The Ashley Madison Hack Is Gonna Hurt More Than the Cheaters

bigstock-Fingers-Crossed-Behind-Back-5239824-e1440529846785No matter your opinion of the Ashley Madison hack, the real damage is yet to come, and you and your company, are the next target. Hackers are smart, and when any natural disaster, general conspiracy, or big event occurs, even another hack, they are quick to capitalize on the popularity and attempt to create more mayhem and extortion.

This is done through the sheer simplicity of common curiosity. When a popular event happens, hackers will try to squeeze the curiosity out of us to try to get us to do something, something that will hurt us, and benefit them. That brings us to the popular Ashley Madison hack.

In the Ashley Madison hack, millions of names, emails, and physical addresses of people who had extramarital affairs were posted on the Internet, but not the normal Internet you and I go to, they were posted to the dark web. You have to know what you are doing to get to the black web and it is not a safe or recommended place to enter.

That is where the hackers are taking advantage of people. Many are curious to see if anyone they know is on that list, as a result, hackers put up fake websites offering to show you that information. Someone goes to a nice looking website that looks legit in order to look at the names, and then BAM… suddenly your computer and network is hijacked and you have to pay money to get your files and data.

There will be thousands of emails that will fly into inboxes in the following weeks purporting to have links to list of addresses. Don’t go there, unless you want to infect your data and your network. Take a look at this article by CBS News that explains the potential damage of curiosity:

Stay safe and call JMARK if you have any problems. We are here to help!

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