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6 Reasons Why Businesses Need External I.T. Support in Tulsa

When it comes to I.T. support, Tulsa businesses often wonder what to do. SMBs don’t have the resources to hire a full team of I.T. professionals to handle all their technology needs. But, they rely on technology for many aspects of their business. Looking outside for professional I.T. services is becoming the new normal to manage technology for SMBs.

An outside I.T. support company is committed to managing your I.T. needs and it has the experience to pull it off. Here are some of the reasons why these companies are more important than ever.

Deliver a Proactive Management Model

They move you from a break/fix cycle to a proactive management model of your technology. Most SMBs work in a break/fix mode where they deploy servers and hope they don’t break down. When they do break, you pay to fix it. A proactive approach involves monitoring key pieces of technology to identify problems early. Then, you deploy the right personnel to fix the issue.

Oversee Technology Assets

I.T. professionals manage your technology assets. Do you know how many PCs you have active on your network? Do you know where they are physically located? What are their MAC addresses?

It’s good practice for every business to have a full inventory of what assets they have. That’s something you will get with good I.T. support in Tulsa. They will ensure that you have the hardware you need while not paying for software licenses you no longer require. That can save you quite a bit.

Offer Up-to-Date Technology

They keep your technology up to date. Technology is constantly changing these days. To keep your company at the head of the pack, you need technology that keeps up with your business. An external I.T. service provider can make that happen. They can keep your servers and PCs current with software upgrades and patches. They can help you make the most of your assets at the lowest costs possible.

Increase Productivity

They keep your workers productive. When you are not managing your technology, something is going to break down. Then, you have to scramble to get it fixed. While it’s down, your employees aren’t getting their jobs done- lost productivity is an expensive way to lose money. With proactive technology management, downtime is cut dramatically. That means your employee productivity levels will go up.

Maintain Reasonable Costs

Their cost is much easier to manage. With an external I.T. service provider, you pay a fixed monthly fee. This tends to be much less expensive than the cost of hiring an internal I.T. department. As you need to add technology, the monthly price may go up, but not nearly as dramatically as it would if you had to manage things internally.

Ensure Data Confidentiality

They keep your data confidential. Cyber attacks are a rising threat to businesses of all sizes. Every attack puts your business at risk. You need security experts to help build a fortress around your internal assets. Unless you want to hire a lot of security specialists, an external provider is the answer. They have the knowledge and expertise, along with the software tools, to do just that.

Unless you are an I.T. company, your focus should not be on managing or supporting your technology. Bringing in an external provider for I.T. support in Tulsa is a solid business option. If you want to explore your options, call the experts at JMARK Business Solutions, Inc..