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Benefits of Online Backup Explained by The I.T. Support Experts in Tulsa

Imagine a scenario in which you spend hours creating an elaborate report. You are just about ready to save and print the file when the power re-sets. Your work disappears. In some instances, it is the power malfunctioning. In others, it is a water leak or a crisis of another sort that makes your files and programs inaccessible. We’ve all been there. Though it is sometimes possible for a professional to extract some data, there is a better way. Online backup is a solution worth considering. Our I.T. support team in Tulsa can help you implement online backup to perfection. Let’s take a look at the benefits of online backup.

Secure Data Storage

The prospect of losing an important file or enduring a full hard drive wipe-out is quite intimidating. Such a disaster has the potential to make hours of hard work completely fruitless. The solution to these problems might be storing your data online. Don’t immediately shoot down this idea. It is safer than it seems. Backup up online provides your organization with the opportunity to use a minimum of two remote servers that backup copies of your information. There is little chance your computer and the remote servers will malfunction at the same time. In fact, such an event has never happened.

Rely on online data storage and you won’t have to fret over hackers or others accessing your private data and pilfering your programs. The groups that provide online backup services understand potential threats. They ensure your data is stored in a secure manner. Encryption adds that extra layer of security to drastically minimize risk. The I.T. support experts in Tulsa agree online backup is safer than saving to a hard drive.

Automatic Save

Take advantage of online backup and you can set it up so your computer saves data to your online backup account in an automatic manner. This is as efficient and secure as it gets. You won’t have to spend a second worrying about whether your data was backed up at the appropriate time or in full. It is all done on your behalf so you can access copies of your data whenever you desire.

Multiple Copies of Data at Secure Remote Locations

Backing up online essentially means using the web to save information to a remote server database. The data is uploaded online so a copy can be stored with a professional storage service outside of your office. This way, there are multiple copies of your files available regardless of what sorts of crises arise at your office.

There are no Size Limitations

One of the key advantages to online backup is data storage does not have limitations. The is ample space for your organization’s data. It is nearly guaranteed that you can back up your full hard drive including all files, programs and even photos without limitations.

If you have any concern about your online backup, server management, network issues, digital security or general I.T., don’t wait until disaster strikes. At JMARK Business Solutions, Our I.T. support group in Tulsa is here to make your organization that much more efficient and secure. contact us for your tech challenges and you will find your business operates much more efficiently.