Big Data = Big Business Catalyst in 2014

Big Data –  Business Catalyst

According to IBM, 90% of the worldwide data that exists today has been produced within the past two years, leading experts foretell of a big bang for big data. While that is a staggering percentage of growth, it suddenly becomes a realistic number when you examine and realize the diverse sources of information today–everything from social media posts to cell phone interactions, by millions of people every second; contribute to further explode the capabilities of traditional server architecture to handle such data. Big Data

Big Data = Big Business Catalyst

This sheer volume of big data creates a veritable quandary for many businesses today who struggle with the most efficient and effective use of their company’s big data. According to Forbes, businesses that will thrive in the new market of tomorrow will be those who “…analyze and leverage this data to better serve their markets.”

In order to keep your company on the crest of this wave, there are several steps that any business may employ:

  • Consult with experts at JMARK, who can best lead your charge. Many businesses of all sizes will find a high level of expertise from outsourcing their data management role to an expert. Data by itself is not very important, the analysis and extraction of big data is where the gold is.
  • Take advantage of the cloud. The multitude of cloud offerings in existence are able to handle a multitude of processing, reporting, storage, and analytic tasks for all of your data.
  • Take special precautions to protect your data privacy. While big data provides your company with a wealth of information to better your goods or services, it’s always important to be treat data, especially customer data with the utmost level of security and concern.
  • Routinely execute, test, and measure to make certain that your current practices will serve as the best leverage for your future evolution. All of the big data in the world, will just be a compilation of information, if it is not systematically monitored, analyzed and used properly.

Due to antiquated and shortening storage, many companies are basically trashing valuable data that, if properly analyzed, could produce amazing insights to improve one’s business. Many new storage technologies, both on-premise, and in the cloud, offer solutions to better manage the growth of one’s big data.

Businesses of yesteryear only dreamt of the data that companies possess today; unfortunately, the sheer volume of the information proves too daunting for many companies. If your business could better benefit from the purposeful use of big data, please contact us today.