about sharing. It’s about leaders, innovators, and experts in business and technology coming together to give and receive practical wisdom that will help us all be more profitable, efficient, and dynamic. At JMARK, we believe in a “rising tide lifts all boats” philosophy, knowing that the more we help each other to grow and succeed, the more success we will all have.

As for the breakfast and lunch that are included (not to mention snacks throughout the day and drinks at day’s end), banish any thought of cheap sandwiches and tasteless pastries! These meals will be prepared by the talented chef and crew of the University Plaza Hotel—fully delectable entrees that your taste buds are guaranteed to consider the highlight of the day!*

*Just a quick note regarding what your taste buds think: Your taste buds will be mistaken. Now, don’t get me wrong, the meals at the Summit are going to be outstanding. But the highlight of the day? That is guaranteed to be one of the two keynote addresses. We’ve got two fantastic, in-demand speakers lined up. In the morning, CEO Thomas Douglas will speak on how strategic planning and I.T. maturity are keys that will allow companies to harness the power of technology to take the lead in their markets. After lunch, futurist Daniel Burrus will address how businesses can drive growth, overcome obstacles, and realize new opportunities with the help of strategic foresight and action. So yeah, depending on your specific interests, one of those two will definitely be the highlight of your day!

Let me finish my work here by paraphrasing your final question: Who’s got time for all that? You do. You need to. Because in 2018, technology already permeates every aspect of business operations. It’s a part of how we communicate, plan, execute our vision, and serve our clients. And in the coming years, the overlap of business and technology is only going to increase. Those organizations that learn how to capitalize on I.T. and put it to work for their company are going to thrive, and those who get ahead of the curve and do this first are going to lead their markets while everyone else scrambles for second place. We’ve subtitled the Business Innovation Technology Summit “The Now and the Next.” Technology is now; join us May 18th to learn what’s next. It will be the best $49 you spend this year. (And if you still really wish you could have paid $695, give back to your own community by taking the difference ($646) and donating it to your favorite local charity! Go ahead and write #JBITS18 on the memo line of the check!)

JMARK CEO Invites You to #JBITS18

JMARK CEO, Tom Douglas, invites you to our 30th-anniversary celebration, the JMARK Business Innovation Technology Summit. Join the influencers, business leaders, and innovators in expanding your I.T. knowledge and learn how to use that knowledge to improve your business. We are looking forward to seeing all who attend!

Register today:

5 Reasons Why Every Manufacturing Leader Should be at #JBITS18

There are more than five reasons manufacturing leaders should attend JMARK’s Business Innovation and Technology Summit but here are some great takeaways for anyone in the manufacturing industry.

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5 Reasons Every Lawyer Should be at #JBITS18

There are more than five reasons lawyers should attend JMARK’s Business Innovation and Technology Summit but here are some great takeaways for anyone in the law industry.

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IT Services in Tulsa: Why You Need a Healthy Relationship with Your MSP

Nowadays, it seems like organizations of all types and sizes are looking for tech assistance from outside sources. Outsourcing work to an IT services provider in Tulsa shifts the burden from an overworked internal tech team to a crew of experts who are ready and willing to pitch in whenever and however necessary. The quality of your relationship with your MSP matters a great deal.

Meet with Your MSP on a Regular Basis

It is important to meet with your MSP with regularity. Discuss tech issues with these gurus, provide them with updates about problems, how the MSP’s solutions have worked out up to this point and whatever else is on your mind. Include your MSP in discussions, provide them with access to relevant data, and they will prove that much more effective. Appoint one or two employees to serve as a contact point for the MSP. This individual can open tickets, make calls, send emails and generally oversee the relationship between the groups.

When meeting with your MSP, make sure these tech aficionados are sending at least one important person to interact with your group. These meetings will help formulate a strategic approach to IT. Such regular interactions with your MSP crew will help both groups better understand one another and make meaningful contributions that propel your company towards its goals. Simply discussing your business’s tech needs at the outset of this relationship will set the stage for the generation of an IT roadmap that is unique to your organization. Once this roadmap is in place, the conversation will shift toward budget planning.

The best MSPs will continue to strive to understand your business’s needs, demands and cycles. However, the unfortunate truth is some MSPs are simply not structured to actively engage each client in a meaningful manner. Provide your MSP with ample information, meet with these tech superstars on a regular basis, and they will help your organization make meaningful progress towards its aims.

Develop a System of Communication

It is imperative you have a high-quality system of communication with your MSP that allows for the addressing of pertinent issues and concerns. This environment should allow for collaborative work and completely open interactions at all times. Both sides should rely on facts when making a decision. Above all, the point of this regular communication is to provide a steady stream of accurate information that leads to a rapport with your MSP.

Though it might be difficult to put your faith in a group of tech workers at an MSP you do not know very well, as long as this crew has a sterling reputation, leaning on them for assistance could prove to be a major boon for your business. Regular communication will lay the foundation for a rapport that proves mutually beneficial to your organization, as well as the IT services provider in Tulsa you select to handle your tech projects.

JMARK Business Solutions is here for your tech needs. Our IT services experts in Tulsa can help you with your network, hardware, software and other tech issues. From IT support to network/server management, data backup management, help desk assistance and beyond, we are here for just about every tech-related challenge you face. Contact us now for more information.